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BJJ Notebook 1.0
A simple online-based BJJ Notebook for allathletes.-> Learn new techniques at your BJJ class-> Write down the details and other notes that are important foryou-> Pull the notebook out for inspiration during trainingplateaus-> Get better at BJJGuidelines for the BJJ Notebook:-> keep it simple (Just the details you need to remember)-> forget grammar, it's just for YOU-> take your notes as soon as possibleGO TRAIN
Online Notebook 1.0
A simple Online-based Notebook for yourprivate notesIt's simple- Register- Login- Add your Notes
Hexa Puzzle 1.0
Think Different! Think Fast!Rotate the Puzzle to prevent the blocksfrom stacking outside the of the PuzzlePay attention to the speedand try to connect 3 Block of the same Color.