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Brain Games 6.7
**** MULTIPLAYER MODE **** - Play in real time against people fromall over the world. Your brain also needs exercise to stay fit!!With this application you can improve your short-term memory,visual memory, concentration, speed, calculation, reasoning...Train to improve your results !! Brain Games consists of 32 gamesthat will train the math, memory, logic and observation. Do thetest to find out what your skills and compare them with friends andpeople around the world. Practice tests for a few minutes a day forbest results. This is a game for both children and adults of allages. Try to unlock all the achievements of the application Connectwith Google Play Games and compete against people from around theworld!! Available languages: - Spanish - English - French - Italian- Portuguese - Chinese - Japanese - Korean
The Best Brain Training 4.3
Godline Studios
Brain training helps the player evaluate the following skills:calculus, memory, analysis, sharpness and perception. Exercise yourbrain with entertaining games and improve your mental capacities!!!Test your brain few minutes a day for better results. This is asuitable game for both children and adults alike. **** MULTIPLAYERMODE **** - Play in real time against people from all over theworld. Connect to Google Play Games and compete with people aroundthe world!!!! Available languages: - Spanish - English - French -Italian - Portuguese - Chinese - Japanese - Korean
godlinestudios.sudoku 2.4
Sudoku is an addictive game where you have to solve logic puzzleswith different levels. Try to get all the stars solving sudokus inthe shortest time possible. Complete the 4 levels of difficultywith 100 sudokus each accumulating as many points as you can. Itoffers hints and tips for beginners, but when you go increasinglevel sudokus become a real challenge. Customize to your liking byselecting the background music or changing the options of the gameboard. Connect to Google Play Games and compare scores with therest of the world !! Languages: - English - Spanish - French -Italian - Portuguese
Math Games 2.7
Improve your math skills with this application. Fun games that willbe a challenge and at the same time you will see how your resultsimprove, you can also compare your scores with the rest of theworld. You can also configure a game as you want to practice whatyou like or have more difficulties (addition, subtraction,multiplication, division, exponents, square root ...) Practice fora few minutes a day to get better results. Play with another friendin 2 player mode or compete online against people from all over theworld! Languages available: - Spanish - English - French - Italian- Portuguese - Chinese - Japanese - Korean
Einstein's secret book 2.6
Einstein's secret book is an app that reviews the events of thelife of Albert Einstein, as well as his achievements as a scientistThe book is divided in several chapters and each one of them coversa different topic. You will be faced with different tests that willchallenge your knowledge in music, geography, the universe, famousinventors... as well as your logic, dexterity, memory... A set oftests, where you will have to use all your potential to completethe book. The user will also learn interesting things aboutEinstein's life and curious facts, related to the content of thetests. It is a complex game, that not everybody is able tosuccesfully complete. Do you want to try? Available languages: -Spanish - English - French - Italian - Portuguese - Chinese -Japanese - Korean