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UFOS over Egypt Live Wallpaper 0.1
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UFOS over Egypt Live Wallpaper HD Oh my God, UFOS over Egypt!! Itis a fully animated 3D live wallpaper for those who likes aliensand ufos in an ancient environment, in Egypt.
My Seaturtles HD FREE LWP 1.0
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Seatutrles is a fully customizable, live, animated 3D wallpaper.You can change a couple of things like Camera View, Fish types,Turtle types and you can change the skin of the live wallpaper. Getthe full version from here: full version you can: - change environment - change skin colors- change fishes and turtles - and more..
Circle Widget 2.1.1
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C Widget is a simple, exclusively elegant, circle type widget packdesigned with battery life in mind. This homescreen widget packagecontains the most wanted widgets so you can customize yourhomescreen with the same elegant style of widget sets. There areseveral display styles you can choose of. The package contains: -Battery widget - Traffic widget (for mobile data management) -Weather widget - Clock widget - Hour widget - Minute widgetResizement of widgets is supported on eligible devices with Android3.1+ or if you have a compatible launcher. Just long tap on widgetand release in place to resize. Beside the common options (likestyles or transparency) every type of widget has separateconfiguration possibilities too so you can adjust them to yourneeds. Permissions: - Location: Needed by weather widget todetermine location - Network: Needed by weather widget to gatherweather info
OGN Transceiver 1.5
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Report your actual flying data to the OGN infrastructure withoutanyextra, radio based equipment. - You will only need your phoneyoualready have. (Less equipment to charge, carry, take care of.)-Show yourself on OGN based radar maps, or -Report an extended setof flying data to the OGN network:coordinates, altitude, groundspeed, vertical speed, bearing andaircraft type. - For a price ofa meal it's a lot cheaper than evena DIY OGN radio transceiver. -It's configurationless. Leaveeverything empty and start using itout of the box. - You don't needa registered ID (temporary ID willbe generated for you). - If youhave a registered ID( you can set it in the app.- You can set acustom (postfix) ID (or custom name) to report tothe OGN network.- Applicaiton is suitable for paragliders, hanggliders, gliders orother recreational or sport pilots in many otherclasses. Otherinformation: Reporting depends on internet andcellphone coverageand signal strength. You may or may not met theserequirements oncertain coordinates or altitudes. If connection islost theapplication will try to reconnect. Test flights have beendone andit reports very good reception also at relatively highalitudes(like 2000m AGL). OGN (radar) maps are customrepresentations ofthe OGN network. You may or may not find yourselfon these maps inspecial cases. (Like setting different ID andcustom ID, registeredor not etc.) Some maps may ignore youraircraft type or not showyou at all in special combinations. Theapp is using your GPSsubsystem constantly therefore it's heavy onbattery. (If yourdevice is already using GPS (running XCSoar oranything) you won'tnotice any difference.) If you have a registeredID you can set itin your livetrack24 account and LT24 will get yourOGN data.