Gold Cup Games Apps

Cat Clash 8
Cat Clash Keera's Pishdi is a arcade stylecardgame.Match the card on the table with the one in your hand towin.Jack card is a special card which doesn't need to match thetabletop card.If there's only one card on the table and you have amatchingcard, you can do a "Pishdi" and unlock the bonus game.
Cassette Chess 3
Cassette tapes were common place back intheday, like on Atari and Spectrum computer systems.Cassette Chess recreates those nostalgic gameplayandgraphics.Enjoy some retro cassette loading chess action!
Pirate Software 0.33.2
In Pirate Software you must collect GoldSkullsby completing time-based trials.Progress your way across the Pirate Ship to see if you havethespeed and timing of a true Pirate...Play variety a of challenges; from racing, feedingparrots,climbing the ship's mast to walking the plank, pickingteeth anddefending your pirate ship against sharks!Pirate Software is continously being updated and new featuresaremade available on Google Play.
Supply Plane 31
The year is 1977.After 5 years of fighting in the jungles of Kongmann, many ofourforces including Supply Plane Delivery Personnel (S.P.D.P.)havebeen taken out of service.Most supply routes have been cut and our supply planes aredown.Our troops are facing a major threat from Dark King forcesclosingin on them.We need a brave new pilot to deliver supplies to our soldiersonthe ground.You are the only pilot remaining, it’s up to you now! Goforthand resupply our troops and let’s show Dark King the truepower ofGood.