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Bike Racing in Traffic 1.0
Wanted to test your driving skills? Youthinkyou are good at handling traffic when it comes to road drivingandracing? Then you are really wrong, because we bring you BikeRacingin Traffic game, to test and challenge your driving skills.Youwere lagging the fun of these amazing spectacular crasheswithrealistic physics, real-time car deforming effects,fire,explosions and sparks. You are definitely going to forgetallprimitive racing, drifting, augmented reality car racing3D,Virtual reality highway traffic racing games. For the realfun,don’t miss to check the fantastic features of this racinggame,which has road rush, moto gp races. You have to accelerateandcross all Lorries, vehicles with a speed that matches the speedoflight.The Bike Racing in Traffic game is extremely easy to see, howeveritmight be hard to play as you need to take a decent control ofyourbike. You should simply, enter your hustling bike, and make apointto secure your safety belts, since you don't have thethoughtregarding the speed of this bike yet. When you have begunthespeedy heavy bike you, press the race catch, move starting withonegear then onto the next, you will see your bike will beginrunningout and about like a slug shot from a weapon. On the otherhand athing moving with the speed of light. You have been playingdashingracing games, so you would have the possibility that yourrivalsdependably batter you by deceives, you should be smart topick upyour position in this race. There are numerous blocks hereandthere, you have to spare your bike from not gettingsmashed,remember to watch out different cars, wagons, etc becautious, beprotected and win the title, of best Bike Racing inTrafficchampion. As the name Bike Racing in Traffic proposes everyone ofthe potential outcomes of this game, you can run over atruck,transport, autos and different things out and about.Live your life a quarter mile at a time as you take over thestreetsin this best Bike Racing in Traffic heavy motor bike racinggame.Fast Racing combines stunning, high conformity graphicswithaddictive gameplay that will have you turn sharply throughrunningtraffic, collecting power-ups, and knocking other racers offtheroad. With astonishing physics, breathtaking tracks, andawesomecollection of bikes, Fast Racing creates a new type ofracingexperience for Android users. You will get extra points andmorecoins by sweeping fast across the vehicles, the more sharpthecurve and cut you take, the more points you are going to earn.Youcan upgrade your bikes by using the earned coins. There areanumber of amazing, fast and marvelous racing bikes, whosespeedswill make your ear boom.Features:A number of 3D city environmentSmoothest gameplay to thrill the raceFantastic music to vibrate your mindUnlock new bikes from getting more coinsAmazing 3D road graphicsAdventurous drive among city trafficRealistic driving experienceFREE to install and playDownload Bike Racing in Traffic now and share it with yourfriends,if you like our game, don’t forget to share it with yourfriends.Thanks
City Lion Attack 1.0
Are you ready for a monster lion attack?Thecity is being attacked by the lion; it’s dangerous, ragged, outoffear. Angry lion is not letting you spare. He is out of junglethistime, hungry, hunting for prey and unexpected attacking wildbeast.As we all know a hungry lion is more dangerous than anypossiblething on earth. Everything on roads, streets and open area,thathas flesh, bones and blood, is an easy and delightful lunch,brunchmeal for the dangerous, inhumane, angry lion. You will finditreally hard to get out of the area. Get yourself safe atsecureplaces. City Lion Attack is the best rampage game of alltimes.City Lion Attack is about a lion, who has once tasted thebloodand flesh of humans, and once a man eater carnivore’s tastemenflesh for, they get addicted to it. So you surely would not liketoget eaten by a beast. People have got no refuge; they arewalkinghere and there to do their routine works, unknowing of thedangerthey have in their city right in front of them. Being theking ofthe jungle, you have to go out, face this beasty world city.Do notforget here in this amazing game you are acting as a lion andyouhave the power of your jaws, your claws, and your roar is enoughtofaint many people. You are the wild, zebra eating, deereating,goat, lamb eating beast lion. Discard your calm, humble andprimalintentions, become a hard, brave, courageous, wild animal.Considerthis city as your home; you have plenty of prey here. Easytocatch, eat and digest. Lion is hungry, he has left his wildhabitatand he has come here for a specific purpose he is asdetermined asyou a cheetah chasing his fast running turkey. CityLion Attack isall about speed, mind gaming and your actionsaccording to yourplans.City Lion Attack is a multiple purpose game, you are acting asapouncing, wild angry, and carnivore’s lion. But don’t forgetyoucan be attacked by anyone anytime. As soon as the militaryorpolice comes to know about your presence in the city, theyaregoing to attack you to save their city rampage activity heldbyyou. They have heavy machinery, guns and many snipers, who haveanaccurate shooting skill. They will not spare you if you stay inthecity for long. If they caught you for once, you will besentdirectly to the zoo, or in some case, you can be sold to thecircusthat you surely would not like. For your safety, you have toact asthe bravest of all, enter city, start your rampage, eat, grabsomefood for your companions to enjoy, remember the ways, roads torunback home. See for the coming danger, you can do it, and youhaveto escape before anybody comes to get you.City Lion Attack is has multiple levels. With amazing3Dgraphics, and real effect sound, both of the city environmentandthe lion rampage. You are surely going to enjoy this game. Shareitwith your friends and see who is a good lion. City Lion Attackisthe best test game for you and your siblings to check your lionandlioness abilities.Fantabulous features of City Lion Attack:Real Angry lion hunting levelsAmazing 3D city environment Smooth and Easy controls of lion attack Thrilling & challenging game playWorks without internet, enjoy the lion attack where everyoulikeDownload City Lion Attack now. Don’t forget to rate and commentifyou like our game.Have fun!
RollerCaoster VR Crazy Tour 1.0
: Have you ever ride up on arealrollercoaster? if not then it is the time for you to availthisgolden chance and have fun playing this fantasticrollercoastergame of all time. This RollerCaoster VR Crazy Tour hascome up withthe awesome rollercoaster tycoon, roller mania that isencapsulatedin the fun of VR google cardboard, making it a completeVR cinemato enjoy it for the fullest. Here in RollerCaoster VRCrazy Tour,you will have to use your google cardboard, or VRcardboard to playthis game and to enjoy it to its fullest. As weknow roller coasterhas always been a charm for crazy and energeticpeople, to ride andglide from one place to another. This was themain idea behind ourgame to provide its player with what they werelagging.Starting RollerCaoster VR Crazy Tour is very easy, first ofallyou need to install this game from your play store of yoursmartphone, and then you have to get your mobile phone ready byplacingyour device on the google cardboard to play rollercoastermania.You can control the game by remote or what way is easy toyou.Start your game, and drive your rollercoaster according toyourwish, tilt, glide, hop, jump, scream, go crazy in fun playingthisamazing 3D game. The game has such realistic graphics thatwillenhance the fun of it, with perfect and in time backgroundmusic tomake you feel the actual terror, fear and anxiety whentherollercoaster goes to its height and then returns back ontheground.Take some time off this weekend to give RollerCaoster VRCrazyTour a try, and it is for sure that you are really going tolovethis gam, once you have entered the land of virtual reality,itwould feel like you are a part of it, and you can doyourrollercoaster go anywhere you want, take dangerous turns,twistsand breaks, to amaze your roller coasters riders. You are notalonehere; there are people back at seats that have joined toexperiencethe same crazy tour of this roller coaster as you have.IF you wantto amaze them then drive it like an amazing driver, gonecrazy inhis favorite ride of all times. Being on thisrollercoaster, youcan also imagine that you are riding on a train,but the track ofthis roller coaster is a bit tough and challengingthan actualtrain running on its track. If you have travelledthrough trainthen you haven’t experienced the shouting, loudvoices, screams injoy that you will listen here, they are going toblow your mid withenthusiasm to play this RollerCaoster VR CrazyTour more often.Your CR roller coaster will move up from mountains,plain land,rocks, flying in air, and unstoppable, wear yourseatbels, grabyour seats tight and do not forget to shout in fun.Your head isbounding hard, it feels like your nerves are collidinginside, andon each turn and twist you might feel like you are goingto getdropped but don’t forget it is an unlimited endlessRollerCaosterVR Crazy Tour.RollerCaoster VR Crazy Tour has following features:A real new year and Charismas celebration packVR based crazy 3D EnvironmentGyro-meter based 360 degree freedom of rotationCompatible with virtual reality glasses Stunning 3D GraphicsReal Sound effectsCrisp, Cinema like, HD visualsNo time Limit, unlimited play and funFREE to play and installHave you read above information? Then what are you waiting for?Rushto download RollerCaoster VR Crazy Tour and forget everythingwhenVR mania is in front of you. Think it is your mini VR cinemaathome, available anytime, anywhere. If you like our game thendoesn’tforget to rate and share it with your friends to have truefun ingroup tour.HAVE AN AMAZING TIME!!
