Get Through Asphalt Apps

Rope Bot Superhero 1.2
Unique gameplay: fly on a spider web, climb walls of buildings andfight withvillains!New kinds of weapons and ammunition!A magnificent opportunity of improvement of skills of yoursuperhero!You will have to perform an important mission - to destroy all thevillains andrid a city from evil. This task is not easy, but you will cope withit! A hugearsenal of powerful weapons and ammunition will help you to fightwith villains.Use various skills of a superhero to defeat enemies. Don't letvillains capturea city!
Five Nights In Cube 2.0
* Mysterious and intriguing missions in amaze!* Stunningly atmospheric 3D graphics!* A goal of the game - is to find a way out and stay alive!Five Nights In Cube will allow you to test your abilities in searchof exit froma maze! You are waiting for many interesting mysteries, excitingatmosphere anda lot of horrible rooms which keeps various mysteries and dangers!Solve all themysteries and find a way out! But most importantly try to survivein thismysterious maze!
Russian Tank Battle 1.2
* A possibility of improving of yourtank!* Qualitative 3D graphics of tank battles!* Fights of various intensity with increasing difficulty!Russian Tank Battle - is a new wargame about tanks! You must defeatall the enemy tanks and liberate your land from attacks. Yourmission consists is that you need to destroy the enemy'sresistance. Improve your own tank and crush enemies on thebattlefield! Destroy all the opponents and win a tank battle - thisis your goal!
Get Army Truck 1.1
Find your truck and drive away!
Crime Driver Simulator 1.1
Destroy every enemy or stay alive!
Criminal Life 2.0
You are the tuffest guy in all city.
Lada Derby 2.0
Try russian demolition derby!* Your favorite russian cars!* 3D graphics* Weak citizens
Lada City Racing 2.0
My young friend, have you ever sat behind thewheel of a car like a Lada? Someone thinks this vehicle is bad, noteveryone has the time or money on it, and someone just has noopportunity to ride such a machine. That's why we created the gameLada: City Racer!*Incredible opportunities for stunts!*Beautiful scenery!*A huge area, in which you can freely drive around in yourcar!*Addictive gameplay!All this awaits you in this unique and exciting game! Travel in anearly empty town, gather great speed, but don't overdo it: the carmust be an integer! You have to successfully complete the game:pointers and your professionalism! Time waits for no one!
Derby Fever 4x4 1.1
Try to survive on a death arena!
Crash Smash Derby 1.2
Crash your enemies, destroy everyopponent!
Angry Zone: Dumb Zombies 1.1
* Stunning graphics creates an atmosphere of azombie apocalypse!* Enthralling missions aimed at the destruction all the peopledon't force youto be bored!* Incredibly interesting gameplay blow you away completely!You have appeared in the centre of a zombie apocalypse which isfull of a hugeamount of ruins and destroyed buildings. It creates an atmosphereof horror. Areyou ready to become the one of a zombie? You are waiting forexciting fights ofcivilians with zombies in various destroyed battlefields! Usecombat skills ofa zombie for destruction absolutely all the people. Try yourself inthe role ofa walking dead, which kill all the living things!
Army Truck City Racing 2.0
Drive an army truck in a big town!
Inside The Battle Tank 1.1
* Exciting missions on tanks!* Enthralling battles on tanks with increasing difficulty!* An incredible opportunity of improvement of your own tank!Get ready for a real tank battle! Your mission consists is thatyouneed to destroy the greatest possible number of enemy tanks.Youare waiting for breathtaking battles on fantastic techniquewiththe strongest opponents. You must defeat an enemy thanks toyourmagnificent tactics and firepower of a tank! Destroy all theenemytanks! Become a winner in this war!
Car Driving Derby 1.2
Drive hard! Kill em all!
Shades Of The Grey Fog 1.1
Who is there in the fog? Another peaceofmeat...
