Georgia Department of Human Services Apps

The GA DCSS mobile app engages custodial and noncustodial parentsin self-service options by allowing them to securely access theirchild support cases on any mobile device. It provides easy accessto case details and general information about DCSS programs andservices. Description: - Make Payments allows users to make childsupport payments, specialty payments, and fees. - Upload Documentallows users to upload verifications documents through their mobiledevice - Driver’s License Release option allows noncustodialparents to submit Deferral Forms MRA, MRD, MRC, and MRE. -Custodial parent can add, update and cancel direct deposit fromtheir mobile device - DCSS mobile app allows custodial parents torequest case closure through the app. - Payment History optionallows users to view payments made in the last 12 months. -Scheduled Appointments allows users to view case relatedappointments. - Frequently Asked Questions provides users to accessgeneral information about the DCSS program - Notifications andAlerts allow users to receive valuable information about theircase.