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Yummy Burger Kids Cooking Game 2.0.11
Yummy Burger is the funnest cooking game ever,new type of food maker game!Top Free App in many countries in iPhone and iPad app store andGoogle play!!Easy and fun for all hamburger lovers, maniac, kids & boys& girls. #1 Kids Game in many countries!! #1 Education Game inmany countries!!Your goal is to make delicious hamburgers and serve to yourcustomers by tapping the correct ingredients in the right order asa chef of burger shop. Manage your own food business - get moretoppings, bigger restaurant and larger orders as you play the standmode. It's all about concentration, skill, speed and fun!Make the tastiest burger in the world in dash speed! Stack freshingredients and make tall hamburger like sky high tower! Master therecipes of fast-food restaurant like right combination of Patty,Bacon, Cheese, Salad and etc & Fruits Juice Drink!★★★★★Media ReviewThis would make a great kids' game. This is worthy of gracing youriPhone-PortableGamerJust for fun and very challenging!-Giggleapps★★★★★User ReviewAddicting and fun!Cool. Great brain exercise, helps memory for smkers lolIt's the best kids learning game!my kids love it!Enjoying the game as Big Mac lover!★★★★★Features:- stand mode with dozens of unlockable achievements- 5 additional game modes- tricky customers for funny story- simple and cute game with easy tutorials- suitable for all from 5 years old- with parent supervise, 2, 3, 4 years old children, baby andtoddlers may playYour 5 star ratings and reviews keep the update coming!
Dragon x Dragon -City Sim Game 1.5.9
Dragon x Dragon is the best dragon game!Createa dragon city! Breed and raise dragons! Since the dragon game hasheaps of simulations, you can also have plenty of fun building acity just for yourself! The dragons you raise can even be enteredinto 6-on-6 battles!Gain hundreds of dragons, breed them and makethem level up in order to become a dragon mania![This dragon game is popular among people who enjoy thefollowing]・Dragons・Dragon cross-breeding games・City-building games・Dragons and monsters・Battles・Dragon-training games・Dragon-battling games・Animal or character training games・Chilling with farm or ranch games・Battle with a dragon・Simulation games・Nurse a dragon like a pet・Playing for free[The features of Dragon × Dragon]・You can have fun raising cute dragons that are just likepets・Pit the dragons you raise against enemies in 6-on-6 battles・Obtain rare dragons by pairing and cross-breeding dragons・Collect very rare dragons by following hints・Place things such as dwellings and decorations to build a cityjust for you・Pit your dragons against players from around the world・Grow crops on farms to feed your dragons・Enjoy dragon vs. dragon battles・Collect all the dragons by clearing quests・The virtual world has realistic island, city, vale and etc・Fun dragon game for mobile and tablet!・Arrange the characters you raise just like in a CMS (constructionand management simulation) game□■ Delivering the latest information on Facebook ■□Be the first to get the latest "Dragon × Dragon" information onFacebook! There may even be information here that can't be foundanywhere else![Dragon x Dragon Official Facebook]Account: the best dragon game, Dragon x Dragon!
Yummy Burger Christmas Free 1.0.3
#1 Kids Game in many countries!!#1 Education Game in many countries!!Of couse,this is fun game for all ages!!Top Free App in many countries in iPhone and iPad app storeandGoogle play!!"Yummy Token" is implemented in christmas version.It enablesyouto play without money!!Yummy Burger Christmas Free is a easy cooking game forallhamburger lovers, kids & boys & girls BY GiantMonster-Fun,Addicting,Best GamesYour goal is to make delicious hamburgers to your customersbytapping the correct ingredients in the right order.Manage your own foods business - get more toppings,biggerrestaurant and larger orders as you play the standmode.It's all about concentration, skill, speed and fun.Your 5 star ranking and reviews keep the update coming!