GolfLogix Golf GPS Apps

com.golflogix.ui 9.5.0
New for 2019, the GolfLogix app now reads your putts and shows youexactly where to aim them, displays 3D greens on approach shots soyou know how your ball will roll when landing on the green, andgives you precise GPS distances on every tee! GolfLogix is so easy,fast and fun to use on the course that it seamlessly blends withall of your normal golfing routines. Experience this groundbreakingtechnology to help you shoot lower scores. There is even an optionto turn-off the Putt Line when playing in USGA sanctioned events.Golfers around the world have trusted GolfLogix for exact GPSdistances, full-color 3D course maps, 4-player scoring, pro-levelstats and handicap tracking and now they can all see exactly whereto aim their putts. Install it now and try the next two rounds forFREE. GolfLogix has mapped over 35,000 courses worldwide for GPSdistances with highly-accurate 3D green maps that show you where toplace your approach shots and how your putts will break on over12,000 courses. It’s like having a professional caddy with you atall times to help you manage your game and shave strokes off yourscore!