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SkyPointer 5.7.3
Gerhard Buder
SkyPointer is a simple but useful tool to show the position of sun,moon, the brightest planets, the International Space Station ISS,Hubble telescope, the chinese station Tiangong2 and other objects.All objects are visible to the unaided eye. With SkyPointer it iseasy to find out the position of the sky objects at a specific timeor a specific date. Youtube: For example you caneasily find out the different solar altitudes between summer andwinter. SkyPointer does not need internet connection except fordownloading orbit data for satellites triggered by yourself. ***PLEASE ENSURE THAT YOUR COMPASS IS CALIBRATED *** Observingaspects: The planets are visible as small light points. Thebrightest planets are Venus and Jupiter. Mars appears as small reddot. You can see the ring of Saturn with a good binocular. Mercuryis hard to observe because it is very close to sun. Uranus appearsnot brighter than a normal star. The ISS appears as bright point oflight when sunlit. The ISS point moves much faster than a plane andis brighter than the brightest star.
Major System 1.4
Gerhard Buder
Warum fällt das Schaf vom Baum? Wer sich mit Gedächtnistrainingbeschäftigt weiß, wozu das Major System gut ist. Mit dieserMini-App kann man sich die Zahlen des Major Systems bessereinprägen.