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DogScroll - Dog Training Diary
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DogScroll is a Dog diary with special focus on dog training for oneor more dogs. DogScroll is in active use by hobbyists and servicedog trainers around the world. DogScroll is always with you to planand record your dog training activity, to analyze your progress,and to keep you on track with your dogs' training and health. Yourdog’s image and key information are easily available, as well asall show and trial results. The versatile DogScroll app can be usedas a tool for instructing a competitive training group withnumerous dogs just as well as for training a pet for good dogmanners. DogScroll is designed to function as a training diary withprogress follow-up and useful reminders. You name the sport ortask, set the goal, and DogScroll will show ups and downs allowingyou to see the big picture of your training at any time. Enjoy theconvenience of having your dog’s data with you in training, inshows, or at the vet’s. If you have many dogs, an easy access toe.g. dates of birth, registrations, or vaccinations is a must. Keepimportant papers in a safe place unless you really have to presentthem. The DogScroll app was created based on a successful traininglog and analysis method for working dogs. At the same time, itmeets the everyday needs of any dog owner. DogScroll helps you as adog owner, dog sports enthusiast, breeder, training director, orservice dog trainer. Work goal-oriented, understand how your doglearns, fine-tune your training, and see how you and your dog areprogressing. • store all our dog’s key information • define yourown activities and goals • plan and record training activitiesincluding conditions and results • record achievements • keep trackof health issues • set calendar reminders e.g. for scheduled vetvisits