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Whoscall – The best caller ID and block App 6.23
Whoscall has more than 65 million downloads and 1 billion numbersfrom the global community. Know who's calling immediately so thatyou can pick up important calls and blocks annoying calls. Chooseyour callers! ★Recognized as one of Google Play the most popularAPP in Taiwan for five years★ ★Rewarded as Google 2013, 2015 &2016 the best app★ ★Rewarded as Google 2013 Innovation Award★★Recognized as Top 10 Innovated App in Taiwan by TechinAsia★★Official partner with Taiwan National Police Administration★【Release Note】 According to Google Android Oreo's policy, we areobligated to show the service status in the notification channelwhen the service is running in the background. You can go tosettings to hide the alert and keep the service working. If yourdevice is Android 8.0/8.1 system, after you switch off theforeground service alert, you will still see Android system alert.【Key Features】 ▶ Identify unknown calls Know who's calling and pickup important calls only. ▶ Block spam calls Block specific phonenumbers and enjoy the uninterrupted quality time. ▶ Unknown numberssearch Track unknown phone numbers. ▶ Offline database Identifycallers without internet access. 【 Whoscall Premium】 ▶ OfflineDatabase Extension Get premium offline database, totally controlyour callers. ▶ Auto-update Auto-update offline database. ▶ Ad-freeRemove all ads and enjoy the purest experience. -------------------*Offline database is available in Taiwan, Korea, Hong Kong, Japan,Thailand, Malaysia, Brazil, USA, India&Indonesia ...etc. *Up toAndroid 6.0 versions request permission on SMS, Phone, Contacts andDraw over other apps. * Whoscall is always looking forward tohearing from you! Should you have any inquiry or suggestion, pleasereach us at [email protected]
Whoscall Wear - Android wear 1.2.2
Who Wear now supports more smartwatch than ever!- Android Weardevices- webOS devices like LG watch Urbane LTEKnow who is callingyou before you even answer it!Whoscall can even identify if thecall is a telephone marketing or unwanted call! The best app foridentifying calls now on your smart watch! ▷ Amazing features ◁ 1.Identify unwanted calls - Annoying telephone marketing calls orspam messages! As soon as your phone rings, Whoscall canimmediately let you know who the caller is Now, it can even be usedwith your smartwatch. 2. Global coverage­ - Who Wear uses the samedatabase as Whoscall - Astonishing database over 700 million globalphone numbers 3. Caller ID from Whoscall database as well asinformation shared between users - Report phone numbers and createa reliable communication network for everyone ▷ Check list ◁Unlikeprevious versions, Who Wear functions independently withoutWhoscallWhoscall and Who Wear can co-exist* To install Whoscall :http://bit.ly/1bXFl7d▷ System requirements ◁(1) Android v4.3 orabove(2) Lastest Android Wear or Watch Manager (for LG watch UrbaneLTE)(3) Stable internet connection(4) Smartwatch connected to yoursmartphone*** May encounter problems with some HTC mobile phones.*** For LG watch Urbane LTE, if you want to use whoscall together,please install latest version on your phone*** Optimized for thefollowing devices:- Android Wear : LG G watch Samsung Gear Live-webOS : LG watch Urbane LTE
Call Defender 7.1.2
Call Defender ( aka Studio Kuma Call Filter ) is a FREE spam callblocking app that can protect you against annoying spam calls,helping millions of users. Just turn ON "Spam Number Block" whenyou need to avoid them and enjoy spam free life! Call Defenderprovides the simplest way to block unwanted calls and protect yourprivacy with ease. Call defender also lets you know CallerIdentification using our comprehensive global database with over600 million numbers. PLUS! With all new Point System, you use getCall Defender Pro for FREE. ► Block unwanted spam callsautomatically ► Find out Caller ID from unknown phone numbers ► UsePro version for FREE with Point System ► Advanced settings foradvanced users ► Search spam number database ► Get Daily CallReport for any blocked / missed calls ► Do not be disturbed by anycalls using Quiet Mode If you have any questions, please feel freeto contact us via [Menu > About > Contact us] or mail([email protected]). Note • To make sure Call Defender worksproperly, please load the app at least once after installation. •If you are using optimization software, make sure to put CallDefender as trusted app. • From Android OS 4.4 or above, SMS cannotbe blocked due to system limitation. • Network connection isrequired for database download or caller ID feature • Devices usingunofficial Android framewwork may have compatibility issues.
Whoscall SMS-Message ID &Block 1.0.5
Whoscall SMS is brought to you by the award winning Gogolook team,the developer of Whoscall app. With a global database of over 700million phone numbers entries, Whoscall SMS helps to effectivelyidentify unknown message senders, filter out and block unwantedmessages. Key features:• Message sender identificationIdentify IDof unknown message sender.• Block unwanted messagesFilter out andblock unwanted messages from phone numbers or contacts of yourchoice.• Store and manage blocked messages in oneplaceAutomatically store blocked messages to a separate folder foreasy lookup. • Database with over 700 million phone numbers:With aglobal database of over 700 million phone numbers entries, WhoscallSMS helps to effectively identify unknown message senders.•Starting from Android 4.4, Google has prohibited applications toperform certain functions such as send messages and block messagenotifications. Please set Whoscall SMS as your default message appin order to enable all functions provided by this app.
Whoscall Lite 2.1.1
Whoscall, the best caller ID App that identify unknown calls, andavoid annoying spam calls, robocall & telemarketing with morethan 50 million downloads and over 1 billion numbers data (incl.yellow page, website info as well as public information) fromglobal community. Key FeaturesCALLER IDNo more guessing! Be incontrol! Whoscall specialized in identifying unknown incoming callsand avoid annoying spam calls. You could know who is callingimmediately as well as decide the needs to return the call once bynumber search.[Identify unknown calls]Pick up Important callsonlyCOMPACT SIZEFast and simple, it is only 30% of the original appsize------------------Whoscall is always looking forward to hearingfrom you!Should you have any inquiry or suggestion, please reach usat [email protected]