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Full Unit Converter 1.7
Georgiy Didok
Full Unit Converter is a easy to use unitconverter with over 27 different category's ranging fromacceleration to luminance. Using a powerful search function you caneasily find any unit you wish in the app. If you wish a certainunit to be added or have any comments/suggestions please contact usat our email.***Notice the promo video is Full Unit Converter running onAndroid 4.1(Jelly Bean), the pictures are taken when Full UnitConverter is running on Android 2.2(Froyo).***Category'sAccelerationAnglesAreaAstronomicalElectric CurrentElectric CapacitanceBase 2Common CookingButter ConversionOven TemperatureCurrencyDensityEnergyForceFrequencyFuel EconomyHardnessLengthIlluminanceLuminancePowerPressureSpeedTemperatureTorqueVolumeWeight/MassAccess to internet is required to load in app ads and getupdated currency rates. There are no notification ads/icon ads.
Escapa! 1.2
Georgiy Didok
An Android remake of the classic Escapa game! Rate and enjoy! Movethe red square by both holding and dragging it or simply tilt yourdevice; avoid the blue rectangles and black border for maximaltime! It's rumored that USAF pilot's can last for up to 2 minutes!If you have any problems or suggestions please email us at ouremail address below. *** Network access is required fornon-intrusive ads ***