Giuseppe Liguori Apps

ARGB Color 1.0
Enjoy by creating your colors with A(Alpha), R(Red) G(Green)B(Blue).Save your favourites colors, and you will be able torestore when you desire.Move seekbars and choose you favorite argbcombination.You can set red, green, blue and also alpha.Long presson hex color and will be copied to clipboard.
Beat this Beat 1.1.12
The new game of reflexes, speedandaccuracy.Tap the circles in the shortest possible time.The bars at the 4 corners indicate how much time is left, whenthebars become red miss 3 seconds.At the end of three seconds lose.The faster you are in the level, the more points you earn.Climb the rankings, you will be able to beat the worldrecord?You could be content to be the best of the day or week,trained,find the right technique and the results will come.Share via facebook, twitter, whatsapp etc. .. your results, andshowyour friends what you are able to do.