Highway TukTuk Traffic Racer 1.0
Are you ready to drive your heavy fast,speedvehicle in city highway to get yourself the title of besthighway,traffic, city driver? Then you have the right game besidesyou. Itis your game of fun, drive your tuk tuk rickshaw into thebusy cityroads and take fast twist turns from roads. Make sure youdon’tcollide with any heavy vehicle in means of racing, because youwilllose your vehicle as it is a semi-open and driver is foing toriskhis liefe in this Tuk tuk racing, automobile, that is assignedawork of pick n drop passengers to drop door to door, insimulation3D game. Keep notice of your Road speed, and next bus torideefficiently.Do you want to test your driving skills? You think you aregoodat handling traffic when it comes to road driving and racing?Thenyou are really wrong, because we bring you Highway TukTukTrafficRacer game, to test and challenge your driving skills. Youweremissing the fun of these amazing spectacular crashes withrealisticphysics, real-time tuk tuk rickshaw collapse effects. Youaredefinitely going to forget all previous racing, drifting,augmentedreality car racing 3D, Virtual reality highway trafficracinggames. For the real fun, don’t miss to check the fantasticfeaturesof this Highway TukTuk Traffic Racer game, which has roadracing.You have to accelerate and cross all Lorries, vehicles witha speedthat matches the speed of light.In the event that you haven't travelled in Tuk Tuk rickshawthenthis is the best ever chance for you to experince the roughjourneyauto rickshaw ride. The surprising Highway TukTuk TrafficRaceramusement allows you to drive something else then theordinarydriving vehicles, like cars, trucks, busses, militaryloadertrucks. The game will test your aptitudes of quickening,guiding,driving and stopping. Is it your first time driving a TukTukricshaw in traffic? busy and highways roads? Don’t be hesitanttodrive like a newborn, as it will give expertise in your gamewithcontinuous and regular play. Appreciate Highway TukTukTrafficRacer rickshaw floating and drive as quick as you prefer,yet drivecarefully to abstain from hitting city activity and streetsides.Finish the mission target to finish the level. Rough terraintrackswill be troublesome after every level of diversion. Presentlytotalmissions Survive through various mission and finishtheundertakings to open the following missions.Highway TukTuk Traffic Racer has following features:Busy Highway Adventurous & Thrilling Auto RickshawDrivingHours of Driving Fun with Tuk Tuk rickshaw drivingMultiple addictive levels with difficulty of highwaytrafficvarianceEasy and intuitive controlsAddictive levels of Tuk tuk Rickshaw Off-road DriveExtreme adventurous driving with complex turnsMultiple views with multiple cameras for best gameplayAmazing environment with traffic and vehicles.Steer, tilt and touch controls are given for betteruserexperienceDownload Highway TukTuk Traffic Racer now, ND dive into the realfunof amazing Tuk Tuk racing game. This is what you wanted in thenameof change than regular, car ,bike, sports vehicles racing.Share andrate our game. Challenge your friends with this game tocheck who isthe better driver.Have fun playing Highway TukTuk Traffic Racer!
Grand Vegas Crime Simulator 1.1
You may know the slithering, crawling,undead,enraged animal called Zombies. You will play this game withacircumstance that you are struck in a range where there islesslively humans and more zombies. As well as we all know thatZombieshave a quick spreading infection in them, they assaultanindividual, nibble them and after that the typical human isswungto a Zombie, So, they don't make any sense, rather theyincrease.You may have played a portion of the renowned Zombiegames, or youmay have seen a few motion pictures identified withZombies,similar to fight with Zombie, Attack Zombie Land,Commandoslaughtering Zombie, VR Mission Zombie execute, LastZombieshooter, AR Zombie move, Zombie after gathering and so forth.Bethat as it may, it wager you will love this new game since youhavenobody to help you in your Zombie executing mission, youareisolated here and you realize what to do. Play Grand VegasCrimeSimulator, and demonstrate the frightening animals yourability.You may have played some Augmented Reality and VirtualRealitygames, yet this time it is a 3D shooting and fight game, totestyour arranging, shooting, killing and fortitude aptitudes.GRANDCRIME SIMULATOR is basic and straightforward, as the nameportrays,you are a commando marksman and you have relegatedA grand crime game with a blend of shooter, mastersharpshooterand gut zombie feeling. Kill zombies and stop thezombie astoundassault with the most lethal weapons. Remain alert tothe undead,suspect their next stride, select your point, be exactand pressthe trigger, execute the greatest number of zombies as youcan. Thedisease spreads rapidly that prompt to new sorts ofgeneticallychanged zombies. Ensure the Zombies don't chomp you andkill theinching dead animals with your short weapon. Pursue thezombieslike as though they were deers and transform into the holypersonof the mankind. It is particularly toll to state you thebestZombie shooter for this GRAND CRIME SIMULATOR game, as you havethecorrect guts to play it. So what are you sitting tight for?Beginyour Grand Vegas Crime Simulator game now.Give us a chance to have a speedy survey of the elements ofthisZombie shooting game;• 3D night Display Environment• You are mankind's last any desire for survival• Multiple firearms with different stages, addictive andreasonablegameplay• Upgrade your levels, by winning more coins• You get coins by executing Zombies• Upgrade every firearm and increment your zombieshootingeffectiveness• Game controller bolster, so you can shoot zombies with agamepadfor a definitive ordeal. Put your trigger finger to greatutilizeand weapon down those zombies dead• It is thoroughly FREE and wonderful• Fast and Responsive controlsAlong these lines, begin your main goal and overlook allotherbasic games, Download Grand Vegas Crime Simulator now and haveafabulous time playing this addictive game. Share it amongyourcompanions to help them finish your central goal and ensurenoZombie is deserted.
