Gerard Puig Apps

Galaxy Run 1.0
Gerard Puig
Your planet is not habitable anymore. You gota mission the reach the planet earth and now you have to cross thegalaxy to save your life. Will you be able to cross thegalaxy?Navigate through the asteroid belt avoiding collisions with them.Gravity spheres will power up your UFO as well as increasing yourgravity effect.Test your reflexes and beat your friends high scores!
Voice Snooze Alarm 1.2.2
Gerard Puig
Have you ever wanted an alarm which you cansnooze or deactivate only with your voice?Fed up of clicking the 'snooze button' every morning, even morewhen it's not reachable by just extending your arm?Having a bad wake up? Why not trying to blame the alarm? it's itsfault!So finally here it comes and app which will help you out onthat! You can blame, shout or whatever you feel like and it'llsnooze. If there is silence it will resume to try to wake you up,and it only deactivates with a special command, which you canchange, as it's fully customizable. However, when it reaches thesnooze time limit, you can't shout it anymore, it will ensure thatyou wake up then!!!It can even connect to the internet automatically when neededfor the speech recognizer. So if you are one of those persons whoturn off internet while sleeping to save battery, no worries, youcan still do that.And of course with a simple design and all usual features that analarm clock has like programming various alarms over several days,restore alarms after reboot etc.****** Instructions ******- Add alarm with your desired options- Once the alarm is beeping/vibrating wait till the voicerecognition is on, this will pause the alarm to let microphonerecord clearly.Now you have 3 choices:1. Say nothing, it will detect silence and it will resume.2. Say deactivate command, if it hears you clearly the alarm willbe deactivated.3. Say any other word or any sound and the alarm will snooze. Ifsnooze time limit is reached, it will ensure that you wake up;)Have a nice wake up!!Available languages: English, Spanish, Catalan, French, Italian& German. If you would like to add another language pleasecontact me by email.Keywords: alarm, alarm clock, clock, timer, wake up, snooze,voice alarm, voice snooze
Barcelona Events 1.1
Gerard Puig
Would you like to find out activities of Barcelona city? Discoversomething new to do: concerts, theater, shows, exhibitions etc.. inthe palm of your hand! Barcelona Events offers: - Updated list ofevents: musical, theater, dance, fairs, shows and exhibitions. -Detail of the event with information as well as prices andschedules. - Map showing location of the event.