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Make Superhero Comics 1.0
Create your original superhero story! Justmakeit out by yourself. You have some random images withcomiccharacters. Just let your imagination do the work. Add somefunnydialogs or jokes and customize them in a story. Make it withahumor or with drama sense. Let the anime guys speak andtellwhatever it wants!Make Superhero Comics allows you to create custom comicimages.You can easily change the text in clouds, tapping on thepart ofthe image that you want to edit. Sharing from the app isalsoreally easy - it takes just one tap to get your comic striponsocial network.Let’s get to the point. Your story – your rules. Drawdialoguesabove strong blockbuster’s heroes to create your own comicstrip.Randomize their adventures of your day by day. Try to do itandhave fun making it!Characteristics:Add some funny dialogs or jokes and customize them inastory.Easy to change text in clouds and edit it.Share your comic strip on social network.Randomize its adventures day by day.Invent a story of the anime characters.
Battle Craft: Block Hunter 3.0.0
Pixel battle in craft style. Set upthemultiplayer mode, enter to the war arena and start thefight.Destroy your enemies and try to survive! Invent yourindividualbattle strategy! Explore the world of hunters, powerfulpixelmonsters and zombies who will annoy you to win the legendaryfight!Your main mission is to get the cup. Cups allows you to buildnewtower empire. The more cups you get; the more power you willachieveto battle in new arena. Master your skills. Play increative modewith unlimited resources.Play the worldwide game. Create your pocket megapolis. Findoutwho is your enemy and who only impede you to get your cup.Guideyour tiny character to the top of the city arena!Your kingdom – your rules!Features of Battle Craft: Block Hunter:Multiplayer modeMany arenas to competeIndividual battle strategyMany random adversariesDifferent arms
Good Wrestler Dead Wrestler 1.0
There’s a whole new set of super championsthathave gathered to take part in a newer, bigger game.With Good Wrestler Dead Wrestler, you will step into thecourtand immerse yourself in adrenaline pumping world ofwrestlingaction!Guide super champions through 3 matches and try to stay onthetop of the city. You have to push over your opponent or forcehimout of the top of the skyscraper to win a match. Make youropponentto hit the ground, otherwise you will lose.Super champions wrestling is not about being pro, but beingGodof the wrestling ring.Easy to learn fighting game.Super fun party game for all ages.Play as a wrestler, jump, force your opponents out of thetop.Tap, pinch, and swipe your way through gaming's biggesteverwrestling universe.You can become not just a king of the ring, but a championofsuper champions league. Let’s see, who will win!
Superhero Street Battle 1.0.0
Invincible hero gives a challenge to amightyalliance of enemies. Would you accept it?This is a storyline about brave and powerful man who doesn’tknowhis abilities to be a superhero. Your mission is to explainthemystery. You ask how? Just participate in street fights. Themanybattles you win, the more energy you will accumulate. Get toknowall the comic story from the beginning to the very end. 
Complete the main challenge accomplish different quests:save a kidnapped victimfind a stolen carextinguish a firestop a rebelliondetain a bank thiefarrest a jail-breakerdefuse the bombConstruct your unbreakable team of champions.Level-up and customize you characterAccept special missionsAvenge on rivals for justice in the world!Maximize your score
Super Hero Girl Mission Save 1.0.0
Supergirl is in danger! Your main mission istosave her. This time your main enemy is the greatest gangster ofthecity! Find where he has hidden her. Use your tactic and solveallthe quests of the malice villain. Recruit the mostpowerfulsuperhero’s team and command your army to conquer the girl.Challenge powerful rival with your grand might. Fight tothedeath, relieve your heart with an outburst of fearing wrath.Inthis real time strategy game your alliances can help youtocomplete a top mission. Just start the ultimate war againstcrimemafia.Battle for survival in fighting arena.Rise up to the leaderboard to become the greatest winner.Build alliances of forces.Real time strategy game of war. Construct the unbreakableallianceof allies.Forge wrecking weapons and apply them to win thecompetition.
