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wildfire.toyblastjewel.cubeblastMermaid 1.6
cube blast mermaid Join the mermaid party and keep taping to blastYou only have to tap on two or more toy cubes of the same color tohave a great blast! The ocean cubes you blast, the better boosteryou will create! ocean pregnancy mermaid can explode, cute mermaidbaby swallows cubes! game features over 800 addicting puzzle levelseye-catching graphics and cool effects collect lovable ducks andhobbyhorses to help with tricky levels spectacular rewards andextra bonuses unlocked after level passed easy and fun to play butchallenging to fully master numerous boosters along the way to help
Wicked Witch Pop 1.2
wicked witch popWicked Witch Pop is a popular game where your goalis to pop all the bubbles. In this game, we provide you 1000 levelsto beat! Simply just tap on the bubble to change color, and touchthe screen where the bubble you want to pop!Totally fun andexciting game. Take Aim and burst the bubbles!Plan your every popto help the Witch to spell her magic beautifully!This is the mostclassic and amazing shooting bubble buster game.Solve puzzles,collect coins, and progress through the crazy levels in magicalworld.
wildfire.jewelstar.pharaohDiamondsBlast 1.3
pyramid diamonds pharaoh Release the magic of Jewels of Egypt inthis new android game Pyramid Diamonds Pharaoh Your greatestChallenge awaits you in this magic magical match 3 game. Join toexplore the wonders of the ancient Egyptian Pharaoh pyramids worldand jewel magic. Find hidden treasures of jewels beneath thepyramids of Pharaoh in ancient egypt, and become a treasure hunt ofancient treasures of ancient egypt. Uncover the secrets of ancientmagic and ancient egypt times by matching different jewels andacquiring unique magical rings , Matching jewels and obtainingunique elements will help you on your journey to reveal thelong-hidden treasures and magic of the Ancients.
Jewels Star Atlantis Quest 1.7
jewels star atlantis quest Jewels Star Atlantis Quest is a funmatch 3 diamond jewels game, a deep ocean underwater jewelsadventure. there are many different underwater levels, each levelhas different rules, limited moves, limited time, blow specialjewel bombs, just switch or match 3 or more diamond jewels. alllevels are Free, and the game becomes more complicated as you go onamazing jewels, and new special underwater match 3 adventures andrewards along the way. blow up the screen, smash special crates andbomb underwater jewel bombs when you get stuck, wait for a hint tohelp you, easy but funny to play, a challenge to those who can openmuch more levels, suitable for all ages, cool game pieces varietyof Sound, and enjoyable music.
Mahjong Solitaire Blast 1.0
mahjong solitaire blastFinally, there was a new classic mahjonggames on android! A very popular game all over the world now, andby the host phone! Standard rules and standard chips, nothingsuperfluous, only mahjong!Featureseasy to play, tap & tap tomatch two tiles, make them crush.designed for all ages, have funwith your families.thousands of levels with hintshelp you to make game easier.complete daily mission, claim powerfulrewards.all styled themes for FREE!optimized for portrait mode,playing game in one hand!
wildfire.mermaidbubble.preghancyPop 1.5
mermaid pregnancy bubble Mermaid was trapped deep in the sea,thoselife full of happiness and leisure time is now far away from herand became an unreachable dream.She has to fight against thosebubbles that trapped her and let them all vanish before she couldget out of this trap. Those magic bubbles has some specialfeatures,they will vanish once you pop a bubble with same color andconnect them together with three or more as a group. Warning,thosebubbles keep coming down and get closer and closer to mermaid, ifthey reach the warning line,the mermaid will never get out,so theymust be cleared in a short time and in a limited area! The oceanholds many secrets and mysteries. Mermaid is the princess and thegreatest treasure of the ocean. mermaid bubble is an excitingmatch-3 adventure in the sea world: solve puzzles, unlock secrets -1000+ challenges - easily control direction shoot bubbles - shopwith a lot of Power-ups and boosters - share your high score whenonline with Facebook Friend . - reach top of the world with worldranking system. - play in wonderful scene, the most beautifulwonder. - smooth bubble games Relax to the max!
wildfire.jewelstar.GardenBlossomFlower 1.6
garden flowers blossom the paradise of the dream garden You love toplant blossom or take care your flowers in your garden, flower stargame is absolutely for you. this is an addicting and fun puzzlegame. Spend a relaxing day at the lovely flower garden, explorehundreds of beautiful levels, blast colorful flowers and winlevels. This completely addictive garden blossom Match 3 game willkeep you occupied for hours! Play this fun game that will take youon the most wonderful journey!