Real Bullet Train Simulator 1.1
Imagine yourself as Bullet train driver at thestation of your native city. You are given a speedy bullet train.Suddenly it’s time to board passengers and lay them to theirdesired station. So it’s time to prove your skills of precisiondriving i.e. Real bullet train simulator. You have to pickpassengers from the platform, drive train, control speed, observesignals and transport them to the final destination. There is along distance you have to cover between platforms to the stationalong the subway while avoiding train crash. So drive bullet trainengine at furious speeds and race on track to complete your task asper requirement of each level. Speedy drive, know how of thetracks, signals and intelligence are key values for you to besuccessful. So let us see can you meet this challenge..? Realbullet train simulator, 2017 new 3D based simulator for courageoustrain driver. Train Games Simulator gives you a real life raildriving experience of becoming the pro train operator and enginedriver. Bullet Train Simulator 2017 is the latest cutting edgetrain simulator that will allow you to become the best traindriver!Switch between town and snow themes to get the best of both worldsin this exciting locomotive simulation. Experience the mad rush ofthe railways tracks in an all new unique PORTRAIT MODE. It’s yourduty to drive from stations, picking up passengers, fulfilling yourtransport duty and keep your locomotive running on time betweenrailway stations. Enjoy this Super Metro Train Simulator 3D forfree. Super fast Real Bullet Train Simulator is the trending gamein bullet train games category.Speed Bullet Train Drive Station will takes you on crazy ride, withrailway tracks. Become electric trains pro driver and pick uppassengers, freight from city junction to drop on the finaldestination in this simulator game.Fast Euro Bullet Train Simulator is the first in a planned seriesof high-quality, feature-rich railroad simulation games coveringevery major destination in the world. Play as a specially trainedprofessional bullet train driver who is not only a pro train driverat city cites and hilly terrains but also keen to observe the signsto turn left or right. Drive bullet train to the specific stationlocated in a remote area, on dangerous hill climb routes andmountain tracks. Show off your bullet train driving skills on thesedangerous tracks while carrying passengers to their native, oncethe job is done, park train skillfully at the indicated sitewithout demolishing your train engine.GAME ENVIORNMENT: Real bullet train simulator has very attractiveenvironment and interesting interface which indulge the user tillthe end of level and inspire for next, the first level start as thebullet train driver pumps the horn, signaling passengers to board,after their complete boarding, user has fully control overacceleration lever and the break which ultimately slow down thespeedy train at next station , you must have the accurateunderstanding of brake and acceleration to park accurately to theplatform, so the passengers can board easily , do not try to missthe passengers as you may fail the level .Drive the bullet train tothe next station watching the left/right turns alongside the track,so you may proceed to the next level.While playing you may lose you batteries after hours of playing sodo watch for that, Real bullet train simulator is the latest 2017train simulator that will assist you to become the trained bullettrain driver. Real bullet train simulator: a fast paced,challenging game to play. Steer your train to the left or rightusing the arrows. Touch or press the lever (right) button toaccelerate and the brake (left) button to slow down. It will getyour adrenaline pumping!So what are you waiting for? Get Real bullet train simulatorNOW!
Car Parking Multi Storey 1.0
What do you think who you are? Can yourparkyour car at the top of Skyscraper, Are you really a daringpersonand have enough courage within your body and soul, then youare atright place. We will provide you with a 3D Car parkingsimulator.What is your inside would be around your eyes, and youwouldrealize that you nerve needs to be gutsier. For real adventuredonot try miss Car Parking Multi Storey Simulator , a BuildingStorygame based on changeable environment and multi features whichweguarantee that you would play till your battery end and youwouldrun for your mobile charger, and instantly share withyourhigh-spirited buddies and fellows .Literally build on your parking skills in Multi-storey!Car Parking Multi Storeyis cool new 2017 3D parking game thatgivesyou the chance to drive something else then a regular sizecar,truck, bus or even a tank!This is a parking game like you’veneverseen before! Despite trying you could not built the attitudeofavoidance. Learn how to navigate a realistic parkingenvironment.Steer the car meticulously and lift your car onto thenext storey.Use the varying gears and shifts to wiggle into theparking spot.Avoid crashing into barriers and other cars! This isquite thechallenge. Follow the hints to find your way! What’sbetter thanhaving a kit full of riding options? Find the right carfor yourpersonality and test your driving skills.So, doesn’t be adrudge,rev your engine and race through the hurdles and become therealchampion. So get ready to chase the clock while you sprintthroughthe Story. Yolo!Car Parking Multi Storey amazing features:Unlock awesome heavy carsRealistic driving and parking experienceAmazing 3D graphics with realistic featuresAmazing multi-storey plaza car parking environmentFast and intuitive car controlsUse steering wheel, break and clutch to hold upon your carEasy game GUI, using mobile touchMultiple levels, upgraded by coins you earnRealistic car driving, drifting and parking sound effectsFREE to playPlaying this fabulousparking car simulator game, you needthebest receptive controls that games can offer. The best wouldbereal-life realistic controls and that is exactly what thisCarParking Multi Storeysimulator game offers you!Download Car Parking Multi Storey now and become the bestcarparking champ of all times, you have always felt difficultyinparking your car in parking lot, because of the fear that youwon’tbe able to get it out in crowded parking lot, so here is thebestchance for you to have practice of car parking in amulti-storeycar parking plaza. Hope you have fun playing CarParking MultiStorey. Share it with your friends and rate us formore amazinggames.Have Fun.About GraftonGrafton (games studio)designs, develops, and publishes gamesonmobile platforms. The Company’s portfolio includes large numberofmobile gaming titles that, collectively, have achievedovermillions of downloads. Grafton is headquartered in Pakistan.Formore info, visit Our Website.
Commando Shooting Jungle War 1.0
Start the game zone as one of themasterattackers, you are the monster shooter in this application,and afire age alliance is waiting for you. Do not be desperate toplanthe strategy, this is a hero empire. This game is based onthecombat modern jungle hunting and shooting adventure.CommandoShooting Jungle War is an ultimate shooting and commandoadventuregame, based on first person shooting and hunting theme.Are youready to have it now in your phone? Because the game isdesperatelywaiting for you.The theme of this game is that you are hired as one of thetopleader in the commando group of forces, because of yourplanning,management and attacking abilities. You are an expert infindingcriminals, solving difficult cases, shooting at day as wellasnight time. You have participated in many training, juggling,andshooting trainings held especially for commandos. You haveacomplete map and there are very heavily loaded criminals thathaveattacked in the hidden camp of jungle of commandos it wasnighttime, every soldier is tired ready to sleep after drillandtraining for the entire day, and what they hear is a bombingsoundvery near to their camp, and then there was a bright lightlike thesun has dropped on earth, no it is not sun, it is a rocketlauncherthrown very closer to the place where soldiers sleep,getattentive, it is the war time for you and your commandofellows,gather your rage and courage to attack back those nastycriminals.First of all gather all the right hands of your commandogang,armor them well, with all the possibly available weaponspresent atyour camp, and then this is the time for takingpositions, as thisis a very dense and big jungle, you never knowhow many enemies aresurrounding you at the time, and what type ofassassins they have.Take high positions, cover all towers, andnearby roof tops, sitsilently in the sequence to guard the toproof, make team for thesoldiers at the floor, to take care of theintelligence securityoffices. Whereas call the head office to sendmore troops to helpyou, and enter the jungle from the back, covingall the dense areaso that you finish the criminal attackers in amultiple threatkilling way, this is FPS so try shooting them first.Use your tanksto go ahead, sit inside look outside with thebinoculars, turn onradar, and also wear 3D glasses to see in night,as there is darkeverywhere; you might not be able to see with bareeyes.There are multiple weapons, you can upgrade by killingmorecriminals and leading to the score gaining. Also make sureyoufinish all of the crazy unwanted enemies. They are acontinuousthreat to your life, it’s a part of your mission basedshootinggame, to rescue innocent lives, by coming in center andgaining anupper hand by shooting right in the head of terroristcriminals.What are you waiting for now? Enter the real fun ofCommandoShooting Jungle War, and show what you have got.Commando Shooting Jungle War has following amazing thrilledfullfeatures:• Thrilling Jungle environment• 3D gameplay Real military environment• Multi-level game• Multiple weapon selection option• HD view of the game• Exciting FPS shooting game• FREE to install• Realistic sound effect and gunshot sounds• Aiming and shooting, Zoom out, Zoom in optionDownload Commando Shooting Jungle War and challenge yourinnermilitary soul, how desperate is that to kill and huntdowncriminals, spread the blood of unwanted criminal terrorists onthefloor now.Don’t forget to rate and share it among your friends.
