Giggle Star Studio Apps

Tap 'D' Ball 1.0.3
The basket would be moving and the ball wouldbe placed constantly in one place. The player has to touch &drop the ball in to the basket. The game involves a total of 20levels with different range of obstacles. Scoring 3 goals wouldearn a Star for the player and scoring 2 stars within a minuteunlocks the next level. Collecting all the 3 stars would reward theplayer with a Trophy.
Wand Run 1.0.2
As a Witch, you have lost your Maayasthira (Wand which gives youultimate power to rule the world) during a Lunar Eclipse day. Dueto which you have lost all your powers and now you have to startyour journey to search for it. Control your direction by justtapping on the Left and Right side of the screen. Don't fall in tothe pits and water. Avoid hitting the crystal spikes. Grab thepowerups like, Paravasthiram, Irpasthira and Thadasthira.Show yourcompetence and Let us see how far you could travel in this endlessaddictive game.
Slider Puzzle 1.0.2
Slider Puzzle is a simple and unique game of its kind. Aninteresting strategic game helps you to make your time. The goal isvery simple.."Just Slide the Slider and drop into the target". But,it is not so simple as it sounds!!!!! Clear the goal withinrestricted moves.Getting 2 stars clears the level. But, getting 3stars would earn you a medal. Let us see how many medals you couldcollect. Unlike other games, the huddles (Stone & Ice blocks,Teleporting & Direction arrows, Lock and Key, Etc.,) in thisgame are not only huddles. But also helps you to reach the target.It is up to you to see it as a huddle or use it to solve thepuzzle.