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The Study Bible 2.0.6
Grace to You
The Study Bible gives you a wealth of resources from John MacArthurand Grace to You to help you understand and apply God’s Word.Featuring the English Standard Version (ESV), the New AmericanStandard (NAS), and the King James Version (KJV) texts ofScripture, you have immediate access to Grace to You’s sermonarchive, featuring more than forty-five years of John’s Bibleteaching (well over 3,000 full-length messages) covering the entireNew Testament and portions of the Old. With The Study Bible youcan: - Read or listen to Scripture in ESV, NAS, or KJV - Show orhide verse numbers for a great reading experience - Hear JohnMacArthur answer Bible questions - Highlight Bible passages, addyour own study notes, and bookmark verses - Synchronize personaldata across multiple devices - Read study guides, articles, andthree of John's daily devotionals - Follow the MacArthur DailyBible to read the Bible in a year with note that explain each day'sreading With the in-app purchase of the notes from The MacArthurStudy Bible, you’ll have access to nearly 25,000 detailed commentsby John MacArthur that explain virtually every passage in theBible. Along with the notes are dozens of articles, charts, maps,introductions to each book of the Bible, and more.