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Saint John Catholic School 1.09
Saint John XXIII Catholic School is a R.E.A.L. Catholiccommunitythat nurtures the whole child through academic excellence,21stcentury innovation and active Catholic stewardship.Founded in 1999, and serving as a ministry of St.Bernadette'sRoman Catholic Parish, St. John XXIII Catholic Schoolis a K-8elementary school in the Diocese of Phoenix.This mobile app allows users to:- View the school calendar for events and times- Receive push notifications with updates directly from theschoolregarding changes to events, emergencies, orinstructions- Directly link to the school's social media (Facebook, Twitter,andYouTube channel)- Link to the school's website, lunch ordering, andformsdirectory
St. Margaret's Syracuse 1.05
Since it's inception in 1954, St. Margaret's School strives"toteach as Jesus did" through the traditions of the RomanCatholicfaith. St. Margaret's School is built on faith and love.Students,families, and staff work together to proclaim the messageof theGospel through worship and service to others. We preparestudentsto be life-long learners, as well as, responsible,respectfulmembers of society who carry the love for Jesus and forothers withthem at all times.With the commitment of our devoted faculty and staff we aimtoexceed all New York State Learning Standards. We are dedicatedtoproviding a safe, secure learning environment that fostersmusic,art, foreign language, technology, and athletic programs inasetting that demands academic excellence, moral conscience,andrespect for diversity and life.Keep connected with the St. Margaret's School Mobile App.
Glyph Mobile 1.06
With Glyph Mobile you can easily build afullyfunctional and unique mobile app using branded print, web,video,and HTML. Glyph Mobile is app development made easy.The Glyph Mobile app also allows you to preview your ownappbuild before you publish your content to your live app. Simplylogin using your Glyph Mobile account to preview your app.
Bullpen Tavern 3.1
Bullpen Tavern Lovers will have more reasonthan ever to use The Bullpen Tavern mobile app. The app providesaccess to our new loyalty rewards program and you can get discountsand special offers only available in The Bullpen Tavern app. Theapp gives you convenient and easy access to:Our Complete MenuEventsWhat Sport Events are ShowingCouponsConvenient Quick Call ButtonAnd MoreEnjoy the convenience and savings of having The Bullpen TavernMobile App.
Saratoga Winterfest 3.0
The unofficial 2016 Saratoga Winterfestapp.Stay up to date with winterfest events and get access toexclusivedeals with local businesses. Expertly navigate the 18thannualSaratoga Chowderfest with maps and contestantdirectories.
Saint Vincent de Paul 3.1
Recognizing that parents are theprimaryeducators of their children, the community of St. Vincent dePaulworks together to educate the whole child: spiritually,morally,physically and intellectually. We aim to inspire studentsto reachtheir full potential, to be contributing members oftheircommunity, and to nurture a personal relationship with God.We encourage each other to become aware of the dignity ofallpeople as children of God. We are each gifted with lifeandtalents, destined to form God's kingdom on earth.In an environment that meets our changing needs we, asacommunity, integrate Catholic values into all aspects of ourlivesthrough the Gospel message.This mobile app allows users to:- Link to the school website- Access school directory- View the school calendar for events and times- Receive push notifications with updates directly from theschoolregarding to changes to events, emergencies etc.
St. John XXIII Catholic School 3.1
Saint John XXIII Catholic School is aR.E.A.L.Catholic community that nurtures the whole child throughacademicexcellence, 21st century innovation and activeCatholicstewardship.Founded in 1999, and serving as a ministry of St.Bernadette'sRoman Catholic Parish, St. John XXIII Catholic Schoolis a K-8elementary school in the Diocese of Phoenix.This mobile app allows users to:- View the school calendar for events and times- Receive push notifications with updates directly from theschoolregarding changes to events, emergencies, orinstructions- Directly link to the school's social media (Facebook, Twitter,andYouTube channel)- Link to the school's website, lunch ordering, andformsdirectory
Saratoga American LL 3.1
The Saratoga American Little League mobileappis your destination for game schedules and scores. Now you canhaveeasy and convenient access to league information and receivepushnotifications for game updates and events.
Esthetics by Chianna 3.1
Welcome! Stay up to date on monthlyfacialspecials, utilize a loyal customer punch card, and takeadvantageof app only coupons.
