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Answer fake call 4.0
The most realistic and reliable fake phone call which will alwayshelp you in unpleasant situations and unwanted meetings! You canset up who and when will call to you. configure your fake call andwait for it at exact time from the exact caller.'Answer fake call'is a useful tool when you want to get incoming call to avoid ameeting or uncomfortable situations. Everyone around you will thinkthat you really have incoming call so you have to leave the meetingto answer it. Why people will think that? Because our app usesoriginal ringtone, it looks like an original calling screen and youcan record the voice of the fake caller!How to fool friends?1.Setup fake caller ID and photo. Record his voice which will beplayed in phone speaker after the receiving a call,2. Choose timedelay and other settings for the fake phone call3. Answer the phonein desired time!
Do not touch my phone 6.0
'Don't touch my phone' is the best solution to discourage peoplewho want to use your mobile phone without your permission. Itdetects even the smallest motion when someone tries to take yourphone into hand. Then it turns on the loud alarm to scare thethief. It's great when you don't want your girlfriend to read yourmessages or check your Facebook account. You can freely left yourphone without looking on it - this alarm works on every thief orjealous girlfriend!Anti theft alarm works like this:- turn on thealarm and leave the phone on a flat surface,- when someone willmove your phone the alarm will be enabled.Alarm volume can be setto maximum available volume, so you will hear it for sure. You canalso lock your alarm with PIN code, so only you will be able toturn off the loud anti thief alarm!
See who used your phone 2.0
If someone is using your phone when you are not near and you wanttoknow who it is - install 'see who used your phone' - this appwilltake photo of every person who will touch your phone! It's thebestway to check who is the thief and who is touching your phonewithoutpermission. How to catch a person who touched my phone? 1.Selecthow many photos you want to make when device will betouched, 2.Turn on the protection and leave phone on a flat place,3. Whensomeone will move your phone - app will automatically makephotosusing front camera, so you will catch a thief on thepicture!