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BalanCity 1.4.1
Will your city survive the test of balance? See it for yourself!BalanCity is a city building/balance physics game. It's a mixtureof old-school SimCity and Jenga. You must build the tallesttowering city over a balancing platform while keeping your citizenshappy. You can build residences, offices, power plants, trainstations, airports, landmarks and more. You can play in differentgame modes: • My City: A sandbox to build the tallest possiblecity. Your only limit is gravity. • Challenges: Pre-made levelswith specific objectives. Get them done and unlock new buildingblocks. • Scenarios: Based on real-life cities, you must build allthe landmarks before the city collapses. Game Features •Straightforward city building simulation involving population,energy, jobs, pollution, approval rating and more. • Engagingbalance physics that will make your city wobble and collapse. •Tour the world in eight world capitals such as New York, SanFrancisco, Paris, Tokyo and more. • Avoid disasters such as fires,riots and crime waves dispatching emergency services. • Fourdifferent powerups available to help you build the city. • Connectwith Facebook to check out your friend's highest mark and beatthem.