Angry shark flyingCar shooting 1.0
*********Best futuristic innovative gameof2017*************Do you ever wonder how shark hunting to rescue people in theoceanwill look like in future somehow hundreds of years after? Doyouponder often that will you ever be able to fly a car in reallife?Are you crazy about shooting games or awesome wild hunter inreallife and a big lover of fantasy? Then go ahead andinstantlyinstall this Angry Shark flying car shooting. The bestinnovativeand thrilling experience like you never experience beforeinventiveand changed idea from simple sniper shooting orhuntinggames.ЖЖ Addictive game in which you take a flight with thefuturisticflying car and shoot sharks Ж ЖBy playing this awesome angry shark flying car shooting youcanimprove you pilot skills shooting and driving skills at thesametime. You can easily make head shots to the angry jumpingsharks.Shoot hungry and blood thirsty ruthless sharks just bysitting onthe comfortable driving seat of your futuristic flyingcar. Butbeware of them or else they will jump high in the sky andwilldestroy your shooter flying car easily by using theresharpteeth.You have to be precise in your flight or else you will bedestroyed.Keep going, kill the sharks, collect the rings and bealegend.Do you think you are a sharp shooter and experienced pilot?Thinkagain and try angry Shark flying car shooting .you willexperiencemany air turbulence areas during your flight. This gamehas manyhurdles due to angry shark attacks .dangerous sharks canjump highin the sky and you can easily become a victim to thisattack. Youhave to strike them with your car shooter.Shark flying car shooting 2017 have various awesome features:Thrilling shooting and shark’s sound effects to enhance funandaction in your experience.Realistic shark simulation and animations.You can choose among various unique flying cars.Smooth shooting and flying controls.Muscle shooting car by which you can perform many stuntsinair.Realistic helicopter physics is used in it.Precision shooting.Next generation effects for shooting and flight of car.Test for your pilot skills and driving skills.Free to use and install.Various exciting camera angles.Available for all android mobiles and devices.Extra rewards will be given to you if you pass the specificnumbersof rings in the specific time. There are various superb andcoollevels in shark flying car shooting with awesome environmenthavingmarvelous water and jungle locations and real looking hungrysharksready to kill you instantly so shoot and race quickly towardsotherdirection to pick up rings.Amazing tilting controls will make this game more fun andactionpacked. Do try this game to feel the difference in this gameandother common flying, shooting and shark hunting games.Huntingsharks underwater have much happening even more thandeerhunting.Forget about other flight simulator or flying car games and trythisout .this game is a complete package having futuristicflayingsimulation, shooting fun and shark hunting experience all ata you can feel free and can play this game if you are asuperfan of novel and innovative video games.This game is having lots of thrill adventure and pleasuresattachedto it. You will go in a mind-blowing world of experienceswhileflying this amazing shooting car.This game is build up by experienced developers .Kindly rateandshare this game if you like it and share your valuable reviewswithus to improve our angry shark flying car shooting and othergamesfor our audience.
Bike Police Chase Shooting 1.0
In this extreme motorbike racing game, youaresupposed to give your bike driving skills a chance, checkwhetheryou can perform the extra stunts required by this game ornot? BikePolice Chase shooting is a testing game for you to testdrive yourbike in this simulation game, and see if you can do thisaction ofthrill in real life or not. Pop the car of police withyour fastspeed motorbike, flying through the road busy in trafficand heavytrucks, you have to move fast and race like an eagle doesin theair. Never get caught by the eyes of anyone because you arethepolice cop men. You might have played some racing, driftinggames,with multi-player and police motorcycle chase stunt actiongameplay, but this one is one of its kinds and it is highlyunique,addictive game with easy and in hand one touchintuitivecontrols.As this is the cop man police bike racing and thrilling game,youhave to get the criminals and thieves caught. They arewonderingall around free and easy, extra confident, they deserve tobecaught and they are racing fast furiously in this busy cityroadsfilled with traffic of all types of vehicles. Fulfill yourdream bydriving a super charged police bike and drive with thesiren on thetop of your motorbike. This is a cop bike race freestunt bikedriving game, there are criminal robber thieves wanderingaround,shoot them with your heavy gun, it is a complete amazingdo-it inwhich you not only drive a heavy motorbike in busy citystreets oftraffic, but also aim, target and shoot at the criminalsas a copsman. In this game shooting for you is legal, because youareplaying as a cops, police man and you can shoot the criminalsthathave robbed the bank without any hesitation.Are you ready for this amazing Bike Police Chase shooting game.Geta hero out of your soul, shoot and race, you can get extrascoresas well as some extra points on shooting the thieves withinrange,as well on the same side you have to drive the bike verycarefullyso that you don’t collide with anything or strike anypillar, caraccidentally. You are acting as an efficient policeofficer and payyour duties with full honesty, and truthfulness.Don’t be late toapproach those creepy, criminals, looting androbbing all aroundfreely, this time they should be caught and giventhe deservedpunishment. Never be late for your duty with thisamazing fastspeed and heavy featured, highly fixed automobile heavybike inBike Police Chase shooting.Bike Police Chase shooting has following features in here:• 3D simulation bike driving experience• Heavy police cop bikes• Police chasing robbers with shooting in sight• Realistic sound effects and shooting sounds• Extreme racing and drifting game• Get extra points on shooting and drifting at the same time• Easy, addictive and intuitive GUI• FREE to install• Big city environment• Upgrade with scoring more points• Multiple addictive levelsDownload Bike Police Chase shooting now and show the worldyourextreme new stunts for driving a cop bike with theshootingexperience added to make this game a complete amazingpackage foryour to play this weekend. Have fun playing Bike PoliceChaseshooting and share among your friends.Shoot and race, protect your territory as an honest police man,withchasing the robbers.
