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GradTrain LTD
GradTrain is an AI-driven guidance platform for people who move tostudy abroad, connecting them with services, schools, jobs andmentorship. On the GradTrain platform, prospective students usepredictive algorithms to gauge their chances of acceptance touniversities and meet with current and former students for onlinecoaching sessions. Our members gain access to special offers fromour partners (universities, test prep companies, housing providers)based on their unique needs and stage in the transition process.Website: Since 2014, GradTrain has servedusers from over 150 countries and has helped students get acceptedto top universities abroad with full scholarships. This app isintended for students and young adults who are exploring globaleducation. The best tool to find the right university and succeedin your academic and professional career.
GradTrain - College Dream 1.1.1
GradTrain LTD
GradTrain is an AI matching platform fo higher education. Withjusta few steps you will be able to get a match score for anycollegein the United States and make an informed decision aboutwhichcollege to apply to.