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Enjoy this funny prank as soon as possible, everyone enjoys a goodprank, who doesn't like to fool his friends.This is a prank appthat can be used on a friend, family member, or on whoever youwish.We are certain that you'll have loads of fun using this app,as much as we enjoyed creating it for you.Just give the phone tothe unsuspecting person and get ready for a good laugh.leave yourphone unattended and see how this app will make your friends laughto tearsSo, If you have friends or family members you wish to pulljokes with, now you have a chance to do so with this simple andeasy to use app. only a few clicks away from a good old laughter.Enjoy a clean user interface, very easy to follow and use. With afast and smooth experience, this app is free and has an easy to useuser interface. Just tap and start – with no grueling explanationsor tutorials. Have fun using this app today, we thank you forgetting the time to download it. This app is great for people thatseldom use practical jokes and can enjoy fun new laughtermethodsSuitable for variety of occasions – you call the shots.Start fooling your friends, this app can be a blast. You can use itin variety of occasions – may it be social gatherings or even moreserious staff meetings. Go ahead and break the ice with a joke theywon't forget.If you have any improvements that you wish to see, goahead and contact our team, we will be happy to assist you. So,have fun, free of charge, only the best for our users!