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GLOW. Ovulation & Period Tracker 7.10.9-play
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Get pregnant, log your period cycle and more. Discover all theovulation, period, fertility and pregnancy information you needwith Glow. Log your period in the app’s calendar and track yourcycle with our ovulation calculator. Your period tracker lets yourecord ovulation, PMS, and pregnancy symptoms. Or log your periodand be in control of your fertility with our period tracker andovulation calendar. Fertility made easy - 5 ways Glow can work foryou: 1. Get pregnant easily - Log 40 different health signals fromsexual activity, mood swings, PMS and more. 2. Period tracker andovulation calendar! Get personalized period information with ourcycle chart, ovulation tracker and period calculator. 3. FertilityFAQS - Want to learn more about charting your fertility, eggfreezing and menstrual health? Our library of "Glow Scoops" has allthe articles you need to stay informed. 4. PMS or other symptoms?Log them all on your period calendar and find out what they mean.5. Ovulation and all things pregnancy - Join our community to shareyour views and learn from other experiences. PMS, periods andpregnancy tips - no topic is off limits! Take control with Glow’sdedicated resources. From a dedicated ovulation tracker, PDFovulation reports or even a fertility calculator. Get qualityinformation you need to get pregnant or track your cycle. Whetheryou use Glow as an ovulation tracker or period calculator you willget unparalleled support. Trying to get pregnant naturally orundergoing IVF or IUI? Join the largest online community for womenwho are trying to conceive. Or get your partner to join our mirrorapp because fertility is a team sport! Want a period tracker or awomen’s health app you can rely on for detail and accuracy? We’vegot you covered. Download Glow today and take charge of yourfertility. For full Privacy Policy and our Terms of Service: If you arehaving technical issues or have any questions about your cycle orperiod, we're here to help. Please send us an email
Pregnancy Tracker. 3.7.7
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Pregnancy? Countdown baby and track pregnancy with Glow Nurture!Glow Nurture is an amazing pregnancy tracker app. It gives youeverything you need during your pregnancy, including daily updateson baby size, baby development milestones, baby countdown, andvibrant community groups as well. ** FEATURES** TRACK EVERYTHING -Track baby growing and development milestone during pregnancy withinformative charts - Trimester-specific daily log: over 30different items in pregnancy tracker - Unique medical log to trackall doctor’s visits throughout your baby bump week by week - HealthAwareness Log: understand baby bump and get tips on pregnancy -Email yourself a PDF report of due date, pregnancy symptoms,weight, medication and all other health data about pregnancy -Reminders for your due date, appointments, medication and many moreabout your pregnancy UNIQUE FEATURES - 100% customizable to nurturepregnancy and your expecting baby - 1500+ pregnancy articles,telling you what to expect of baby bump and baby countdown - Unlocknext-level health awareness & community involvement with GlowPremium. UNPARALLELED PREGNANCY SUPPORT - Mirror pregnancy trackerfor your partner - Get support, tips, and advice of pregnancy,maternity, due date countdown, from the vibrant and knowledgeableGlow Community - Join multiple pregnancy groups for differentjourneys of pregnancy: from first-time moms to Moms of Triplets -Postpartum support as we recognize the importance of the ‘4thtrimester’ of pregnancy ABOUT US Glow is the only Health &Fitness app to ever win a Webby Award. We now bring the samedazzling and data-driven pregnancy tracker app to our pregnantusers as they embrace pregnancy, maternity, and the expecting babybump! Designed for simplicity and elegance, this baby bump andpregnancy tracker app is named one of the 10 Best Apps 2014 by TheGuardian, Brit & Co, and many more!