St.Clement's Basketball 3.1
With the St. Clement's Basketball MobileAppyou can have easy access to Game and Practice schedule. TheAppalso includes the Kitchen schedule and importantdocuments.
Saratoga Five Points Market 3.1
5 Points Market & Deli lovers willhavemore reason than ever to use the 5 Points Market Mobile App.Theapp provides access to an app loyalty program and get specialsanddiscounts only available in our App. The App also givesyouconvenient and easy access to:Our Complete MenuMonthly App Offers & DiscountsConvenient Quick CallLoyalty RewardsFacebook & MoreEnjoy the convenience & savings of having the Saratoga5Points Market & Deli Mobile App.
Life and Salvation Church 3.1
At Life and Salvation Church our mission istoequip people to encounter: A Passion for God & A LoveforPeople. The Life and Salvation Church Mobile App featuresdynamiccontent, bible study notes, sermons, upcoming events andresourcesto help you stay connected and involved each day.No matter where you are, you can connect with us throughthisapp. Download the Life and Salvation Church App and gain accesstonew features and content as they become available and tobecomepart of the Life and Salvation Church family.We invite you to come experience breakthroughprayers,God-glorifying worship & life changing messages.
Boothbay Harbor Region Chamber 3.1
For over 50 years, the Boothbay Harbor RegionChamber of Commerce has been a 501-C-6 voluntary organization whosemembership is comprised of over 400 business entities and Friendsof the Chamber in the communities of Boothbay, Boothbay Harbor,East Boothbay, Edgecomb, Monhegan, Newcastle, Southport, Westport,Woolwich and Wiscasset. The mission of the Boothbay Harbor RegionChamber of Commerce is to promote a positive business climate byfocusing on advocacy, access and leadership.The chamber’s primary goals are to:1) Bolster local businesses and the communities we serve2) Serve as guardian of the community’s economic well-being3) Advocate on the behalf of the business community4) Promote avenues of tourismIf you are visiting The Boothbay Harbor Region use our MobileApp for convenient access to places to Stay, Eat, Shop, and Thingsto Do. Get local business information including phone number,directions, and web site. Stay connected and view daily events andactivities.
Alexandria Chamber of Commerce 3.1
In late 1906, a group of Alexandria'sbusinessleaders came together with the idea of forming anorganization toassure business standards, to work toward betterbusinessconditions and to serve as an active voice in framingpublicpolicies affecting the business community. That organizationwascalled the Alexandria Chamber of Commerce and pioneered a newformof business representation, advocacy and service.Today, the City of Alexandria is thriving and theAlexandriaChamber of Commerce continues to provide vital servicesto itsmembers and takes the lead in striving to maintain thebalance ofhigh quality of life and economic vitality.
SCC Saints 3.1
Welcome to the Saratoga Central CatholicSaintsMobile App! Here you will find convenient access to the SCCprogramsand events. Stay connected to SCC Saints by downloadingthe mobileapp and receive:- Push Notifications for special announcements, sportsupdates,and more!- Schedules for your favorite SCC Saints athletic teams,performingarts events and other events & activities.We will continually be adding and updating content so makesureto check back often.
The Worldwide Rosary Prayer 3.1
Hello! Bonjour! Welcome to the WorldwideRosaryPrayer Mobile App! My name is Leo Sourisseau. With theWorldwideRosary Mobile app you can Pray the Rosary Step by Step,one prayerat a time, with the Worldwide Rosary Prayer included(just click onthe “Amen” button as you finish each prayer)The app also includes suggested prayer intentions,RosaryQ&A, and Mary's Promises.The power of the rosary is strong, and I believe with thisgiftI’ve been given by the Holy Spirit, we can make it evenstronger byuniting all our prayers of the rosary together. There’sno way Icould keep such a special gift to myself, I have to shareit witheverybody! I can’t force you to believe, of course, but I’msurethat if you do, you will be richly blessed. Thank you andGodBless!
Riverview church of Christ 3.1
Welcome to the official Riverview churchofChrist app.Stay connected with the Riverview church of Christ in Pierre,SD.Our app gives you quick mobile access to content about ourservicetimes, location, and prayer request forms. You may alsoview tractsand articles that teach pertinent lessons that willassist you infinding the truth about the church and salvation, orwatch videosthat do the same. Push notifications will keep youinformed ofimportant announcements, and you may also visit ourFacebookpage.It is our goal to be the salt and light of our community aswepoint others to Christ.
