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Block Craft Space Edition 1.11
GradeUp Games
Build a space station, craft a moon rover, arocket to take you to distant planet and much much more, BlockCraft Space Editions offers you an adventure you cannot resist, goon an adventure beyond the solar system, battle hideous monstersand aliens on the face of the moon or mars, or even on an asteroid,or just stay on earth and build an empire at home it is yourchoice.Block Craft Space Edition offers survival and creative modes -creative is just for building or planning your master pieces orjust roaming the world, while survival means survival.Go ahead and jump into your adventure, don't forget your spacesuit.
Block Craft Fallout Edition 1
GradeUp Games
A nuclear fallout struck the world ofBlockCraft and you are set to survive in it, explore thedesolatewasteland inhabited by ferocious ghouls, hostile aliens,poisonousscorpions and even robots of this fallen age.Use your surroundings to your advantage and build ahouse,shelter or a bunker to survive these hard times, you canchoose tothrive with the right crafting decisions which can rangefromarmors, tools, guns, explosives, varieties of foods andmore.Craft yourself a better tomorrow and dominate the environmentineither the original survival mode with the new guns system, orthecreative mode in case you want to explore the mines, mine someoresor just show off your builds.Features:- Two game modes: survival and creative.- Crafting system with armors, tools, swords, guns, explosivesandmore.- A variety of monsters and enemies to fight off.Enter the world of Block Craft and survive thenuclearfallout.