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Harveys 1.402
We are taking our long history of serving great tasting burgers toCanadians forward by providing you with our new mobile app. Ourrecipes have stayed the same and delicious as ever, but now we giveyou a convenient way to stay connected with Harvey's, our mobileapp!You can still get your burger made the way you want it, but nowyou have the convenience of receiving our frequent discounts andcoupon incentives through the Harvey's mobile app. Now that istruly a beautiful thing.
Advanced Massage 4.0.2
Advanced Massage Therapy is now ready to serveyour needs with our new mobile app! We are Registered MassageTherapists who specialize in Deep Tissue Massage and we do directBilling to major insurance companies.Save money with our "in app" coupon incentives because and weare Open 7 days a week, including holidays. This ensures that weare available for your massage therapy needs at all times.Come let one of our Winnipeg Massage Therapists’ help promoteyour healing when dealing with an injury, or simply to maintain ahealthy lifestyle.Advanced Massage Therapy is located in Tuxedo, we have amplefree parking, and are wheelchair accessible. At Advanced MassageTherapy we take pride in our work, and continually educateourselves, so that we can bring you the latest pain and injurytreatments.Choose to allow PUSH messages from our app when you download sothat you can stay updated about our special money savingpromotions! Enjoy!*Save money with in-app coupon incentives*Quick contact features*Book an appointment directly through the app*Get guided GPS directions to our locations*Share your good experience on our community board
Atkinson Inc 4.0.3
Atkinson Inc proprietors have 20+ years ofcollective experience providing communities with specializedservices. We supply customers with Term Life, Whole LifeSimplified Issue Whole Life, Final Expense Insurance, UniversalLife, and Medicare Supplement Insurance.We also provide cutting edge small business solutions such asmobile websites, logo design, flyer design, YouTube commercials,and mobile applications.Get your family security and business growth needs met here inour cutting edge mobile application.We also provide networking opportunities with other professionalservice providers, and there are advertising opportunitiesavailable upon request. Contact us at Gomcsolutions@gmail.com orcall 1-800-354-4155.-Get free quotes-Fast and convenient service-Experienced service providers-Receive business success tips-Acquire money management knowledge
Canadian Barter System 1.408
Canadian Barter System Mobile AppCanadian Barter System is happy to announce the launch of ournew IPhone and Android app! Now you can instantly stay up to datewith CBS and all the great products and companies available ontrade and more!Canadian Barter System, celebrating our 16th successful year,has grown to become Manitoba’s largest and most establishedmulti-directional trade exchange. We have built a solid reputationfor our fair, creative and effective trading practices. Ouraccomplishments have resulted from the successful partnerships thatwe have built between our clients and our professional tradebrokers.Your personal broker works closely with you assisting tomaximize the benefits of barter from our business-to-businessexchange, helping you to generate new business, increase yourmargins, or liquidate stock, fast.Over $75 million worth of products and services TRADED;everything from renovations, vacation getaways, auto repairs,employee incentives, dining, and so much more! All this was madepossible by the vast network of our organized, multi-directionaltrade exchange.Take advantage of this powerful business tool and join thethousands of companies that have discovered barter. Let us open thedoor to a whole new market. We have business waiting for you.Application Tips:When opening the application, you are asked to allow “pushnotifications”. We suggest you say “yes” so you can stay informedwith what’s new and available at CBS!
Calvary Temple Winnipeg 1.403
Welcome to the Calvary Temple Winnipeg app. Itis designed to keep you current and up to date with all of thehappenings and the many ministries of CTWinnipeg. We've alsoincluded a photo gallery for you to view and to post your ownphotos of ministry events and occasions to share with others. Usethe prayer wall to let us and other users know how we can pray foryou and tell us again when God has answered those prayers. We havealso included ways for you to connect with us via Twitter andFacebook. We really do want to keep you as well informed as wepossibly can. You can access our 1.Interactive Prayer Wall 2.Detailed Photo Gallery 3. Social Networking Features 4. Watch ourYouTube videos 5. Get Gps directions to Calvary Temple fromanywhere in the world. Enjoy the app and as always we value yourfeedback.
