GlomCo Apps

Corrected Phenytoin Calculator 1.0
This calculator corrects serum pheytoinlevelsfor hypoalbuminemia, useing the revised Winter-Tozercorrectionequation. Please use this as a guide only. As always,clinicaldecision making should be made by a professional.
Empeopled for Android 1.0
Bored on public transit? Need something todoon the move? Try Empeopled for Android!Empeopled is a fun board to discuss things online. It is foundathttp://www.Empeopled.comI did not make Empeopled, I only made this app for it.
Daslob 4
Daslob is based upon the palm pregame"Blobber." Both in Blobber and in Daslob there is no goal butonlyto enjoy playing with your little blob. Although webOS isdead,Blobber lives on in this exciting new game!
Physics Land, The New Sandbox 2.9.6
This sandbox game is meant for the experts!Inphysics land you may build towering objects and such! Theonlylimit is your imaginative capacity.To move an object drag it around with your finger! Millionsofcombinations!Made by Ben Kreger