Treasure Puzzle Egypt Pyramid 1.4
treasure puzzle egypt pyramid One of the best Egyptian games.appear in ancient Egypt!Enter the Great Pyramid of Giza, explorethe tombs in the valley of the kings and find the lost treasure.Can you escape Egypt pyramid? Explore the ancient ruins of theLibrary of Alexandria to find the maps of secret passages andtombs. features: - free match 3 puzzle game - enormous amount ofunique levels - beautiful empire with colorful surrounding - match3 or more jewels in the jewel world - classic matching puzzle gamewith a twist - ancient Egypt jewel world full of jewels and gems -pyramid adventure with Egypt games Play this ancient Egypt game andhave fun!
Witch Magical Spell 1.1
witch magical spellExplore all the fun levels and run through youradventurous journeyExplore all the fun diamond levels and runthrough your adventurous journeyIn magic treasure you play as awitch in his shop progressing through level after level of magicalgames. Slide a wide array of objects such as potions, witches hats,and clovers into groups of three or more to clear a level. Once thelevel has been cleared a star will drop into the game, and you mustget it to the bottom to continue. Be fast, though, because in thisgame, unlike others you are required to do this before the timeruns out.* puzzles and game modes as you explore the land with ournew updates!* strategic match, Less moves, higher score, Easy3-stars!* amazing magical boosters to power up for Spooktacularlevels.* super easy and fun to play, but challenge to master!
Egypt Quest Blast 1.4.5
egypt quest blastDifferent from puzzle games, you only have to tapon two or more toy cubes of the same color to have a great blast!The more toy cubes you blast, the better booster you will create!Pop cubes within limited moves! There will be hundreds levels ofpuzzle games for you to discover! How to play Egypt quest blastgames:♥ Color blast: Pop cubes in the same color to blast♥ Collectblasted color cubes or toys to reach the level goals♥ Createdifferent powerful boosters to pop cubes easily♥ Blast differentocean obstacles in dIfferent puzzle games
wildfire.jewelstar.DiamondBlastPharaoh 1.3
a new match 3 jewels puzzle adventure in ancient Egypt Thebrilliant "match 3" puzzle game for everybody who loves a magicatmosphere, ancient mysteries jewels. If you really like the jewelstype of game, but also very love of Egyptian culture, the treasuresblast is your first choice. Match the magic diamonds in the questto unlock the secrets of the jewel world. Complete more than 1000+quests and levels to win the ultimate quest with swapping, hittingand exploding the jewels and power-ups.
Candy Bear Blast 1.1
candy bear blastNo time to waste, start your sugary journey to savethe gummy kingdom!Start the candy bear game and have fun in thissweet adventure, guaranteed to challenge your mind and satisfy yoursweet tooth.Features★ amazing adventures in 700+ free levels ofsweet gummy challenges★ gummy bear is a fun game, but it is a hardcandy game to master!★ great visual effects and special graphics★fun game music and sounds to keep the happiness in gummy bear land!
wildfire.jewelstar.blossomspringcrush 1.5
blossom spring crush create your dream garden,flower blossom inthis spring ✿ 1000+ well-designed free levels. Add more free levelsand update gameplay regularly! ✿ universal app, play in HD on anyAndroid device including tablets. ✿ there are many boosters helpgardener also florist designing beautiful flower bouquet incolorful flower shop. ✿ crush, smash, and blast the flowers withspecial bonuses that will help you pass difficult levels. ✿ createflower blast combos to achieve maximum score and beat otherplayers. ✿ it might look like a simple flower game but blossombloom is challenging to master. ✿ explore hundreds of level in theamazing flower games and you will never feel bored with this game.