Finish First 1.404
Finish First is going mobile with our very ownsmartphone app. This will keep our members up to date on all FFFnews while making it easier to stay connected.Our dedicated and enthusiastic life coaches administer numerousrecreation and leisure programs, while providing additionalactivities geared specifically to youth sport and theirparents.We want the community to stay informed about upcoming events and wewant to share success stories with all of our members. Our app alsomakes it simple to find important scheduled dates, contactinformation, and email addresses while on the go. This creates asimple channel for people to give suggestions and let us know howyour living. From photo galleries to newsletters and even a fanblog this app is designed for you to connect with us!We want to hear what you think and take your suggestions to betterour program and allow you to excel to become the best athlete youcan be. So don't be a joe, train with the pros where “HardWorkBeats Talent”*Stay updated with our training schedule*Register for training programs*See our community involvement activities*Share your success stories*Save time with our quick contact features
Unity Temple Benton Harbor 1.399
Welcome to the Unity Temple Benton Harborsmartphone app. It is designed to keep you current and up to datewith all of the happenings and the many ministries of Unity Temple.We’ve also included a photo gallery for you to view and to postyour own photos of ministry events and occasions to share withothers. Use the prayer wall to let us and other users know how wecan pray for you and tell us again when God has answered thoseprayers. We have also included ways for you to connect with us viaour social networking features including Facebook. We really dowant to keep you as well informed as we possibly can. Enjoy the appand as always we value your feedback.See our*Event calendar*Interactive Prayer Wall*Detailed Photo Gallery*Social Networking Features*Get Gps directions to Unity Temple Benton Harbor from anywhere inthe world
Artists Emporium Art Educators 4.0.2
“Welcome to the Artists Emporium Art Educatorsapp created exclusively for the Art Teacher on the go. Our easy touse app allows you to take advantage of Special Year Round pricingas well as Special Limited Time offers…and that’s just thebeginning.”Choose to allow PUSH messages from our app so that you can stayupdated about our Special Money Saving Promotions.-A New and Exciting Products tab-Interactive teachers chat wall-Event calendar for teacher only product demonstrations-Make sure you allow PUSH notifications so you can receiveupdates
Maples Community Center 1.399
The Maples Recreation Association Inc,(M.R.A.I.) for more than 40 Years Serving the Maples Community isgoing mobile with our own smartphone app. This will help serve ourcommunity better.We’re more than just kid’s sports; we’re the heart of yourcommunity, providing a safe and inclusive meeting place for theneighborhood of all ages! Our dedicated and enthusiastic volunteersadminister numerous youth sports, recreation and leisure programs,while providing additional activities geared specifically to adultsand seniors. Our aim is to make everyone feel welcomed andhonoured!Our app allows our audience to catch up on the latest activitiesat the centre in their spare time. It creates a simple channel forpeople to give suggestions and let us know what you're thinking.Our app also makes it simple to find important scheduled dates,contact information, and email addresses while on the go.This app will help us to make memories that will last alifetime.Go Monarchs!*See our community calendar to stay updated about events*Sign up for programs in the app*Register for hall rentals*Get GPS directions to our location from anywhere in theworld*Post updates on our fanwall to share with the wholecommunity*Engage with our social networking features
Carlos Murphys 1.163
Carlos & Murphy's ideally capturestheMexican resort experience: wood-planked deck, lime-spikedCorona,world infamous nachos, wings and an array of yummy Mexicandishes.Your experience will transcend meeting, eating and drinking.We'llkeep you warm during the winter months in our comfortableandcasual atmosphere... but when the temperature rises, our patioisthe place to be and be seen!
Kalamazoo Favorites 4.1.2
The Kalamazoo Favorites Mobile App is avirtualcoupon book for your phone. It is the best way to help yousavemoney at all of your Favorite businesses in Kalamazooandsurrounding areas. Stay up to date with as our app is updatedoftenand we are open to your suggestions. We are a one stopshoppingguide of the city and our goal is to make everyday livingandvisiting to the city of Kalamazoo a money saving, feelgoodexperience.Application Tips: When opening the application, you are askedtoallow “push notifications”. We suggest you say “yes” so youcanstay informed with what’s new and valuable for you in theKalamazooFavorites app!Get exclusive coupon savings at local businesses onyourphoneStay up to date with new savings which are added oftenPost and read other peoples feedback about greatcustomerexperiencesDiscover rewards and more coupons with frequent usageShare your photos of your experiences with our socialnetworkingfeaturesGet updates on local restaurants, barber and hairstylingservices, massage therapists, auto mechanics, entertainmentvenues,and so much more!