VR Highway tuktuk TrafficRacer 1.0
Start your journey of tuk tuk rickshawdrivingwith modern taxi driving, in drifting simulation,chingchirickshaw, type of cab service, with 3D auto racing,parking,drifting, stunt mania game of VR Highway tuk tuk TrafficRacer. youmight have already played some tuk tuk adventurous,addictive,ultimate racing and parking games, but this game is atotal new andamazing concept of using your auto rickshaw, enter abeach racerlike, racing contest of tuk tuk racing, endless game.Like allother mission based and multiplayer, multi-level games, VRHighwaytuk tuk Traffic Racer is a multi-level game with extremeadventureand fun to drive your personal simulation ride on theroad, withhigh speed and at times, it is an offroad, door to doorpassengerpick and drop service operation. This is a true virtualrealitygame and you will find it realistic to play.Formerly tuk tuk rickshaw are only thought of as a ridingvehicle,for pick and drop service facility to passengers just likea can,taxi service in city highway, but this game VR Highway tuktukTraffic Racer is entirely changing the concept of true drivingandspeed acceleration in an auto-rickshaw. Take your rickshaw onroad,ride in the amazing cool vehicle, and enjoy the view frombehindthe front mirror of this auto-rickshaw, now you are supposedtorace along the cars, trucks, motorcycles, and all otherheavyvehicles moving on the road, this is basically a racing gameon thecity highway with multiple challenging vehicles, theyareauto-generated and they tend to appear all over the road, youhaveto make a safer path going through this busy yet large road.Thereare multiple lanes in this game of road racing, and there canbeeither n o car on the entire visible road, or there can bemultiplecars, trucks, tow trucks, bikes on that lane, try drivingat asafer side, with least collision. Virtual reality will add tothefun of this game.Enjoy this weekend with this VR Highway tuk tuk Traffic Racergame,and have fun playing this game in your leisure time, while youarebusy in doing other routine stuff, you are supposed to findtimefor this game as well, this is one of the best in hand onetouchtop, new & best game.Become the champion of road challenge by driving in full speed,widepaced, and pop your horn as soon you see any car orvehicleapproaching towards you, it is your game and you aresupposed to besafe while driving and drifting and racing in thesafer edge. It isall about rush, speedy and fast in time action ofyour tuk tukauto-rickshaw. VR gaming is a true fun.VR Highway tuk tuk Traffic Racer has key features:• Realistic city highway racing environment in virtualreality• Hours of Driving Fun with Rickshaw Driver Duty• Challenging levels for ultimate fun• Addictive levels of Tuk tuk Rickshaw Off-road Drive• Extreme adventurous driving with complex turns• Multiple views with multiple cameras for best gameplay• Amazing environment with hills and mountains• Steer, tilt and touch controls are given for betteruserexperience• FREE to install• Drive and play without internet connectionVR Highway tuk tuk Traffic Racer is waiting for you to download,andplay it with your friends and have fun, give your friendsachallenge and note the time, in what time you score higher,andwhat is your optimum time to play this game the most. If youlikeour game, then don’t forget to rate and share this game alongyourcrazy friends.Have an awesome time racing in your rickshaw taxi racer!
City ModernCombat Battlefield 1.0
Get up, get ready for this unannouncedattackof enemies, in your pious territory. There are many heavilyarmoredenemy soldiers in your area, they have hopped in fromnowhere, youhave to act promptly on this situation, by yourbattlefield, FPS,modern army and shooter forces, You have beentrained from years asa contract killer sniper, as well as army manto get to hiddenagencies of enemies under shadow of your countryflag secretly.These evil minded people are surrounding theimportant secretcommando places, to get into the depth of mysteriescity and theyare committing mafia crime. City Modern CombatBattlefield is acomplete packaged game for your training and taskaccomplishingtalent polish.There is no time left to rest, buckle up all the courage thatyouhave been accumulating all this lifelong, for protectingyourcountry and motherland from dirty, dusty criminals, they arenotonly going to loot your city but also can cause a hugedevastationwhich will leave results for years, stop them as quickas possible,save your city children, ladies and old people. AS theyare an easytarget to attack by these enemies, the more they arefree the morechance they get to kill innocent people. You are acourageous,brave big hearted soldier in the battlefield. Grab theheavymachine guns, you have plenty of weapons and it is an openchoicefor you to choose your most favorite weapon depending uponthefeatures they posses, load them with emulation and aim preciselyontargeted enemy, shoot right in the head, as this is a FPSshootingmission based modern army game, so try approaching theenemy intime. We believe in you, you can do this and make yourselfthechampion of City Modern Combat Battlefield.Enemies are going to threaten you by their tank fighting andheavyweapons, but never fear death for the sake of protecting yourarmy,country and families. You are a hardcore commando combatshooter,trained for battlefield esports city modern arm fighting.You havethe right guts present in you. Lay down when there is heavybombingand shooting, aim at the most active mind of the enemies, asyoukill their mastermind, they will lose the hope to win and therearemore chances of your success, masterminds control suchcriminals,then finish their link with their backend supporter, byfinishingtheir communication ways and this way they are all left atyourcurse. Kill them inhumane! City Modern Combat Battlefield is abestgame for training of your shooting and army base planning actsandthoughts.City Modern Combat Battlefield has following features:Multiplayer shooting gameArmy and commando environmentCommando combat playersFPS target gameMultiple amazing weapons availableMultiple life chances, endless gameFREE to installRealistic and fast controlsIntuitive GUIAmazing realistic sound effects, shooting and killing soundsDownload City Modern Combat Battlefield for a completeamusementthis weekend, this is an addictive and intuitive game, tryto takea break from playing this game. Share among friends and getto knowwho has the best army commando and battlefield guts. If youlikethis game, do not forget to rate and comment to support usmakemore interesting apps like this.Have an amazing shooting and combat experience.
Offroad Metro Bus Simulator 3D 1.0
Are you a fan of adventure, tours andoff-roaddriving? Then you have come to the right place. Here youare goingto get the best of all off-road games. Start your journeywith thebest young driver. Start your world tour on the adventurebuscoach, with simulator game. Stop playing other off-road,hillstation, 3D tuk tuk rickshaw, coach driving, tourist bus drive,VRimpossible road car driving, and truck simulator games. Becausethevoyage is here. Start your journey from a busy bus stop andfillyour big passenger bus with the passengers. You have gotmultipleroutes and multiple busses for them, you may experiencesome doubleDecker driving experience and sometimes there areimpossible curvy,difficult roads.Bus and Metro games are very much common and famous amonggameplayers, they involve simple picking and dropping thepassengersfrom their place of living to their destination, but inOff-roadCoach Bus Simulator, you have a super duper, luxurious carthat youwill drive off-road. Pick a place and keep your bus there,loadthem with passengers that want a really wonderful, minimalextremecar driving adventure. Make sure you tell them the route andit’sbetter to give them a map of your journey. So that they maydecidethe way of their next adventure and you can know who has todropwhere. Travel through the hills and dangerous paths ofthemountainous off-road areas. Exploratory and craziest off roadbusdriving with real-time physics, hill top driving, twisted turnsandbreathtaking gameplay scenes are going to add spices inyourdriving passion.Make sure the passengers are safe while you turn the big Metrobusfrom daring turns. Consider Off-road Metro Bus Simulator asyourtesting game that will test whether you are capable of drivingacar or bus in real life or you make flaws in driving it. Butwehave trust in you that when you are a master in plating thisMetrobus driving game, you can easily run a big vehicle onroads.Without rushing into any car, bicycle or any motor car onroads.Enjoy unlimited fun of driving this endless joy of non-stopdrivingon multiple addictive and realistic environments out there.PlayingOff-road Metro Bus Simulator game you have also got a chancetounveil the locations that you have never seen before.Viewbreathtaking scenes and views off-road. These locations arehiddenunder the city life, that we are unable to get out of andbreath inthe pure, untouched life of beautiful nature.Playing this off-road game you are going to enjoy thefollowingfeatures;Features:3D simulation environmentMultiple views like Dangerous Mountains, Hills and SteepPathsIntuitive and fast Coach controlsCollect more points by driving efficiently to upgradeyourvehicleMultiple Game play Levels to AccomplishPick and Drop Tourist to their DestinationsEpic 3D Graphics of Curvy TracksRealistic hydraulic physicsAmazing sound effects and background music to giverealisticfeelPlay Off-road Metro Bus Simulator with your best drivingmoves,share among your friends to have a competition in games, alsorateand comment if you like this game. But ensure your safety aswell,because game is full of adventure. Hurry to install, ittotallyFREE to play. Have Fun!
