Gianluigi Raffaello Apps

Background Eraser 1.0
Background Eraser : Crop Photo is the best wayto erase a background and use another image of your choice asBackground RemoverBlur Image Background is easy to use:1. Select the photo you want to replace background for.2. Erase the Background with Touch and use advanced eraser toolslike Zoom, Undo, Redo, Eraser Brush Size and more Background Eraser& Changer.3. Select the Photo you want to use as Auto Photo BackgroundChanger from either your photo gallery or a large selection of ournature backgrounds and famous backgrounds.4. Save and share the photo with new photo backgrounds with friendsand family.Background Eraser is the best way to replace photobackgrounds.
Collage Photo Editor 1.0
A super fun and easy to use photo editor forgirls, Cute Collage Photo Editor is here to take collage makingprocess to a completely new level. All fans of cute photo collageapps, say welcome to your new beauty photo studio that will offeryou the flawless experience of collage making and photo decorating.Download this amazing photo app and start creating cute girlcollages right now! The largest collection of beautiful pictureframes, insta photo filters, sparkle effects and pic borders awaitsyou in this free “pic jointer”.It's the camera app editing and processing photos that you candecorate cute and easilyTOPIC is a collage photo editor that you can edit the photograph ofthe memory that have saved the album or taken by the camera.Easily, you can photo collage editor with graffiti, stamp, filter(such as black and white or sepia) and frame, such as a text onimage by this photo editing app.Free photo editor online has a wide selection of photo editorcollage options with a plenty of photo effects, amazing photofilters, and cool photo frames. You can edit your photos and createa number of creative and funny pictures with your photos.
Love Photo Frames 1.0
Love Photo Frames Turning your world around with that feeling ofaffection! One there is a feeling of affection when you feel happyaround people you like and then there are people with whom you areeccentric and ecstatic. Those are the people who represent the truelevel of affection which is defined as love.With Love Photo Framesyou can embellish your love memories with romantic frames andcreate your own romantic photo gallery.Create your memories withthe most romantic picture frames and make them more special usingthis amazing app.Decorate your cutest and lovely baby pictures withthe most beautiful and romantic frames. Express your feelings in abeautiful way with the love of your life with romantic photoframes.Love is in the air. Love is life. Love Photo Frames providessplendid collection and beautiful collage to make your awesome lovestory memorable forever.Connect with your loved ones romantically,make your photographs adorable with perfect romantic frame.
Photo Mirror Reflections 1.0
Photo Mirror Reflections with Mirror Photo Editor in all fourdirections, Photo Filters to add Effects to Photo Reflections andEffects like Water and Photo Glass to add Variation to MirrordPicture Reflection.Photo Mirror Water Reflection is easy to use:1.Chose the Photo you want to Apply PhotoMirror -reflection squareto.2. Chose one of four mirror styles. You can Apply Left Mirror orright or top & Bottom Mirrors.3. Chose Photo Filters to applyEffects to Photo Reflections like Old Photo Filter, Sepia Filteretc.4. Chose the Photo Mirror Effect like Water Photo Reflection,Glass Photo Reflection.5. Save and Share the Mirror Photos createdwith friends and family.Create Gorgeous looking Photo ReflectionMirror Effect with photo Mirror funny HD.
All Animals Sounds 1.0
All animals sounds Application for children.This zoo soundapplication with pictures is also useful for all ages to customizethe phone ring, Listen real animal sounds or put as ringtone,sounds and cries of animals and birds. Displays a screen withdifferent animals (cat, dog, goat, horse, donkey, bird, pig,elephant, lion, wolf, owl, and cow) and clicking on them will soundthe characteristic sound of each animal.In future updates newanimals and new sounds are added.
