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Bored Breaker 1.0
An instant to learn- A lifetime to master! Break from boredom andbreak boards with Bored Breaker - a quick reaction game designed tochallenge your reflexes complete with HD graphics and realisticphysics to delight your eyes. Refine your skills with thepredictable Zen mode in preparation for a real test of skill inNinja mode.
My Magnificent Balls! 1.0
This is the spot to grab the prototype/alpha/demo/proof-of-conceptedition of My Magnificent Balls! MM Balls! is a high-speed,high-skill, physics-based, top-down, arcade, smash-‘em-up modeledafter the classic quarter-gobblers of yore, but with that ‘specialtwist’ Grandpop Games have become known for. Additionally, it comeswith a long list of descriptive terms in the description, completewith many commas and hyphens included AT NO CHARGE!Featuresinclude:•Ten levels with a gentle learning curve to showcase thecore gameplay •Real physics determines not just where you Swing,but how Hard•Eight unique power-ups ranging from Incredibly Usefulto Outright Stupid •Toe-tappingly terrific music from CDK•Musically driven effects that enhance the visuals without blindingthe player •A ‘combo decay’ system designed to allow everyone toachieve high scores while still rewarding experts •Unlimitedcontinues so everyone can enjoy the entire game (At the cost oftheir score) •And, as always, a fabulously overproduced titlescreenThis project is currently ‘on hiatus’ with furtherdevelopment being considered in 2016. If you would like to helpshape the future of MM Balls! (or, more appropriately, decide if ithas a future at all), leave comments, criticism, and [email protected] or via Twitter @ryte2byteIn themeantime, please enjoy this ad free version of My MagnificentBalls!