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Go4d VR SpaceShip 0.92
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Go4d Virtual Reality( VR ) GameExperience the 3D VR SpaceShip.Work with Go4D VR Head set, Google Cardboard, Oculus rift,samsung Gear VR, Dive, goggleech C1-Glass.There are 10 health boxes that you can find.Each health boxes will get you extra 30 seconds to explore aroundthe spaceship.So go collect the boxes before your time runs out!If you have a HMD, this is a very cool demo shows about VR. It'sa simple game that has you wandering around a futuristic sciencefction space outpost in search of geen health-box to extend yourtime.You can look down yor foot by moving your head look down and watchfront to start walking.In oder to stop,also look down to stop and you can look aroundspaceship.after user cross over 8/10 boxe, it will say that the captain isready to jump.Please go to down stairs and stand on one of potal lift.Soon next version will lead you to futristic City.The environment is detailed and fun to explore, even if this isopposes the main feature of the game, it toggles walking by lookingat down directly below Watching your foot to toggle activatewalking or stop.Please use display panel higher than 1920x1080.LG optimus G3 has QHD (2560x1440) best quality.This app was tested using Go4D VR HMD (Head MounedDisplay) setsfrom a South Korean company, Goggletech, Inc.If you are interested in HMD, please visit www.goggletech.com orwww.goggletech.net.Feel free to contact [email protected] for more informationCopy rights by Go4d Technoloy Corp. 2014, 2015(c)Go4D (tm) is Trade Mark of Go4D technology Corp.
Go4D VR Camcorder 1.1
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Go4d Technology Corp.This app enables external camera to take videos in real time byside by side.Double tap the screen to toggle recording or stop.User can change the resolution.This is only demo version.Please do not walk around while you are wearing head mount set.Copy rights by Go4d Technoloy Corp. 2014, 2015(c)Go4D (tm) is Trade Mark of Go4D technology Corp.