Anime Comic Maker 1.0
School days or a love triangle with no wayout.Create your original manga story! Just make it out byyourself. Youhave some random images with comic characters. Justlet yourimagination do the work. Add some funny dialogs or jokesandcustomize them in a story. Make it with a humor or with dramasense.Let the anime guys speak and tell whatever it wants!Anime Comic Maker allows you to create custom comic images.Youcan easily change the text in clouds, tapping on the part oftheimage that you want to edit. Sharing from the app is alsoreallyeasy - it takes just one tap to get your comic strip onsocialnetwork.Let’s get to the point. Your story – your rules. Lovelyanimecharacters with your amazing quotations above and you canpretendto be the creator or your own comic strip. Randomize theadventuresof your painted friends day by day. Try to do it and havefunmaking it!Characteristics:Add some funny dialogs or jokes and customize them inastory.Easy to change text in clouds and edit it.Share your comic strip on social network.Randomize its adventures day by day.Invent a story of the anime characters.
City of Superheroes 1.0.0
Start epic fighting action game!Superheroesvs. Villains. Assemble all of them and choose anyone youwant.Which side will you take? Complete all missions to becometheultimate campion!Check the latest news. Try to solve all the problems likebankrobbery, mass murder, taking hostages, famous actor attemption,cartheft and many more. Be a captain of your team, build thestrongestalliance of superheroes and lead your character to thevictory.Avenge all of your offenders starting this contest withdeath.Think over your strategy to win the battle. Build yourultimateteam of champions! Assemble, level up, and manage your teamofheroes.Overcome all the obstacles on your way to glory. Andremember,the more powerful your hero, the better his start,abilities andspecial moves will be. Build up your gang and fight tosurvive inthese dangerous crime city. Use your destructive weaponagainst theworld mafia.Enjoy this combat and control the world order. Wrestle againsttherival array in the ultimate struggle of street fights.Make a journey through an exciting storyline offamoussuperhero’s comic strips. Compete against masters ofmortalfighting and save humanity from the evil war!Features:Assemble team of superheroes and choose anyone you want.Complete all missions to become the ultimate campion!Overcome all the obstacles on your way to glory.Use your destructive weapon against the world mafia.Level up, and manage your team of heroes.
Thug Action Caribbean Drift 1.0.0
Thug Action: Caribbean Drift – the nextchapterof the #1 vast open-world action game has arrived.Prepare to immerse into the world of gangster wars. Rules ofthisworld are simple: beware of cops, always carry your gun withyou andif you like an auto, just take it. It’s time to dominatethe city.Clean it up completing different quests and enjoying newlevel ofopen-world!What will happen if someone will decide to stick his noseinother’s business? Especially if it is a business controlledbymafia. There is only one way to solve this problem - show whoisthe boss here, punish these ugly baboons. Especially if theyareimpudent enough to commit crimes on other’s territory. Inthegangster world gangbanders don’t like to talk with thieves,theyact.Forget about vice police, you are a police, an assassin andmainhero if this action.You can drive any automobile that you like. Take what you want,thisis the virtual world with no rules.Take control of the streets of this city full of vice.Work your way to the top of gangster world in the city wherenotingis as it seems.Thug Action: Caribbean Drift – everything is up to you, it’stimeof crime domination!
