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GoCasual 1.7
We are GoCasual, a job searching appthatallows you to apply for jobs with a simple swipe of yourfinger.Our app features ‘tinder-like’ functions where job seekersarematched with interested employers. Unlike other recruitmentapps,GoCasual provides a platform for job seekers to speak directlywithemployers through our in-app chat platform.GoCasual wants to help find your passion, by streamlining thejobsearch process. With our app, you can easily apply for jobswithoutthe need for a personalised CV or Cover Letter. Simplycompleteyour profile with your key information and you are readytoGoCasual!• Browse leisurely and share jobs easily with our Instagramlikefeed• Tailor your job feed with the jobs you’re most interestedin,using the search function• Build a profile with your skills, personality traits,pastexperiences and qualifications-then swipe away!• When matched, chat and build a relationship with yourpotentialemployer• Rate and review your past employers and also view reviewswrittenby others• Share the right job opportunities to your family and friendswhoare looking for jobs!