US City Sniper Kill Shooter 1.0
*****amazing sniping shooting gameof2017****Let’s start a combat, it’s the time for warfare againstyourenemies, Aim and shoot mob of nemeses with heavy weaponsandammunitions like modern rifles, shotguns and pistols. Makeaheadshot to kill terrorists in normal clothes. It’s time toproveyour skills of sniping but be careful as enemy is very sharpmindedand swift and can lead you to a death easily as you arefightingsolo but your enemies is chasing you in groups.This US sniper kill shooting game is distinct from everysnipingshooting game as it has lots of interesting levels andcityenvironment war scenes. There is no turning back, thefierceonslaught is started. Focus on the enemy Make headshotsandincreases your terror in the community of terrorists or elsetheywill make you a victim of bullet and you will be dead. Fightwithyour rivals bravely and courageously.In US sniper shooting you will fight like a well-trainedeliteshooter to serve your country and kill terrorists to saveyourcountry from dreadful security situation. Handle the situationandshoot high-profile targets.US Sniper kill shooting have a huge inventory ofammunitionsincluding modern rifles, pistols, submachine guns,automaticshotgun and grenade launcher. You will have to unlocknextthrilling levels in order to unlock the amazing weapons tomakeyour fight more realistic and fun. Save innocent lives bykillingterrorists.US sniper kill shooting has superb and awesome graphicsandthrilling sound effects. The complete city environmentwillmesmerize you .the blood shots when you fire a bullet andsoundeffects of shooting will electrify your killer instinct andgive USsniper kill shooting a realistic touch.US sniper kill shooting game also has various salient featuresandcharacteristics:• Realistic 3D graphics and sound effects.• Lots of difficult levels and missions to complete• Improve your sniping shooting skills in battle.• Lots of modern ammunitions are present in order to make yourfightexciting.• Complete levels to select your favorite guns.• US sniper kill shooting is Free to use and play• No need of Wi-Fi and data connection.• Slide arrow keys to control the player.• Zoom in and zoom out while shooting to increase precision.• Available for all android devices.This game has addictive game play and useful aim to shootenemies.Addictive gameplay War, agony, death and sadness will tookoveryour country if you get defeated and killed by terrorists.sofeelyour duty and be a hero of your people. Your country needs you.Soget started and be a super hero and daredevil by savingpeoplelives.Please like and share US sniper kill shooting and rate it . Youcanalso play our other amazing games on the linkbelow
Bravo City Sniper Shooter 1.0
Bravo City Sniper Shooter is a 3D funsnipershooting and assassin game, filled with the thrill andamazingfeatures of shooting, with t a heavy gun and upgraded riflestoshoot your enemies. Like a classic awesome game, this game isalsofull of thrilling adventure to enter bare handed in the cityfilledwith terrorist criminals, and you are alone here at the topof abuilding to finish these criminals from he clean beautiful cityofyours. As soon as you see any criminals approaching, you cangetyour stored ready to kill sniper gun, this gun as also aswillingto kill the criminals as you are, then what is hindering youfromshooting these unwanted extra humans of society?The army shooter sniper assault training is getting you thebestquality outcome, this is the commando counter elite furyshooting3D simulation game, Think yourself as an action hero,playing anact of Military Elite commando sniper, in the base of thecityprotecting against any harm coming into the way of cityprosperity.The difficulty level of the game increases as youproceed in thehigher levels of the amazing furious contract killshooting andcommando bravery game. Bravo City Sniper Shooter is atrue testinggame for your aim and shoot talents.This Bravo City Sniper Shooter game has many surprisinglyoutclassfeatures which will amaze you once after the other, assessyourhidden talents to act as a sniper shooter, aim, shoot, load,speed,thrill, fun, craziness are the key inputs to be adoptedbeforeplaying this game. Have fun doing it, test your bravery, thesmokefrom your gun and the smell of the flames coming out of thisfastand angry gun, is telling you the real rage to adopt fromgettingrid of such criminals while playing Bravo CitySniperShooter.Bloodshed sometimes give the players the right enthusiasm theyaredesiring, but they may not feel what an actual soldier, acommando,a combat sniper, an army military man feels like when theyareactually in the battlefield and they have to kill shoot deaddownthose cunning enemies of their nation, they experience suchthings,if you ever wanted to protect your city, country from thecriminalsalso wanted to join the military for serving your nationthen BravoCity Sniper Shooter is the best game for your to come upwith thedesired shooting and killing the terrorists from core ofyourheart. The heart beat gets violent, when there is a gunshotnear toyou, heart bounces, and the realistic sound effect of thisgamewill feel like you are actually in that environment acting asacombat modern soldier sniper shooter.Bravo City Sniper Shooter has following features in it:• Contract killing, FPS game• Multiple guns and heavy weapons• Multi-level multiplayer shooting sniper game• City environment• Realistic physics and shooting• Easy and intuitive graphical user interface• Sound effects perfectly coordinated with shooting and aimingingame• FREE to install and play• 3D simulation gameplayDownload Bravo City Sniper Shooter now and let the rest of yourdaygo in a productive activity, playing games helps in bettermentofyour mood and gives a good time pass no matter what yourroutineis. Enjoy playing it with your friends and share with themas well.Don’t forget to rate us if you find this game amazing toplay, andhave fun this weekend!Shoot, aim, keep your pace, have fun!!!
Hunting Safari Jungle Animals 1.0
Get set for the Journey to the world’swildestlocations hunting for the real animals in Safari jungle! Itis timeto load out your weapons and get your 5 star shooting fix!Yourgoal is to kill all animals in your range. Use sniper viewforbetter precision. During the game, you will enjoy therealisticgraphics of the overgrown jungle.Hunting Safari Jungle Animals requires you to immerse yourself inavast jungle environment to take down wild animals, but try tohuntthem before they do so to you. Become an incredible andruthlesshunter by killing dangerous predators from all over thesafarijungle. Hunt deer, bears, cheetahs, rhinos, Elephants andmany moreferocious animals, stag or reindeer run away hearingfiring sound.Sniping running animals might be hard challenge foryou. So useyour army sniper shooting skills to kill these animalsbefore theyattack or run away.Beware! The wild beasts can attack on you for their meal, itmightbe hard time for you to escape the wild situation. Proveyourself abrave hunting warrior in this thrilling life escapeadventure. Testyour sniper skills by choosing targets carefully,trap carnivoreand predator animal in forest. Use all the possiblestrategies andweapons and defend yourself from wilderness creature,those whocannot risk their life hunting wild animals can enjoy realhuntingexperience by playing this game.★During Game-Play★Animals feel Safari jungle as their own sanctuary. When anyonegetsinto it they assume it as an invader. So the sniper should holdhisbreath and be patient. Bears and wolfs would be aware ofyourpresence, they will become alert hearing the sound of bulletfireand will attack on you. So, be alert and open eyedotherwisesurvivor beast will take no time to kill you and the levelwillfail.★Game Features★- Real-time hunter Radar Assistance.- Awesome 3D graphics and console quality sound effects- Beautiful graphics and realistic scenery.- Sounds of Africa, enhancing the reality effect.- Real animals, deadly weapons and multiple missions.- Realistic shooting with guns effects, animations andsounds.- Efficient gun control and Sniper camera zoom to getaccurateshots.- Wilderness .So, assault shooting guns to hunt.★Tips for a Successful Hunt★1. Be careful, wild animals are dangerous .2. For best shooting results - use the Sniper scope.3. Do not approach your prey too close - you will frightentheanimal away.4. Having shot the prey, do not forget to confirm thatit’sdown.5. The larger the prey, the more money it will bring you.Be careful of these bloody beasts as they are thirsty for blood,andthey will get a good meal with your flesh. Hunt for realanimals inHunting Safari Jungle Animals now! It is time to loadout yourweapons! Improve your tracking skills, stalk your prey,and put yourhunting skills to the test. Don't let the deer escape.Hunt ratherthan getting hunted. Utilize your action, fighting andshootingskills to escape. Brace yourself for the ultimate jungleanimalshunting experience.Thank you for playing with us, leave us your feedback and we willdoour hunting with more fun,Good luck!!!
