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Turn life's moments into beautifulstories!Mechika Boola is an app to create beautiful shortmovies in an easy way for your friends and family.Video editing and sharing have never been simpler.HIGHLIGHTS:SIMPLE AND EASY- Create video stories less than 30 seconds- Even your grandparent can enjoy this appEASY VIDEO EDITING- Film and edit 6 two-second video clips- Drag and drop those clips in a easy way- Preview your creation instantlyCHOOSE PERFECT MUSIC- Your music library- More than 50 original songs for free- Get new original songs every month for freeHANDCRAFTED STICKERS- More than 190 handcrafted stickers for free- Say more and express yourself in a single tapBEST FILTERS- Capture videos with some of the best filtersSOCIAL- Follow friends and other creators- Like, comment, and share on each other's videoSHARING- Facebook, Twitter- Email, SMS, or via Public Link- Save to Camera Roll
V (Old Version) 3.0.0
VIBBIDI is a simple way to make and share abeautiful video.Create an authentic video with our simple tools. View beautifulcurated content from other users. Engage with highly talentedartists and storytellers. Watch new episodes of narrativeMicroseries everyday. Build a portfolio and grow your audience.FEATURES
- Crystallize beautiful moments into timeless videos- Amazingly gorgeous filters grant a depth of color andbeauty- Emote and express with precision with professional editingtools- Inspire and be inspired by artists from around the world- Add incredible music to your videoFOLLOW- Instagram: @VIBBIDI- Twitter: @VIBBIDI- Facebook: email questions or feedback to [email protected]
Free Music Player - Trending Music by VIBBIDI 5.3.8
Free Trending Music Streaming.No Subscriptions. Collect yourfavorite music and create original albums based on your favoriteartists. Listen to Millions of Songs - Forever. Global 24/7 MusicParty: Meet and Chat With New Friends. 

24/7 Global Dance Party
VIBBIDI is the world’s only virtual dancefloor! A space for you tocome and enjoy premium curated music content, shared live 24/7 withevery single VIBBIDI user, all in a social environment that lives& breathes with the community! Explore everything there is tooffer, all the while enjoying the show and interacting with reallive users! 

VJ: the conductor for each party
 The VJ of eachprogram personally curates a block of music to get you moving!They’ll be along for the ride while you watch, giving theircommentary LIVE! From personal memories, to musical critiques, tobeing a classic hype-man, you never know what kind of show you’regoing to get!

 Chat in the global living room
 Commentary isn’tjust for the VJ’s though; Make your voice heard and join thediscussion with other live users, as your words scroll across thescreen in real-time! See what the entire world is talking about, orlimit it to just the friends you’ve added if you want a morecatered experience. The conversation awaits you! Free MusicStreaming A trending new music app unlike any other, VIBBIDI as amusic player lets you build music video playlists. Free musicstreaming never sounded so good. Create Playlists VIBBIDI allowsyou to curate your favorite songs, music, and music videos.Discover trending chart toppers and rare singles. Build animpressive profile of playlists to showcase your taste andcollections with your friends. Discover New Music Follow others whoappreciate similar styles based on your unique audio preferencesand taste. Go on in-depth music explorations of undiscovered songs.Unlike other music apps, VIBBIDI’s intelligent timeline recommendstrending songs and new music, based on the artists you like and themusic you collect. Background Mode Stream free music in backgroundmode (audio only, no video) by simply turning off your phone. Bystreaming audio without video, you save valuable data. Finally, afree music app / music player capable of streaming unlimited freemusic and music videos. Music Video Culture Users reported theynever knew their favorite songs had music videos, until VIBBIDI.Before VIBBIDI the music app, music players streamed songs alreadyknown and liked by the user. VIBBIDI streams trending songs, new tothe user, and synched to a user’s taste. No Subscription VIBBIDI isa 100% free music app. Unlike other music apps, free music meansFREE music, with no subscription to stream audio content. There areno hidden costs; So sit back, relax, and stream free music on thisfree music player. Next Generation Music Streaming Not yourgrandfather’s music player- VIBBIDI is the evolution of the musicapp, incorporating audio/visual elements, the playlist and newmusic focus, and the trending social aspects. New music is addeddaily, letting you hear trending songs before the audio reaches theairwaves. Become an audio trend setter and influence the playlistsof your friends by adding new music to your profile. The playlistis redefined. Customize Your Profile Add cover videos and createunique playlists! From old and obscure songs to trending new music,stellar music videos, and audio only collections for long journeys,VIBBIDI as a music app lets you customize your new music experiencethe way you want! A music player without barriers. Contact If youhave any questions or feedback on our product, please feel free tocontact us at [email protected]