South China Kalamazoo 1.402
Welcome to the South China Kalamazoomobileapp, your #1 resource for discounts, special offers andcustomerperks on the best Chinese food around! Come enjoy somefresh,hand-made egg rolls or crab-meat ran-goons, one of yourfavoritemade-to-order chicken, beef, shrimp or pork entrees or someof theBEST hot & sour soup in town! These are just a few ofthenumerous items you can choose from off our newly revampedfullmenu!Use our app to guide your taste buds to the freshest, mostdeliciousChinese food in all of Michigan. A pleasant surprise isin store foryou with our generous portions, reasonable prices andnewlyrenovated establishment. Our fun and attentive staff willensure youenjoy your "home style" Chinese dining experience."True Wisdom is found in Happiness"...Come find YOUR WisdomatSouth China Kalamazoo. We look forward to serving you.Marti Kuan
Community Voices West Michigan 1.400
Tired of seeing the local news and notseeingany local people, places or positive news? Well, CommunityVoicesapp is designed to keep you informed with positive newsandentertainment features which inspire the multicultural communityofWest Michigan. Our app allows you to view news, photo gallery,andhappenings as well as submit your own feature stories,events,YouTube videos, and photos to share with our West Michiganviewersonline. In addition, our quarterly print magazine providesmoreprofiles and feature stories on inspiring people ofdiversebackground. Our mission is to provide you with the "goodnews" ofwhat goes on in our communities. Get back to the positive.Checkout Community Voices!*See positive news updates*Interact with our publication through social media*Send us your real time photo news and features*Watch our Youtube interviews*Support Michigan leaders who focus on positive outcomes forourcommunity
Manitoba Socials 4.0.3
This app is a unique resource guide on howtoproperly operate a Social in the province of Manitoba.Weddingsocials are the most common type of social but there aremany othertypes of socials. The wedding socials are parties thrownby thebride and groom to raise money for their wedding. People cometothe social to support the couple by buying tickets forentry,tickets to win prizes, and tickets for adult beverages. Thereare100's of community centers, DJ's, and food catering servicesthattake part in the success of these socials. This app helps youtoconnect with all the different service providers and guide youwithhelpful information to conduct a social properly (keep in mindthatthe government controls the rules of the socials, especiallythealcohol).We also provide a way for you to save money on booking youreventwith our coupon incentives. Enjoy!*Find where to conduct your Social*Connect with DJ's to entertain your social guests*Keep updated with the social rule changes*Save money on rentals and vendors*Share your happy moments in our photo gallery
Dhoom Restaurant and Lounge 4.0.2
Welcome to Dhoom Indo-Canadian restaurant&lounge mobile app! We are located on the corner of Donald andYorkin downtown Winnipeg. We serve both East Indian andCanadianfavourite foods. Our restaurant is a combination of buffetand afull menu which includes appetizers,a kids menu, and mixeddrinkselections.The buffet is more East-Indian, and comes with complementaryNaanbread (Lunch buffet from 11am-3:30pm and dinner buffet isfrom5-9pm). Our lounge's includes 5 LED 42" TV's, with aclassy-casualfeel, and is made up of tables, bar stools andcomfortable deepclub chairs. We serve to families, dates, businessmeetings,get-together's, etc.Our app contains special coupon incentives and loyaltyrewardfeatures. Make sure you say "YES" to accepting our PUSHmessages sowe can keep you updated with what's new.*Book a reservation*Get coupon incentives*Save with Loyalty Rewards*Get updates of special events and celebrity guests*Get GPS directions to our location*Get free on site parking
Paternity Testing CTRS Canada 4.1.2
We are a 100% Canadian owned company trustedbymany legal firms and social service agencies whom rely ontheprofessionalism and integrity of our work.We offer personalized service and flexible work hours. Sinceweare based in Canada and serve all of Canada, we haveveryaffordable prices. All communications including the testresultswith Paternity Testing Centers of Canada are treated withstrictconfidentiality to ensure only our clients receive theinformationabout the tests performed.Welcome to our mobile app that will help to keep youconnectedand make serving your needs simple.Get FREE information about your DNA samplesSave money with our in-app discountFind reputable lawyers for legal adviceGet automatically get listed in our app as a service providerUse our app with strict confidentialitySupport a Canadian and owned and operated business
Stephanie Renee's 4.4.1
Stephanie Renee's Salon offers premierbeautytreatment services in Kalamazoo, MI. Whether you want toenhanceyour natural beauty or just escape from the trials of a longday.At Stephanie Renee's Salon we believe in having the mosthighlyskilled professional beauty specialists we can find.Our friendly and informative approach to beauty is the hallmarkofour service and Our mobile app is a reflection of our commitmenttoserving a progressive Kalamazoo community.-Book appointments-Connect with our social media-Post reviews-Share with friends-Get loyalty rewards
Meet Kalamazoo 4.5.6
Find, buy & sell and network with local Kalamazoobusinesses.You can view and give real time feedback about yourexperiences inthe city. It's Kalamazoo's own Social Media platform.There will bemonthly FREE giveaways also, including giftcertificates, freefood, cash prizes and more. Feel free to postyour items to sell,book appointments with local salon stylists andbarbers, and otherservice providers. Application Tips: When openingthe application,you are asked to allow “push notifications”. Wesuggest you say“yes” so you can stay informed with what’s new andexciting in theapp.