Heat Derby: Auto Clashes 2.1
Clash all enemies or try to survive!Earn money, buy torque cars!* Greate effects!* 3D grapichcs!* Awsome physics* Crazy crashes
Legacy City Derby 1.2
Do whatever you want in legacy city!
Underground Crime 1.0
*Huge city with a variety of differenttasks.*Great selection of guns and melee weapons.*Popular game genre on a top edge physical engine.*Cool 3D graphics and stunning visual effects!Underground crime evolves each day and getting ready to get on thestreets to give a fight to local police forces. You are in thefirst wave of chosen. Your task is to rise the crime level to themax and survive the police hunt.Get the best weaponry in the shops around the city. Evolve. Witheach level you will get crucial skill points. Spent them wisely,each point will greatly help you in the arts of killing, stealingor even driving.Follow the steps of a notorious offender!
Crime Demolition Derby 1.00
Feel your self a real criminal. Showeveryonewho is the boss here.
City Police Racing 3D 1.0
Cops not always on duty. Some times evencopsneed to have fun!
Mad Fighting 1.2
* Fierce battles one on one!* A magnificent opportunity to choose a worthy opponent!* An unique combat system, simple controls and dynamicfights!Become a participant of exciting merciless battles! Plunge intotheincrediblemix of strategy and tense dynamic fights. Use eye-poppingcombattechniques.Develop tactics of a battle and be ready to beat off attacks ofyourenemy.Apply a crushing blow to your opponent and win a battle!
Army Truck Traffic Clasher 1.0
Today you've got a really big car, almostthemoster car!Ignore the traffic, chase and smash the enemy!
Army Commando: Final Fight 1.1
* Exciting combat scenes with a varietyofopponents!* Magnificent graphics and realistic animation of a fight!* A simple and convenient combat system!* Different battlefields!Become the participant of the special operation on theeliminationthe most dangerous enemies. Use all your special skillson thebattlefields to defeat the onslaught of the enemy forces.Choosethe best combat techniques for the destruction of enemies.Plungeinto the atmosphere of fierce battles!
Zombie On Plantation 1.2
Serious gun and the sniper scope, this isyourarsenal for zombie hunt!Hunt zombies, complete quests, explore huge locations.Be accurate, do not waste your ammo!
Miami Extreme Driving 1.00
* Excellent bright racing cars atyourchoice!* Exciting gameplay: survival, the hunt for the pedestrians,racesin the city!* Driving around the city and the sandy beaches of Miami!* Races in full 3D with terrific graphics and realistic animationofdriving!Choose your bright racing car! Fasten your seat beltsandexperience theincredibly thrill of driving with high speed on the streetsofMiami!Demonstrate your driving skills! Be ready for the crazy races!Youare waitingfor the endless racing, high speed and devastating collisions!
Maze Survive 1.1
* A lot of interesting andentertaininglocations!* Exciting missions the complexity of which each timeonlyincreases!* Stunningly atmospheric 3D graphics!You have appeared in a real maze which keeps a lot ofvariousmysteries anddangers. You are waiting for a large number of the strangest,thedarkest andthe most terrible rooms! Your task - is to find a way out ofthishorror! Butsimply find an exit isn't enough, you need to survive! Can youfindan exit andstay alive?
Survive In Block World 1.0
Are you skilled enought for a really hardandscary game? Try to survive then...* Modern blocks graphics* Scary sounds* Hard gameplayKeep your pants dry!
Real Taxi Driver 1.2
Feel your self as a taxi driver! Takeapassenger and drive to the destination!Hurry up!* Real 3D graphics!* Huge sunny city!* Awesome car physics.
Robots Defense 1.0
Defend your castle from evil robots.
Rope Superhero Unlimited 1.1
-Superhero simulator.-Great special powers!-Multiple quests for the citizen sake or their doom.-Special weaponry for your choice.The city is drowned in crimes. Murders, burglary, thefts. You arethe one with the super powers. It’s up to you to decide if thiscity is worth being saved or not.Stop the crimes or become the leader of all the bandits intown.Be the hero or be an amazing villain!