wildfire.jewelstar.pirateTreasureStar 1.2
pirate treasures journey exciting pirate story match 3 gameDownload pirate treasures now to start your saga! enjoy!frenzy!crazy! This classic matching puzzle game is easy for allevery age. Hunt no tales, but solve puzzle games to write your ownstory. Invite your Facebook friends if you want to and mashtogether! No Caribbean jewel is save for pirates in this pirategame. Survive with free match 3 gems and play the addictive andchallenging levels
Princess Masha Forest Bubble 1.4
princess masha forest bubblePop, tap and title your way throughover 600 addictive bubble puzzles with excitement and packed withadventure!Features:more than 700 fun and challenging levels tochallenge your braineasy to learn, challenging to master!fantasticgraphics, fluent shooting experiencefluent shootingexperience.captivating arcade inspired music.match 3 meets bubbleburst.more strategy and more happy.
Witch Cubes Blast 1.4.6
get ready to experience hours and hours of endless funcrush theblocks and enjoy this colorful adventureTap on any 2 or moreadjacent cubes of the same to blast and collect the magicalboosterPlan your moves strategically, take on this smashingfascinating cube blasting trip in witch cubes blast!Download nowfor free, solve all the puzzles and collect items. witch cubesblast is easy to learn and extremely fun to play anytime andanywhere!
Egypt Bubble Pharaoh 1.7
egypt bubble pharaoh Take a magical trip to Egypt with Pharaohbubble game for free! Visit all the famous sites and meet the mostpowerful personality in ancient Egypt! There are over 1300 funlevels packed with cool boosts and power-ups! Pop all the bubblesand collect the keys to win levels! Key Features: - play & win1300 + Exciting levels, with more added all the time. - addictivegameplay, once you start – you can’t stop playing.
Treasure Magical Witch 1.1
Treasure Magical WitchJoin and Play this fun filled witch game andexperience the magical candy world. Explore all the fun levels andrun through your adventurous journey by completing witch puzzleswith your strategic moves.Blast and burst magic jewels in this evilwitch world puzzle! You can achieve great things when you succeedin all challenging levels during the journey through the wizardworld.features:. easy to learn, hard to master. over 1000 excitinglevels with challenging obstacles. colorful and vivid graphics.leaderboards to compete against your friends through Facebook.seamless synchronization with Facebook. boosters to help youthrough tough levels
Dream Garden Super Fruit 1.2
dream garden super fruitBuild a garden, play with yummy fruits andsolve match 3 puzzles - all in one game!free casual game swap crushfruit treats with your friendsSwap and group 3 or more same fruitsin a line to crush. sweet fruit, start an adventure with livelysound effect. Using powerful props to help you win thosechallenging levels easily. Go fast enough and you will enter frenzyMode for super high scores and exciting action!★ eye-catchinggraphics with fresh fruits★ enchanting animations and music helpsyou relaxing from the rush and crush modern life!★ magical powerups to help with tough levels!★ hundreds of well-designed freelevels! Free levels and game modes will be added regularly!
Mahjong Egypt Journey 1.0
mahjong egypt journeynew challenge for mahjong solitaire forPharaoh adventureFor your unforgettable gaming experience we spicedit up with brain teasing puzzles and fun riddles, excitingexpeditions and challenging quests.Explore an epic mix of originalmahjong and exciting quests across the magic world• regular gameupdates with new characters, levels, and quests;• special bonuslevels, timed quests, exclusive tile sets;• amazing community andsupport;• ability to play offline without losing your progress.
Pharaoh Cube Blaster 1.4.2
pharaoh cube blasterThere will be hundreds levels of puzzle gamesfor you to discover! With the treasure map, you will be able tofind treasures and use powerful booster to defeat pirates! Are youready for the challenges?tap cubes in the same color to crush themcollect blasted toy cubes or treasure to reach the levelgoalscreate powerful boosters to crush cubes easilytap your way outinstead of switch and swap! It is an unconventional matching puzzlegame!
