Glodanif Apps

Pocket MAL 5.0.1
You CANNOT watch anime with this app, the goal of this app istracking your watching progress Pocket MAL is an unofficial Androidclient for and enables the users to track theiranime and manga
Daily Kana 1.0.2
If you want to learn Japanese, first step iskana - Japanese writing system, after that you can learn grammarand kanji. Daily Kana is program, which will be showing some kanacharacter on your home screen every 24 hours.Tap on widget to see more information about character, there youcan see its pronunciation and writing.Also, app contains red and blue labels, it means:red - katakanablue - hiraganaAnd you can change character on widget at any time.
Coffee Counter 1.4.0
How many cups of coffee do you drink? CoffeeCounter will store data on consumption of coffee.The program also has detailed statistics:- Daily coffee consumption;- Coffee consumption in the period of day;- General statistic.Supported languages: English, Russian, UkrainianIn version 1.3 you have two new buttons, they are tools forediting your list, so you can to add and remove any cups.
Binary Clock Widget 1.0
Very simple widget - binary clock. It willhelpyou not only to see the time, but also help to bring totheautomatism of perception binary number system. =)
Bluetooth Chat 1.3.2
Bluetooth Chat will help you to send short messages and imagesusing Bluetooth technology. You can chat with your friends if youare in the Bluetooth range and don't have access to the Internet.It will be helpful for students if there is no Wi-Fi in yourschool, for travelers to chat between tents in mountains, and inmany others cases. Your friends don't have an Internet connectionto install this app? You can easily share an .apk file of the appvia Bluetooth! Bluetooth Chat is fully open-source: You can help to localizeBluetooth Chat to your language: