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Mucho Party 1.4.8
Free download on Google Play. A single in-app purchase unlocks allthe game content.Welcome to the Mucho Party! With family, at home,traveling, with friends or even at work, this is the idealapplication for two people (or solo) to play one of the 5/42multiplayer games on the same screen.First of all, the game willask you to take a selfie that will become a clock, tomato, apple,telephone, teapot or lemon avatar! Then a minigame allows you totest your skills in order to balance the games according todifferent players' levels. Whether you're a kid or a grown-up, anexperienced or casual player, everyone can play together and havefun!The 5/42 multiplayer games bring together the best of arcadegames, each one more original than the last and with great replayvalue. Try running and car races, zany soccer, ick-ack-ock, and aBreakout-style game, as well as tango, fishing, pretzel sorting andmany more surprises!No fewer than 6 game modes to choose from:-Mosaic: choose any game from the 5/42- Random: let destiny pickyour game- Duel: fight to be the first player to win five games.The loser gets to pick which game you play next.- TicTacToe: get arow of three victories on the game grid- HotSeat: whoever wins getsto play again and everyone takes turns challenging the champion-League: everybody plays against each other in one home and one awaygame. Up to 8 players!For all the games and game modes, 3computer-controlled players (AI) with easy, medium and hard levelsprovide training or the possibility to earn the 50 Google Playgames achievements.Mucho Party is a one-of-a-kind application thatguarantees good clean fun with your entourage!Buying the game alsomeans you are supporting the independent GlobZ studio, which is runby a small team of gaming enthusiasts, and will help us provide youwith regular free updates in the future!
Lamp and Vamp 1.3.1
'Lamp and Vamp' is a rogue-like game where you'll play as a Vampirewho wants to reach the castle of his dreams. But the Vampire isalone against the world! You will have to master dark powers tofind the way to the grave of each level, where you will get newpowers. Choose them wisely if you want to see the castle. Manydifferent ways can lead to victory... but if you fail you'll die...definitely! Many different ways can lead to victory. Will you be anagressive, flying or invisible Vampire? The game won the "bestgame" and "best art" of the in March2014.Tom Christiansen,"Lampand Vamp is an enjoyable strategy game where players must navigatea vampire to his coffin through a randomly generated neighborhood,while avoiding the local neighborhood watch, determined to catchthem. Movement is based on a tile system, each turn the player canmove to any adjacent tile, and the vampire hunters also move onetile. The catch is that the vampire hunters have torches andflashlights, and can see ahead. If the vampire is caught in thehunter's line-of-sight, all the hunters in the neighborhood willconverge and attempt to corner the vampire, resulting indeath."Adam Smith"It's a puzzle game in which you play a vampire who is trying toreturn to his coffin. Pesky townspeople and priests block the waybut using your powers (BAT-FORM, MIST-FORM, BLOODSUCKING), you cannavigate the streets and find your way home. It's absolutelysplendid."And Thomas Schulenberg in"Ifthere's one thing that Lamp and Vamp has taught us, it's that beinga vampire is tough." ^-^
TwinSpin 1.33
A small tap on your screen and a giant leap for TwinSpin ;-) Youplay a pair of Twins connected by a line. By tapping anywhere youlike on the screen you swap the Twins and make a step.Pop all theballoons of every level in a limited time!What makes the gameunique:- one button (one tap) for many different actions (walk,run, pop, smash, slide…)- 72 handcrafted levels- fast-paced arcadepuzzler- unique kawaii graphics- and much much more… for you todiscover ;-)
Goal Finger 1.9.1
Goal Finger is a simple, tactical game… just like football(soccer)! But you won't need any football (soccer) shoes here, justyour fingers and eyes!Got 5 free minutes? Take on players from allover the world in action-packed matches where every move counts.Anticipate, bluff… it's no-holds-barred! Train your players toincrease their performance levels, recruit new players, or puttogether your dream team with the international stars of the GoalFinger game!Key features:• an original simultaneous-turn-basedmultiplayer game mode• manage your team (train and recruitplayers)• choose your favorite equipment• climb the rankings• playfor free with no adsSee you soon on the Goal Finger playingfields!Goal Finger is totally free to play. It is possible,however, to buy cards in order to speed up your progress by buyingin-app items.This game is in no way affiliated with, approved by orlinked to a brand, organization or player.If you have anyquestions, suggestions or problems, please don't hesitate tocontact us at [email protected]