Eve Period Tracker - Love, Sex & Relationships App 3.1.9
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Eve is the TOP FREE period tracker & ovulation tracker app withlove, sex & relationships tips. Join the Eve community to makefriends and learn more about birth control, sex, pregnancy, periodand ovulation tips. SEX & HEALTH UNLOCKED + Keep track of sex,moods & PMS symptoms. + Quick, elegant logging at any time ofday or night. + See your health data and PMS symptoms visualized inbeautiful charts. + Identify trends and patterns unique to yourbody. + Daily gem delivers insights, cyclescopes, quizzes, andfascinating women’s health topics every day. INTERACTIVE PERIOD& CYCLE TRACKING + Fast, fun period tracker + Forecast yourovulation and fertility with period tracker predictions that getsmarter over time. + Review past periods, menstrual cycles, PMSsymptoms and ovulation dates. Girl, it’s time to better understandyour cycle & fertility! + Calendar views on period tracker showyour next fertile window, ovulation day, upcoming period. EPICCOMMUNITY + Community forum provides an extended friend group ofgirls down to discuss sex, PMS, and other women’s health topics. +Trusted information about birth control & sex, powered byBedsider. + Ask the community anything--nothing is off limits! GirlPower! + Learn from other women who have been there before. Eve wasnamed the Most Innovative App 2016 by Google Play, the Winner of2016 Webby for Health & Fitness, and a proud partner Download our other apps: Glow - - - WITH US Web - Facebook - Twitter - @EveByGlow Instagram -@EveByGlow Pinterest - @GlowHQ If you are having technical issuesor have any questions about your cycle or period, we're here tohelp. Please send us an email to
Glow Baby: Track Newborn Baby & Toddler Milestones 3.1.0
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From breastfeeding to diaper changing, now featuring baby teething,solids tracking and daily activities. Log all your baby milestonesand track infant development with Glow Baby. As a new parent,whether you want a diaper log, a nursing timer, a breastfeedingtracker, a teething log, or solid tracker, now get everything newparents need for your newborn baby all-in-one. Log milestones withthe best newborn tracker for new parents. Track your baby’s sleepschedule, feeding log - you can even use Glow Baby as abreastfeeding tracker, first teeth and solid feeding tracker!Access and share tips about a baby’s sleep schedule and otheruseful parenting tips whenever you log in. Plus, our baby trackeris so easy to use that means you can start building up your familyalbum with beautiful photos while spending time with your preciousnewborn baby. A pumping tracker, breastfeeding log and more! 6 waysGlow Baby helps you log your baby growth: Track your baby’s diaperchanges, sleep schedule, and more with our timers and remindernotifications. Our baby milestone logging lets you stay on track ofeverything from your nursing timer to your baby’s feeding log Getcomplete PDF summaries of your baby’s sleep schedule, feeding log,interactive growth charts plus more! This is baby milestone loggingwith a difference. A baby tracker, nursing timer, breastfeedingtracker, teeth growth, solid feeding log, activity tracker and muchmore! Glow Baby’s key milestone logging features: • Milestonelogging made easy - This is a breastfeeding tracker, pumpingtracker, nursing timer and feeding log. That means you can stay ontop of everything from diaper changes to first steps and more! •Close-knit community - Connect with other new parents to discussyour baby or toddler’s progress and other parenting tips. Evenshare your precious baby photos from your family album! • Captureyour family moments - Upload baby photos in your own album, takenotes and document those precious milestones. Plus, you can evenshare baby photos with your friends and family! • A newborn babytracker you can trust - Follow and track your baby developmentalmilestones sanctioned by the CDC • Track your baby's activitiessuch as tummy time, indoor and outdoor play and bath time. • Trackyour little one's teething so you can remember when each baby toothcome in. And take notes on any symptoms that he/she may experiencewith the teething! • Library of daily articles - Read and share thelatest parenting tips and other content from Baby 411™. Now alsofeaturing our new parents community! • Capture that cute babygiggle on videos and share special moments with fellow parents. •Motherhood is an amazing feeling. Get some support from the mothercommunity. • Which one is best stroller? Get some necessityrecommendations from experienced mom group. Unparalleled support: •Connect with your partner and take care of the baby together • Getsupport and parenting tips about your baby’s milestones. Plus, youcan even share baby photos from your family album in our vibrantGlow Baby Community • Participate in anonymous parenting pollsabout your baby’s milestones and growth charts Glow Baby haspartnered with the Baby 411™ – the renowned book for new parents –to give you daily articles that provide clear answers & smartadvice on baby and toddler development. Download our other apps:Glow - - - WITH US Support - Web - Facebook - - @glowbabyapp Twitter - @GlowHQ Pinterest - @GlowHQ Glowis the only Health & Fitness app to ever win a Webby Award. Wenow bring the same dazzling and high-tech experience to newparents.
com.glow.patient 1.1.5
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GlowCare for Patients serves as your main point of contact withyour fertility clinic. It is an easy-to-use tool that lets youconnect with your clinic, message your clinic staff, and view yourtreatment path with one simple click. Whether you are a new patientor doing an IUI, IVF, or egg freezing cycle, GlowCare for Patientsmakes the path ahead easier and more intuitive. TAKE CONTROL OFYOUR JOURNEY + Text in real time with your clinic staff in aHIPAA-compliant and secure environment + Read articles written toenlighten every step of your journey + Organize your treatmentdocuments + Get reminders about your cycle, your medication and thetreatment path ahead UPCOMING FEATURES + Daily health log and tasksas you tackle your treatment cycle + Intuitive calendar of all yourappointments and medication GlowCare for Patients can only beaccessed by patients of clinics using GlowCare. If you would liketo use GlowCare for Patients at your clinic, please From the creators of Glow. For full PrivacyPolicy and our Terms of Service: CONNECT WITH US Web - Facebook - - @GlowHQ Instagram - @GlowHQ Pinterest - @GlowHQ If youare having technical issues we're here to help. Please