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MetalWars3 1.2.4
***** Our new game METAL RACER is just released! ********** Play it for FREE now!!! *****Are you looking for the robot combat mobile games just likeArmored Core?Or do you want to experience the human-controlled mechanical suitsjust like Pacific Rim or Transformers?Then try MetalWars 3 !MetalWars 3 is a continuation of 3D battles of robots, themechanized killing machines.Now buy it to experience the new epoch of machine war!READY TO TAKE OFFIn 2100 A.D, the planet became a unified nation named “EarthFederation.” However, the unification never lasted long. Minoritieswere up in arms against the EF, who desperately oppose theimperialism of the EF, insisting on secession from theunification.The EF forces brutally oppressed the Resistance Army, and yet thevoices of dissent within the EF forces were growing louderaccordingly. In the end, the secret organization, called ATLUS wasfound inside the EF forces. ATLUS has performed secret operation soas to eliminate the heads of the EF. Every pilots belonging to BearUnit of ATLUS is spearheading highly covert operations.GRAPHICSUtilizing high resolution textures and the latest shaders, trulyrealistic battle fields and dramatic graphic-effects representingshooting sense offer you unforgettable battle experiences.BATTLEOperating mechs armed with more than 40 of weapons and parts infirst-person makes you feel lively and challenging combatexperiences.Join battle with stronger and thicker enemies now and defeat them!The game offers more than 20 stages across multiple modes andbattles in infinity mode, all of which are dynamic as well assuspenseful. We keep in updating additional stages and modes.RESEARCH LABIt is crucial for winning pilots to develop all sorts ofweapons, fire controllers, defensive equipments and engines, forwhich more than 40 of parts are offered.You can customize your own warrior, such as high mobility type,heavily armored type or fireflaming type, along with your combatstyle, researching proper parts.ASSEMBLYThe various classes of bodies, parts, weapons and research helpyou customize your own mechs considering play styles.Features:* Truly realistic battle fields and dramatic graphic-effects* Assembly and Research system* Google Play Game Services(Achievements, Leaderboard, Cloud Save)support* Languages Supported: English, Japanese, KoreanNotes:- For optimal performance, we recommend re-booting your deviceafter downloading and closing other applications when playingMetalWars3.- Parents: You can restrict In-App billing in the Google Play Storesettings.
Metal Racer 1.2.3
**** Metal Racer, Largest tough racing game onearth ****A new racing game has been released on Android, which willsatisfy your running instinct and combat instinct together.🏁 A number of vehicles and weaponsWe prepared over 20 high-performance vehicles, over 40 installableweapons, and various tools. Each vehicle has a different featureset and you should choose a vehicle according to your strategy. Youshould raise the performance of a vehicle through the upgrade andarm it powerfully with various weapons to defeat enemies and winthe race.🏁 Various tracks that guarantee that gameplay won't be thetediousDifferent strategies are needed depending on the condition of thetrack to win the race. Choose the right vehicle and arm it withoptimal weapons before starting the race.🏁 Various game modes and missionsThe following modes are available:* the combat mode in which you are destroying enemies whilerunning,* speed mode of racing without weapons,* elimination mode, in which you have to destroy certainenemy,* the mission of obtaining the item before others will do that.🏁 Best combat racing experienceGame features:* vivid weapon shooting,* explosion effects,* stunning driving experience using the outstanding physicalengine.Receive the checker avoiding the attack of enemies who usevarious vehicles and powerful weapons.