Pirate Caribbean Diamond 1.1
pirate caribbean diamondWho want to be the richest pirate in theworld?Are you? Let’s plunder as much treasure as possible anddefeat other pirates in combat! It’s time to plunder your waythrough hundreds of puzzle matching levels filled with preciousloot. - Gorgeous graphics- A great soundtrack and juicy soundeffects- Your friends, who will try to beat you to the treasures-The match 3 gameplay you love- Thousands and thousands of engaginglevels
wildfire.jewelstar.mashafruitforest 1.4
Rake in all tasty fruits within your private fruit acre funny girlneeds your help,do you want to join her puzzle game? swap juicyfruits to make matches of three or more.Use special combo fruits toblast through hundreds of levels
Toy Legend Crush 1.4.5
toy legend crushBased on classic match 3 games, but easier and morefun! You only have to tap on two or more toy cubes of the samecolor to have a great crush! The more toy cubes you blast, thebetter booster you will create!your target in the game is to blastthe blocks and solve the level puzzle, the more blocks you pop thebetter boosters you will get that will help to to solve the puzzleand bring down all the toy to blast.Just tap to play, show yourreaction speed and eliminate skills!
cube crush pet 1.4.5
cube crush petPlay the new and exciting puzzle game and blast thecubescube crush pet is an addictive matching puzzle game, where youneed to make moves and match three blocks of the similar color, toachieve the targetUse the different kinds of bombs like the rocket,TNT etc., to destroy the obstacles, in this match game for kids andmatch 3 game free, or match game free and match three game, whichis one of the best fun games for girls and board games for free, ormatching games free for kids and match puzzle games for girls.
Fruit Dream Garden 1.1
fruit dream gardenSwap and group 3 or more same fruits in a line tocrush. Sweet BGM, start an adventure with lively sound effect.Using powerful props to help you win those challenging levelseasily. Go fast enough and you will enter Frenzy Mode for superhigh scores and exciting action!Travel across the paradise islandand explore wondrous levels filled with fresh fruits.
Jewel Cube Blast:Crazy Pirate 1.2
jewel cube blast:crazy pirate the block game you have to drop andcollapse colorful blocks while enjoying the addictive gameplay !Blast your way through thousands of amazing levels in this amazingpuzzle game. Match 2 or more cubes of the same color to solvepuzzles and clear levels. With limited moves, your puzzle-solvingskills will definitely be challenged. Match, tap, and blast throughtons of diamond puzzles. Unleash wild power-ups to free all thecute characters. Easy to play, but tough to master!
bubble pirate 1.4
bubble pirate in role of an enthusiastic pirate, with bubble magicballs in hands, players will take part in a trip of bubbleadventure to rescue and discover new lands. A bubble journey withdifferences makes up an attractive bubble story. Features: - morethan 700 magic levels to complete! And more are coming. - easy andfun to play, challenging to master - 4 Special Boosters help youget a high score. - fluent shooting experience
Billiards Master 2018 1.3
billiards master 2018 you want to become a billiards master is notthat simple you want to become a billiards master is not thatsimple!Download it, open your billiards competitive career now!Welcome to the billiards master game! 1. realistic 3D ballanimation 2. touch control for moving the stick 3. billiards andsnooker gameplay Gameplay: sliding screen to move the direction ofthe club; slide the left power slot control batting power, releasedfor batting; click the left prop bar, release props; click theupper right corner of the white ball, adjust the ball hit the ballpoint and angle. Enjoy the billiards collision, you are the nextbilliards master!
Toys Toon Smash 1.5.2
toys toon smashJoin the party and keep taping to blastvisiting themagical world of toys!Join the party and keep taping toblast!Simple rules: find and tap on at least two cubes of the samecolor to clear the level, or more cubes will create a powerclearly. Challenge is smart resolving these blocks with your bestskill because your moves are limited and you can stuck at levelanytime. It also match 3 games kind in anyway.- spectacular rewardsand extra bonuses unlocked after levels passed- every day you willget a big gift is number coin to buy more items in the game- easyand fun toys to play but challenging to master - stunning graphicsand unique gameplay - shovel to help you break a box cube-horizontal paint brush to help you break the toy box in a row-vertical paint brush to help you break the toy box in a column-rainbow toys help you break all the toys- bomb TNT help you breakall box around it
Surprise Eggs Match 1.3
surprise eggs matchGet ready for some surprise eggs fun!surpriseeaster eggs match is puzzle game for children combiningAreyouready to know what's inside of cute hatch egg surprise!?