God Apps

Flick my Balls: Soccer King 1.0
Flick my Balls! The new hit game to test your accuracy and jugglingsoccer ball skills. Even increase the speed to test your limits.
Can't Stump the Trump 1
Can't Stump the Trump: Mexico WallEditionBump the Trump and get Stumps
God Reacts 3.0
Do you have any unanswered questions? Did you ever want to ask Godabout those questions? Here is your chance.This app delivers yourmessage to God and gets a response!Write a question and just clickthe checkbox in case you need a response.Motivation will help youin achieving much more in life.What you can do with it:This apphelps you deliver messages/prayers to God. You can send unlimitedprayers daily and get the catalogue for each prayer you send.Thereis an option where you can ask God for a response! Ask Godquestions whatever it may be. Or whenever you are in a need andwish someone to answer your questions. We all go through hardtimes.You need to wait for your response. You will be notified eachtime the God answers.The app also updates itself with newinspirational quotes. It’s your only chance to have a wonderfulexperience.