Tractor Driver 3D:Offroad Sim 1.0
Welcome to the Fabulous Tractor Driver3D:Offroad Simulator!Want to be the King or Queen of Agriculture, Now is the timetodrive a tractor carrying a trolley behind it. You’re notplayingsimple Tractor Parking in Simulator. It’s the realisticphysicsbased joined trolley. Watch out while driving your tractormight goout of control. Show your expertise to drive it straightandespecially when driving reverse. Get this trolley and luggagetorequired position to complete your mission. Be quick andefficientto driver to manage all within driving range. You mightencountersome Safari jungle wild animals so control yoursteering,do nothurt any farm animal this could cause problematicsituation or failthe level .Prove your worth, transporting goods while playing thisTractorDriver 3D:Offroad! Face challenges –muddy roads, hillsandmountains and show your skills driving tractor! Transportcargo,boxes and logs from one point to another playing thisultimateTractor Driver 3D:Offroad! It’s high time climbing hillswithoffroad adventurous ride!The best tractor driver is back.Are you ready to become the best tractor driver here?Are you ready for realistic and exciting driving experience?Ambitious 3D graphics, realistic vehicle physics,excellentenvironments are waiting you.Can you imagine being a farmer and working in fields? Here youcanget it practically. Tractor Driver 3D:Offroad is arealisticfarming simulator game where you can experience as anexperiencedoperator and tractor driver.>Here are the Tractor Farm & Excavator Simulatorfeaturesthat will excite you!- - Real Tractor Control Physics.- - Challenging Tractor driving Objectives.- - Narrow and ramp roads which looks impossible to climb.- - Animals around roads.- - Immersive and addicting driving ,sharp narrow turns.- - Stunning realistic graphics, Rustic world to drivearound.- - Excellent eye catching animation and graphics.- - Experience to drive across the deep valley.- - Variety of 3D Camera Views.- - Easy step-by-step tutorial.- - Foster new skills you didn’t knew you had.Test your skills driving a tractor carrying a trolley behindIt.Tractor Driver 3D:off road – great game for those who lovescars,high speed and dangerous roads! Gain great transportingexperienceand feel the extreme playing this tractor drivingsimulator! Evenmore dangerous than climbing the hill! Completetransporting anddelivery missions full of extreme with TractorDriver3D:Off-road!Your feedbacks and ratings are valuable for us to keepdevelopersbusy in creating more fun in the games to entertain you,yourfamily and your friends. In case if you find any bug thatneeded tobe addressed just send your words through an email, wewill improveit and reply to your email ASAP.
Offroad Jeep 4x4 Simulator 1.0
Offroad Jeep 4x4 Simulator is the mostamazingpowered racing. Enjoy the atmosphere of off-road contest!Powergeared drive through the dirt and sand, drive throughobstacles andperform different stunts! Challenge others and do yourbest toconquer Zigzag hilly terrains! Prove yourself as a realoff-roadchampion with Range rover Ride! Ride as fast and smoothlyas youcan ultimately crossing the hilly site, Test your skillsindifferent game levels and on different 3D off-road racetracks,passing through tropical environments with a serious case ofroadrage! Beware of ruthless obstacles, Off-Road racing tracks arefullof twists and turns as well with speedy straights, so itwillreally test your handling skills. If you like Extreme RacingGames,drifting, 4wd, stunts, crushing and off-road try it.Circuitdesigned to test your skills to the extreme limits.Offroad Jeep 4x4 Simulator delivers an exciting drivingexperiencethat will make you feel like driving in real Adventure.Driving abig Hummer can be difficult! So, will you be able tofinish all themissions given to you?Off road Jeep 4x4 Simulator Extreme level features:^ Attractive and stunning graphics and eyecatchingsceneries..^ Realistic and smooth car control physics.^ Realistic sound with many different unique tuning options.^ Tune-able parts include engine, suspension, tires and 4WD.^ Numerous environments with un-believable achievements.^ Vastly improved graphics and smooth physics simulation.^ Designed to look good on low and high resolution devices.^ Acceptable Numerous Challenges and much more is waitingforyou!Enjoy Hummer off racing just to relax and conquer some hills.Keepenjoying game play even offline! View something neverexperiencedbefore.Realistic ExperienceEnjoy a close-up view of the dirt you leave behind!Amazing TracksExperience the highest level of racing in the most awesomecornersof the world!When was the last time you rode offroad on hills? Here’s yourchanceto do it!You’re the MechanicHandle your vintage hummer wisely and turn it into aroaringmonster!Show your styleCustomize your ride with the sickest outfits and make yourInsidefear Suppressed!Play Offroad Jeep 4x4 Simulator! Driving a Range rover insidemudcan be difficult, Hop in your cruiser and drive throughvariouslocations and reach till the end of the track and try toavoid anydamage. This simulator realistic engine sounds anddetailedinteriors! Completely realistic missions and drivingexperience arewaiting for you. Easy and intuitive controls will letyouexperience and feel this extreme simulation! Sit behindthesteering and control the SUV while performing your duty. Drivinga4WD vehicle can be difficult; will you be able to completethejobs?Download 8x8 Off road Hummer SUV Racing Game 3D &enjoyoffroading experience for lifetime. experience racingadventuresbeyond roads across all zigzag terrains for strenuousgaming.DOWNLOAD NOW AND LET YOUR Offroad Jeep 4x4 Simulator BEGIN!
