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Jungle Adventure for Mario 1.0
Jungle Adventure for Mario is achild'sjourney.You are the first person gaming experience emotional andexciting.Dangerous adventure in the jungle heat with have manypitfalls,monsters, and unexpected situations through each levelthat we havebuilt.Run and jump through 80 classic levels with increasingdifficulty!This game is so addictive you will surely like it. If you're afanof Mario platform game.Mario can use weapons to kill the monster but a weaponhiddensomewhere.**** How to play ****+ Use the button to jump, move and fire+ Search for Weapons in flowers**** Features ****+ So many scenes (forest, frozen, caves, underground trainsworld....)+ Addictive Gameplay
Kong Jungle Adventure 1.0
kong jungle adventure has the essence ofaclassic game that brings back memories of the arcade game weusedto play.Mighty monster has stolen all the fruit from the forest tobecomeimmortal. Kong tried to take back the fruits to life intheforest.Kong, fearless adventurer us along with bullion loyal pets setoutto bring all the fruit back to breathe new life into hishomeground.Finding amazing new capabilities Kong.• Kong can evolve, jump, swim and throw rocks.• Now he can take, throwing and sliding.• She could take a pet to help him in his journey.features:+ Gameplay epic Classical+ Funny and beautiful graphics+ Easy and intuitive controls+ The ability to double jump+ More than+ 80 unique levels+ Suitable for all ages