Latitude Longitude GPS Places 1.0
You can assign a name, save the address latitude and longitude andan image of the place, to see its location on the map, share itwith your friends or show a route from your location.Thisapplication is very useful because it allows you to createdifferent categories according to the characteristics of the placesyou want to save, as sites seen during your holidays, familyplaces, work-related latitude and longitude finder, where youparked your car, or share a place with your friends.Thisapplication will help you to visit any place in the world as wellas help you GPS satellite location mapLive different places in justa single tap. The application is too simple to use. You do not needto navigate from one page to other page like other location and mapapplication. You can use Latitude Longitude GPS Places to visit theplace in the world or just use the name of that place this app willbring you to the required destination virtuallyThis is the freeversion of the Navigator Map Live GPS app, with ads, and allinformation is stored on your device.
Photo Shapes instapic 1.0
Choose of Photo Shapes instapic, patterns and stickers to make yourphoto best.Photo Shapes lets you create best looking Photo's withawesome shapes and decorations. Photo Shapes lets you creategorgeous looking photos that are unique to Photo Shapes.Select aPhoto from Photo Gallery, Facebook or Take a new Photo with Cameraand create any of the awesome looking Square InstaPic No CropPhoto.You can apply Many color effects to Photo including Black andWhite color Effect, Old Photo effect and Sepia color effect. Savethe Shape Camera Photo Shape to gallery or share the photo withPhoto Shapes using any of the Photo Sharing application.
GPS Navigation Trucks 1.0
GPS Navigation Trucks converts your Android smartphone or tabletinto a fully functional mobile navigation system with on-boardmaps, thus avoiding data transfer for map display, routecalculation etc.The world's most versatile and user-friendly GPSnavigation for truck drivers.Truck GPS Navigation is atruck-specific navigation system designed to provide safe andreliable routing on truck-legal roads. Truck drivers know thatchoosing the wrong route leads to wasted fuel, out-of-routekilometers, lost time and money and in some cases also safetyissues.Unlike standard car navigation systems,truck routenavigation gps efficient routes based on the vehicle profileinformation, routing parameters and load type, including hazardousmaterials.The driver can choose a profile configuration based onlength, height, width, weight, max. axle load, and whether he iscarrying hazardous goods.The maps are on-board, which means theyare stored directly on the device At the same time both the mapsand the application can be easily updated free of charge.
Cut Paste Photo Editor 720 1.0
You can do many editing tricks by usingthisapplication. Picture cut and paste, like crop a photo indifferentshapes and paste it on other photo. You can make funnyface swapsusing this app. We have provided you the tool to edit,now use itas you like and create cut and paste Photoshop.Place an image inside of another image by using this stunningcutpaste photo editor. You can create your own wonderfulcustomphotos.You can:- Photo cut paste Perform Face Swap and Switch using this appacrossany image. Just crop faces from cut and paste apps.- remove cut and edit photos and replace with any backgroundyouwish.- remove any person from photo.- Crop animal faces from one photo and place it over yourfriendsphoto.1- Multiple tools for photo selection.2- If you don't have photo, click one with camera3- Select closed area with your finger tip.4- Use Zoom tool to see the tiny pixels.5- Select second Photo for pasting and paste the slice on it.6- Save Photo cut n paste faces7- Share with your friends.8- You can check all your worked cut paste photos.Thank for install app.
Love Stickers for messenger 1.0
Best Funny stickers for Messenger.Love stickers for texting are here to increase the fun inyourchatting. This funny Stickers for Messenger has lots of funnyfacesand funny images so that you can tease and have fun whilechattingwith others with this ultimate collection of Total StickersforMessenger free of cost for you.You can use them as stickers for whatsapp, stickers for facebookoryou can use them with other messenger like viber, kik, googleplus,wechat, line, skype, kakaotalk and many more.Make your chats funnier by sending these messenger stickersoveryour messenger groups and increase the fun in yourcommunication bysending these funny stickers through SMS ormessaging or sharingthrough your smart phone.Feature:• They are animated!• They are love!• Easy to use• Provide 2 ways to send the animated emoticon, either GIF orvideo.For some apps do not support the animated sticker, send asvideowill make the same result.