Commando Covert Strike Battle 1.0
Commando Covert Strike is an amalgamationofthe entire commando and mission based games, you are going toactlike an expert shooter, a sniper and a commando at the sametime.You are given the mission to sabotage the heavily guidedArmydefense base. As a fully trained ruthless Soldier, startthemissions by killing all enemies one by one collecting theirgunsand snipers to counter the upcoming situation.The enemy spies spotted you crossing the border and enteringtheirsoil through heavy mountains and dense jungle and could be arealthreat to you, army base is in the area with dense jungleandmountains. You are the expert of commando operation insuchconditions, you have to assassin each and every soldier inthemission area, shoot them to hell before they could attackyou.Enemies are aware of your expertise and they will targetyoubecause they are continuously spotting your secret location. Sobealert with your sharp shooting skills and modern weapon takingthemdown. Ambush and kill the enemies before they kill you.Newgeneration radar system is there which shows you the locationsanddeployment of enemies.You need to move fast and don't give your enemies time to shootyoubecause your life will drop and you will lose the battle whenyoudie. Shooting more enemies means more chances to survive intothearmy mission. It is not just a regular shooting game, you willnowlearn how to use different guns and shoot fast, before youevenstart to think. Yes, that is the task: to be able to shootbeforethinking about shooting them. If you aim and use yourshootingskills well, you will be able to give head shots.Download Commando Covert Strike and Simulate the CloseQuarterCombat in 3D style.Commando Covert Strike game features:^ Deadly Weapons.^ Thrilling Missions.^ Smooth and addictive game play.^ Amazing 3D graphics with realistic sounds .^ Weapon Swapping Action of Soldiers.^ Efficient weapon controls and movement.^ Thrilling missions Story with various challenges.^ HD graphics, music and voice performances perfectly adapted forashooter game^ Use modern radar to identify enemy location.^ Move forward, backward, left or right with joystickcontrol.^ Excellent adventure environment.^ It’s totally free game and easy to play.In this Commando Covert Strike Operation you are a memberofwell-trained SWAT group, assassin those fear mongers andradicalsall together not to happen such slaughter again in historyof yournation as they are responsible for tremendous frenzy andbloodbathin your mother land.How to play~ Tap shoot button to fire.~ Tap pause button to stop the game.~ Control joy stick for game play.~ To change weapon touch weapon change button.~ To pick medic kit, ammo and weapon touch pickup button.Just shoot the enemies and get access to the next level. If youaregetting bored and trying to make your time well passed,searchingfor 3D sniper games, Free Shooting games, Shooter Games soit’s thebest time to get this thrilling & Unlimited ActionPackedCommando game for free.Download Commando Covert Strike and accept challenge!
Extreme City Bicycle Race 1.0
★★★★★Ambitious 3D graphics, Realistic bicycle physics and New YorkCityracers are waiting for you. Bicycle Racing Simulation Game isLiveNow. Download Extreme City Bicycle Race, one of the bestnewgeneration latest bicycle racing games. Enjoy another rideinbicycle rider race games; enjoy riding a real bicycle racingandMoto drag simulator. Extreme City Bicycle Race, a bicycleracingand simulation games with all in one sports bicycle racinggames.Latest bicycle racing game. Your search for bicycle racinggames2017 is over now!!! Enjoy twist in bicycle riding and thevariousmotivational missions in this fast bicycle racing game. Inbicyclerider race game, become a legend of the racing track and bereadyfor the bicycle racing missions. Be the best bicycle racer youcanselecting one of the best heavy bicycles for Bicycle RideRushRacer racing fun mania. Bicycle City Ride Stunts Play a newlytypeof bicycle rider games. So resuscitate the exclusivity inbicyclerider racing simulator games with your bicycle ride. Youmust havesome audacity and responsibility required to ride theseamazinglots of BMX bicycles.Super Cycle Mayhem Rush bike racing like never before,unlockingbetter bikes and gear for bragging rights as the Conquerorof thehighways!The game Bicycle Rider Rush Racer play is user friendly. Justridethe bicycle and win the race from rivals. A fast sportsbicycleracing game with wide range of heavy bicycles having therealisticbicycles physics. Super Cycle Amaze Ride is packed withvariouslevels. It’s time to superintend other racing games andenjoy themarvelous sports bicycle rider racing in next generationbicycleracing mania games. Super Cycle Mayhem Rush is addictive newagecycle game. Let’s enjoy adventurous and action packedracing.Extreme City Bicycle Race Splashing features:- - - Modern city Highways for all styles of riding- - - Various Gear items for your rider and MTB bike- - - Realistic weather condition and atmosphere sounds- - - Get your racing bicycle and don’t get stuck in anywhere- - - Real Control Physics.- - - Challenging Objectives.- - - Immersive and addicting riding, sharp narrow turns.- - - Stunning realistic graphics, excellent eye catchinganimationand graphics.- - - Variety of 3D Camera Views.- - - Epic bike crashes, fun rag doll physics and activebikesuspension- - - Tricks, bunny hops and flips!- - - Foster new skills you didn’t knew you had.- - - Addictive gameplayDuring Game play :Select your favorite bicycle and rush for racing highways todefeatyour rivals. Your objective is riding your bicycle againstyourcompetitors through the city roads and reach first on finishlinein given time. You have no fuel or gas restriction butthecountdown is major part of the play, means time is your enemy,soride your bicycle as fast as possible and reach final point towinthe racing mania. Follow the arrows and reach destinationwithintime. Win all extreme races of this BMX bicycle game andcompleteall levels.TIPS:- Use your finger to grab the bicycle and toss around thehighwaywhen you're on the bike.- Make sure you pick the right shortcuts and steer control togetthe best score for each level.- Use intelligence through a difficult match to get to thetopposition on the score board.- Focus on your riding and avoid to falling down otherwise timewillgo up and cause your game over.- The next levels are more challenging and tough.Acrobatic stunts and amazing super bikes in death race arena,timeattack knockout along ,avoiding hurdles. Frustratingobstacles,crazy traffic, firestorm vehicles and gangsters of crimecity onyour way. Be aware of heavy traffic on junctions as they cansmashyou pretty bad. Satisfy your passion and fever towards racingandstunts challenge.You can deliver us all suggestions without hesitation. Your ideaisimportant than anything!Enjoy ….
Well of Death Stunts Car Rider 1.0
Here we are taking to you to entertainingridesof the full of thrilling and passionate stunting game, theWell ofdeath stunt rider. As one of the best android games Well ofdeathstunt rider gives you a super fantastic スタント fun andenjoyment witha new experience of daring driving, ride differentand racingagainst the 重力感应. In this brand new daring racing gameyou will haveto drive your vehicle in the deadly grave of deadlystunt performingenvironment like the dukes, there are differentkinds of vehiclesfor your choice like motor bike, car, jeep, van,prado, mini car andheavy bike, by choosing one of these umzugvehicles you will go toenjoy the well of death stunt rider gamesim. An attractive 3drealistic environment of the people’s fun andthe extreme thrillingentertainment of the tricky turbo climb,crazy fall, motor racing,car speeds, car jumping スタント and othermany automobile stunts withthe hd graphical effects of a regularpublic entertaining show. Thiskind of show is popular among thePakistani and Indian culture manypeople come from far off placesto see the festivals , the deadlystunt performers are coming fromfar placing to entertain the lovelylittle children, the killerstunt performer will entertain thechildren by performing differentkind of stunts in the deep well andmoving around the circle walls車内 and racing with the otherperformers also, there will be bikeriders and car drivers both atthe same time or the bike or a carracers at a time, Its reallydangerous and daring to drive likethat because the stunt performerscan drive for a while after thattheir heads can blow up by boilingblood , one little mistake candestroy the whole career of aperformer. In this well of deathstunt rider game the driver of thevehicle performs the revolvingumzug stunts, moto racing stunts,flying stunts, edge stunts,livello rides, bike one wheeling stuntsand many other extremewondering impossible stunts on the vehicles.Remember one thingthat it is never easy to balance your car andmoto while performingthe killing stunts on the walls of the deadlydeep well so alwaysbe careful and you should have some ideas aboutthis dangerous gameplay. Well death stunt rider is an android gameand has a completenavigating system for the android setup as gear,breaks, race,power systems with buttons use on mobile device, andthe easilycontrollable steering to handle your auto or motovehicles toperform in the well. You as a player need build up yourconfidenceto drive and race in to the extreme deep well and todrive andslowly go up to the walls of the well slowly by keeping aneye onthe speed gauge also, because if the speed slows down thenthe carcan fall down, so it’s a great risk in driving such a car,also afew coins are also kept on the walls of the death racers tocollectthem to unlock more cars as well and bikes also. So are youreadyto dare an impossible challenge yourself the come and take astepin the deadly deep well.