GoldStone Studio Apps

Candy Pop Blitz 4.89.03
Candy Pop Blitz is a cool eliminate game. The rule is simple, tapcandy pop star is selected, tap them again , they will eliminate.Features, ***Endless model and Levels Model for you; ***Cool candypop star, they can chat likely; ***Cool Sound; ***Cool action;***Drops for you; ***Cool particle; ***Share it with others.
Hit Fruits 4.89.03
Hit Fruits is a cool traditional eliminate game, tap the Yum fruitsto gain the score. When you win, you will get additional reward.When you are in stuck, you can change a prop from the leader tohelp you. Tapping it free now. Features, ***Yum fruits; ***Levelrecorded; ***Cool UI; ***Props; ***Nice Sound; ***Suitable for allages; ***Share it.
Dots Blitz 1.0
Dots Blitz is an eliminate game, Linking thesame color dot, at least 2 dots, it will match to eliminate;Feature;**Real level recorded;**Drops is here for you;**Pretty UI;**Cool Sound effect;**Lovely animation;**Suitable for all ages;**Share it with your friends.
Sloty 2 4.801
**$$$$$$$$ All coins in app are FREE $$$$$$$$** **All levels areFREE**Sloty 2 is a slot machine app. It is the enhanced Ver ofsloty. Enjoy the different slot journey. Now, tap it for spinning!Features, ***You can enjoy the different local conditions,customs,and scenery around the world, when you experience the slot;***Sound effect control; ***Each station has different spinningexperience because of the symbols; ***Big bonus(jackpot) and bonusgame supplied; ***Free spin supplied; ***You can get the unexpectedantiques; ***Support Android 2.2, 2.3, 4.0, 4.1, ....***Share itwith you friends and family by Email, etc. How to do? ***At first,open the first area(North America), the first station wasWashington, and the final station was Las Vegas; ***Collect thebonus coins in the first page; ***You can get the EXP(stars) byspinning; ***Got enough stars, the next station will be opened;***Got enough EXP, more paylines will be unlocked too. Thanks allfor your supports!!!
Sweet Glow Link 4.89.03
Sweet Glow Link is a classic flow game, but it is especial, whenyou link the same candies, the line will become a candy flow, it isfunny! Got it Free! Feature, ***5 Models are here for you;***Delicious candies; ***Nice sound; ***Sweet UI; ***Suitable forall ages; ***Share it;
Candy Fire 4.13.02
Candy Fire is an eliminate and Strategy game, Each candycorresponds one type monster. The monster will destroy you too.When you defeat the monster, it will become yours and belong toyou. The monster can be upgraded. Use your candies supplying yourmonsters to defeat the enemies, fight Now!!! Features, **All levelsare Free, **Colorful Candies, **Cool Monsters, **Battle system,**Cool particle, **Sound, **Special efficiency, **Share it withothers. If you have idea about it, you can feedback to us, we areappreciated to it!!! Thanks all for support!!!
Ace Bubble Dots 4.89.03
Ace Bubble Dots is an easy but challenge game. In the limited time,Clear enough dots to pass the level. Features, ***Props for you;***Level recorded; ***Really Challenge; ***Colorful bubble dots arehere for you; ***Cool sound; ***Cool action; ***Share it
Plants Move 4.89.03
Plants Move is a simple match game, you can see the plant pops,they are attractive; 3 or more plant pops match can eliminate, therule is simple. Features **All ages can use; **Much more cute bar;**Prop; **Cool sound and UI; **Share it;
Crazy Step 4.89.03
Crazy Step is a casual puzzle game. The rule is simple, just don'ttouch the appointed tile, like white, etc;It is easy to play,everyone can handle it, but not everyone can control it very well,how about you?Features;***Much more models for you to selectaccording to your interest;***Easy to play but hard to handlewell;***Suitable for all ages;***Simple but classical;***Share it.
Catch Naughty Fishes 4.89.03
Catch Naughty Fishes is a action game, you could use the lightningto catch the naughty fishes, these fishes are varying, they canchange bigger, they can change from 1 to 2 fishes, and they willspeed up. At the same time, the barriers suddenly appearing willgive you a surprise. Now, come and catch these colorful naughtyfishes. Feature, ***Map; ***Props will help you catch more fishes;***Prop fish also can give you a surprise; ***Cute fishes;***Different fish farm; ***Nice Sound; ***Suitable for all ages;***Share it;
Ace MeMe Link 4.89.03
Ace Meme Link is an addictive link game, that is to say a lian liankan game. The Meme is making faces to you, Matching them now!Features, ***Cute meme; ***Suitable for all ages; ***Differentlevels grade; ***Drops for you if you are in trouble; ***share it;
Star Sign Crush Legend 4.89.03
Star Sign Crush Legend has simply rule but is very funnyelimination game. Gentle tapping the screen by your finger, enjoythe fun of eliminating star signs. Eliminate them Free!!! Features,***Normal Model has level record, gain the target score in thecurrent chess to pass the level; ***Endless model, in the limitedtime, gain much more score; ***Leader board for you in endlessmodel; ***Powerful Drops; ***Special efficiency; ***12 star signs;***Share it with your friends. If you have idea about it, you canfeedback to us, we are appreciated to it!!! Thanks all forsupport!!!
Candy Tap 4.89.03
Candy tap is cool traditional eliminate game, tap the same candy togain the score. When you win, you will get additional candy as areward. Tap it free now. Features, ***Cool candy; ***Level record;***Cool UI; ***Drops; ***Score; ***Suitable for all ages; ***Shareit.
Doodle Star Digger 4.89.03
After Fruit Saga, Candy Heroes Story, comes Doodle Star Digger.Doodle Star Digger is a relaxing game, similar to 3 match, but italso can be eliminated only two match. Tap the Star block, theywill be crushed, and if they are near to the clod, the mud will becleared too. The goal is to dig the soil to gain the Treasures orhigh score. You can choose different difficuty, enjoy the fun ofdigging! Maybe, you would be the Shovel Heroes and give us a digstory! Let's click the flappy star block! Features --Difficultysetting; --Props are here; --Cool effect; --Map; --Successrecorded; --Share it; Thanks for your support and feedback!
Brick Clear Storm 4.89.03
Brick Clear Storm is a casual game.The rule is simple, tap thebricks they will be smashed if three or more.Just click thechessboard to gain high score!Features,***Free to play;***Propsgive much more funny;***Additional reward;***Suitable for allages;***Share it.
Laser Saga 4.89.03
**$$$$$$$$ All coins in app are FREE $$$$$$$$** **All levels areFREE**Laser Saga is a game about laser. Let the laser across allthe holes as fast as you can. Thanks all for supports!!!