Super Hero Man 2.0.0
Join the greatest superhero man in themarvelous comic universe. Upgrade your weapons and master yourskills. Challenge your endurance against other players inmultiplayer mode!Enjoy 3D fighting game and become a champion of street fights!Accept the mortal challenge to the death. Take a control of theworld wrestling arena in a cruel fight between superheroes. Makeyour combat full of thrilling attacks and fast movements. Be readyto show your fists in realistic boxing mode. Straighten your power,abilities and skills.Remember that you are graduate from the most famous fightacademy that have given your character prestige and power. Buildthe ultimate superhero team and start the ultimate battle forjustice.Game features:Fight in battles against super villainsClimb up the leaderboards in multiplayer modeAssemble your powerful alliance of superheroesAccept replayable missionsWin the game to receive bonus rewardsTeam up with friends to compete in quests’ solution. 1.0.0
A huge open crazy world where live goesaroundthe funny faces. Every player has its own tiny emoticon andhas todestroy the hostile emoji. Build the largest cell and upgradeyoursmiley. Control your cell and watch out your powerful opponentswhocan destroy you faster. This is kind of a retro game, butmorefunny.Eat smaller tanks avoiding being eaten by bigger emoticonstobecome the biggest one! Develop you circle, run or crawlthroughthe maze of dangerous enemy faces. Just touch joystick tonavigatethe smiley and tap to control it. Think over your strategytocontrol your pattern and defeat the other players aroundtheworld!Take part in this memes battle. Find your team withonlinemultiplayer mode. No matter what size you are, you have achance tosurvive and become the biggest cell in this arena.Gain experience to beat your highest score.No size matters. Be the biggest one!Upgrade and customize your smiling face.
No More Fat 1.0
The application offer you a body regionandprovide advises to achieve the result faster. Hundreds ofexercisesare explained with clear pictures, instructions. Savemoney on gymmembership or personal trainer, train your muscles byyourself.Track your progress during 30, 90, 180 or 360 days.All the exercises are developed by professionals. Withsomespecial equipment or without your will always find the best waytomaintain your body look athletic. Cardio exercises, stretchesandroutines no needs special equipment to use.This application includes body weight tracking, food intakeandexercise time setting. Customize your workouts and schedulethemnot to forget your daily exercises.Features:Unique exercises with picturesClear explanation and instructionsCalorie trackerTarget exercisesDifferent sport routinesWeight loss and strength optionsSetting time periodBMI calculator and measurements trackerShare your achievements in social media.How to use:Choose the target area of your body to train, do stretching,cardioor strength exercises.Set the time.Look at the given images to know exactly how to do it.Monitor your progress and stay motivated. Create customworkoutsand do it during the determine time. A lot of differentexercisesin one fitness application!
Great Auto Gang 2.0.0
Your character is a perfectly normal guylivingin a quite city. But one day everything changes. Mafia comesto townand establish new rules. They control police and cityauthorities.Whatever…Do not take it so easy. In the past they hadsome businesswith his father, some dark affairs…you know. Now hisdad is dead andcan you guess who have done it? Now it’s your turnto fight forjustice. One guy against mighty crime gang, can youdeal with it?Go up to the top of the mafia rank. Reach their boss. It’shardto be a legend of the underworld, but you should try!Plunge yourself into the atmosphere of open-world crime city.Join the urban war with the biggest crime gang.Attack villains to control the areas around you.Expand your crime empireApply your strategy to Increase your income and protectyourterritory.
Amazing Hero in Gang City 3.0.0
Become an amazing spider hero and saveyourgirlfriend from unlimited power of death.Be a defender of the people. Use your super abilitiestoeliminate enemies.The way to glory is not so easy, the girl next door is waitingfeatsfrom you and brave action. But the city occupied the gang ofcrimeauthorities that controls everything.Your mission is to fight against gangsters, a heavy villain orjustto recover a city order. And remember, your main advantage isyourspider web rope.Features:Run up a wall and descent using the web.Swing, climb and fight through the chaos.Think over your strategy of acting in the city!The action never stops with every day crimes! Evilneversleeps.Establish the city order in a comics game!
Pocket Monster Go 1.0.0
Can you imagine a Pocket Monster in apixelworld? But it's already here!There is a new pixel city full of kawaii characters and animalsbutsomebody should save it from evil. Help Pocket Monster to smashavillains and establish justice!New adventures are waiting for you! Start play and save thepixelcity right now with the Pocket Monster Go!There are a lot of marvelous quests:find an ice cream truckreturn a lost clawnsave group of childrencatch a chiefstop big firefind all missing animals