Giorgio Cantoni Apps

Pixel Theme - Substratum 7.1.2
Pixel Theme is a brand new and unique substratum theme that willgive your phone the stock pixel experience. You need Android O(8.0/8.1) or Android P (9.0) and substratum to get the app properlyworking. It works with Andromeda plugin for substratum. PLEASENOTE: Android 7.x.x isn't supported and custom roms based onandroid 7.x.x aren't supported so don't use the theme and don'tgive a bad review. What is themed? • Navigation Bar ( Filled, StockAOSP, Stock Google Pixel ) • SystemUI ( Stock Google Pixel bluecolor, Stock Nexus teal color, Grey, Red, Purple, Orange, Green,Indigo, Lime, Pink, Brown, Black and Cyan ) • AOSP & GooglePackage Installer This theme is open source! For support join thetelegram community: me: Email: Telegram:
Pixel Tuner - SystemUI Tuner 2.2
A simple app that will open for you the System UI tuner which bydefault has been hidden.
Swift Wall - Wallpaper Manager 5.0
Swift Wall is a light and powerful wallpaper manager that willallow you to manage your wallpaper completely. Features • Quicklysave or share your wallpaper with friends • Material Design withanimations • Statistics: get the colors that characterize thewallpaper with the ability to save them and use in other apps suchas custom launchers. Plus plot them in terms of distribution in areal-time chart • Showcase: download new amazing wallpapers thoseare updated regularly • Filters: apply different filters with asimple click directly on your wallpaper • Extremely customizable •In-built bug reporter with the possibility to report a bug orsuggest new features • Light, the app size is less than 2.5MB •Simple, free and without advertising Contributors A special thanksgoes to Max Patchs who helped me a lot during the design of theinterface of Swift Wall. Do you need help? Do you have asuggestion? For any type of help/suggestion you can write me anemail. Please note that if you are sending an email, use the option"Report bugs" directly from Swift Wall dashboard: don't delete thesubject or your email will be automatically trashed.