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Bouncing Red Ball 1.0
Tap the screen to move the red ball down andmake the ball bounce where you want. The faster you tap, the morefrequently the ball bounces. The slower you tap, the lessfrequently the ball bounces. Make sure you get your timing right!Avoid the spikes, pitfalls, rotating obstacles and moving enemies.The more obstacles you pass, the higher your score. See if you canbeat your best or top score. Beat the game and you could win ajewel. Gravity can be your friend...or it can be your enemy. Choseyour preferred ball color. The music may be the only thing thatkeeps you from losing your cool!***FEATURES***--Fun, Simple Gameplay--Easy to Learn, Difficult to Master--Endless Challenges--Never the Same Game Twice--Different Color Balls to Choose From--Facebook, Twitter and Email so you can play with your friends orpost your scoreNOTE:This game is completely free to play. However some in game itemscan be purchased for real money. If you prefer not to use thisfeature, please disable in-app purchases in your device'ssettings.
Turtle Ninja Jump 2 1.2
Great warrior you have been called back againto defend your village. This time, however, the quests are morechallenging, the worlds are totally different and the enemies aremore ferocious and more numerous. You're in for some real actionand adventure during your ninja combat.Download today, while its still 100% free!***CONSTANT CHALLENGES AND ENDLESS FUN***Choose your ninja character wisely, for different quests requiredifferent skills and attributes.Depending on what world you pick, your adventure will be totallydifferent.Make sure you walk and jump correctly, for one false step couldmean your doom.Watch out for the tricky obstacles and dangerous spikes.Worse yet are hideous enemies who want nothing more than to attackand defeat you!***WARNING: HIGHLY ADDICTIVE:***Along the way (if you manage to survive) you can collect preciousgems, better weapons and special power-ups.Collect these rewards if you hope to reach your turtle village intime!FEATURES:- 3 different characters to choose from- 3 different worlds to play in- Fight fearless enemies and mutants who seek to attack you- Experience constant challenges to earn more points andcoins- Collect endless supply of gems to boost your wealth- Expand your powers to achieve your goal faster- Improve you weapons to better defend yourself- Play with your friends and post your score- Facebook, Twitter and EmailFeedback is greatly appreciated and will help improve thegame.Contact us on email at: our Facebook page at us on Twitter at @Glossariumllc..NOTE:This game is completely free to play. However some in game itemscan be purchased for real money. If you prefer not to use thisfeature, please disable in-app purchases in your device'ssettings.
Deadly Dash-An Impossible Game 1.5
Can you remain calm in this agonizingandfrustrating platform puzzle, even though it feels impossibleattimes? Deadly Dash is a simple game but presents a majorchallenge.You must avoid different shaped obstacles, jump overmultipleenemies and run and collect power-ups and coins. Do thislongenough to get the high score and build a vast treasure trove.Keepyour eye out for hidden prizes and power-ups. If you manage tobeatenough levels, you could even win the game!Simple one-touch play. Tap the screen to jump, or hold the taptojump higher and longer. This update has totally new graphicsandgameplay, and now the game moves very quickly. Have fun!Endless levels so you will always be entertained!Game Features:-Action-packed platforms-Endless levels of geometry and shapes, like triangles, cubes,anddots-Challenging game play-Easy to learn, impossible to master-One touch play so you can run and jump-Hidden prizes in different phases-Collectible continue buttons to keep going where alevelfailed-Devise strategies to overcome special challenges-Compare your scores with other players on Game Services-Great musicFeedback is greatly appreciated and will help improvethegame.Contact us on email at: our Facebook page at us on Twitter at @Glossariumllc..
Clouds Majic 1.0
"This game is way too addictive. I can'tstopplaying."--GlaxyPegasusBounce your way among the path of clouds to get the high score.Becareful you don't fall to your doom!Watch out for deadly lightening, gaps in the cloud trails andseverestorms. Winds may pick up and blow the clouds away from youor speedup their movement. Stay sharp! Choose to play one ofseveralcharacters by collecting coins and stars to unlock newballs orbubbles. Choose different difficulty levels as you improveyourskills. Compete with your friends to get the highest score.Jump inthe sky or fly through the air, but don't roll off theclouds anddrop to your death.How far can you go?FEATURES:>Fast action One Touch Game play>Easy to learn, but impossible to master>Multiple characters to choose from>Soothing music to keep you calm>Fun and addictingHow To Play:1. Tap to bounce the ball down2. Time your bounces to land on a cloud3. Tap multiple times to bounce quickly4. Collect coins5. Avoid obstacles