Fall River Area Chamber 3.1
The Fall River Area Chamber of Commerce&Industry is one of the largest and most activenot-for-profitmembership based organizations in New England.The Chamber fulfills its mission of improving the Fall Riverareabusiness climate by offering networking opportunities,referrals,member discounts, advocacy and other uniquebenefits.The Fall River Area Chamber App is a multi-functional tool,thatallows its users to quickly access membership, social media,andevent related information.
Lancaster Catholic High School 3.1
Welcome to the Lancaster Catholic HighSchoolMobile App!Here you will find quick links for any and all informationrelatedto your Crusaders.Stay connected to #CrusaderNation by downloading the mobileapptoday to receive all the following features:• Push notifications for special announcements, sportsupdates,and more!• Schedules for your favorite LCHS athletic teams, fine&performing arts events and other clubs and activities• Updates on special alumni and friends events• Dedicated sections for parents, alumni, donors currentstudentsand prospective studentsWe will continually be adding and updating content so makesureto check back often!
St.Marys Academy Baldwinsville 3.1
St. Mary's Academy is located onthenorth-western edge of Onondaga County in the quaint villageofBaldwinsville. Our school has provided the highestqualityeducational experiences for our students for more than fiftyyears.St. Mary's Academy exists to provide students with thefinestacademic experience in an environment that is faith-filled,withChrist as the center of all we do. Our educational andreligiousprograms are designed to develop the "whole child" and areenrichedwith experiences that foster the growth of life-skills thatarenecessary to be contributing members of our society.Our App contains information to help you stay connected withSMA:Events, School Calendar, Liturgy Schedule, Directory,Newsletter,and more.
Oswego Chamber of Commerce 3.1
The Oswego Chamber Mobile App serves asanexcellent resource for chamber members, our community andvisitors.Get the app and stay connected with Chamber and CommunityEvents,News, and convenient access to places to Shop, Eat, andStay.The Oswego Chamber of Commerce helps businesses learn, growandprosper within our diverse and thriving community. Focused fullyonthe Oswego area, we connect you to the people, eventsandinformation that make our community a rewarding location toofferyour product or service.Mission Statement"The Oswego Chamber of Commerce promotes the growthandprosperity of our members by connecting them toresources,relationships, and value-added benefits to foster asuccessfulbusiness community."
Primo Pizzeria 3.1
Get the Primo Pizza mobile app and earnrewardson purchases, get information on specials, and haveconvenientaccess to our coupons. The app also includes a quickcall for phoneorders and our complete menu.Primo Pizzeria and Italian Specialties, afamily-ownedtraditional pizzeria, opened in 2006 in Ballston Spa.Primo’soffers good, old- fashioned home cooking for areasonableprice.
Greater Olean Area Chamber 3.1
The Greater Olean Area Chamber ofCommercemobile app serves as an excellent resource for chambermembers, ourcommunity, and visitors. Get the app and stay connectedwithchamber and local events, news, and convenient access to placestoShop, Eat, and Stay.Greater Olean Area Chamber of Commerce, the SouthernTier'slargest business organization, is ready to serve you--as italreadydoes some 650+ of your neighbor businesses--with help foryou, yourbusiness and your employees. Greater Olean offers a widemenu ofservices to its members -- and we're always updating oradding tothose benefits.
Infinity Cafe 3.1
Infinity Cafe lovers will have more reasonthanever to use the the Infinity Cafe mobile app. The appprovidesaccess to our loyalty rewards program and you can getdiscounts andspecial offers only available in the the Infinity Cafeapp. The appgives our customers convenient and easy accessto:Our Complete MenuSpecialsCouponsOn-line OrderingAnd More.Enjoy the convenience and savings of having the Infinity CafeMobileApp.
RCCG Victory Temple Laurel 3.1
Welcome to The RCCG Victory TempleLaurelMobile App. The Mission of RCCG Victory Temple Laurel is toequippeople to actualize their God given mandate in all spheresoflife.No matter where you are, you can connect with us through thisapp.Download the Victory Temple Laurel App and gain access toSermons& Sermon Notes, Worship, Bible Studies and more.