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Start, manage, or donate to a campaign with the GoFundMe app. Morepowerful than ever, the GoFundMe app helps you raise money foryourself, others, and charities. You can launch and manage acampaign from start to finish—as well as find causes to support.FOR CAMPAIGN ORGANIZERS: Create a fundraising campaign quickly andeasily. Tell your story with photos, and start accepting donationsin minutes. Share your campaign on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter,email or text message. Get notified each time someone donates andsee how close you are to reaching your goal. Keep supporters in theloop. Send updates to Facebook, Twitter and email contacts. Sendpersonalized thank-you notes right from the app. Transfer funds toyour bank account or send them to someone else. FOR SUPPORTERS:Donate to campaigns directly from the app. Search for causes tosupport that matter to you. Discover incredible stories of peoplemaking a difference.