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Human Resources 1.0
Free Application learns you human resources bysimple way and complete materialGraphic4World ( G4W ) present free learning applications , studythrough your device
شرح كامل للفوتوشوب 1.6
نقدم لمك شرح كامل لجميع ادوات واجزاءالفوتوشوبمع التوضيح بالصور لكجميع النقاط و بالتفصيلنرجوا تقييم الابليكشن و الاستفاده للجميع
Mechanical Engineering Album 1.3
هذا المعجم يعد من المصادر المهمه فىهندةالميكانيكا و قد اعتمدت على ترجمة المصطلحات الانجليزيهللعربيهولكثير من المصطلحات يتبعها صور مناسبة تعبر عن المفهوم وفكرةالمصطلحوتبين الجانب العملى لهذه الاصطلاحاتوتساعد على فهمها وحفظهااكثر هذه الصور هى من مصادر معتبره و من الشركات المصنعهلهذهالقطعات
Interactive 3D Home 1.1
Searching for your dream home 3D HouseDesignmay seem daunting as you try to distinguish thousands offloorplans. We make it easy for you. that allow you design yourhouseinterior design floor plan which helps you placing yourfurniture ,kitchen design , Bedroom Design , in the 3D interactiveHome
Unlimited Shooter 3.0.9
Unlimited_Shooter ( US ) has 10 levels ,looking for weapons to wingraphic4arab sending best wehses to all guys who playingthisgame
nissan infiniti (AR) 1.0
Augmented reality application aboutNissanInfinity Car .Hope you feed back our project and rate it ,,,we ready to create any augmented reality to your company andyourbusinessthis application run good at tablet 10.11.print picture of Nissan infinity car which up application .3.put picture front cam
ابليكشن تعليمى لكلية ( تجارة عين شمس ) يحتوىعلى كل المحاضرات والملازم لجميع الفرق لجميع المواد( خلى الملازم على موبيلك وذاكر فى وقت فراغك فى اى مكان )بالتوفيق لجميع الطلاب والطالبات و ندعوا لنشره ودعم المصمم بتنزيلالعابنا و نشرها بين الاصدقاء للاستمرار للترم القادم والعامالقادم
Project Management 2.9
application containmanegement Context,manegementProcesses,Intergrationmanegement,Scope manegement,TimemanegementCost manegement , Quality manegement , HR , Communication , Risk,Project Procurment .study through your device
Discover the revamped controls andanimation,bringing your warrior skills to life so you can see evenmoresatisfying monster and demon kills at the end of your sword.Visit our official site at www.graphic4world.comLike us on Facebook at to getmoreinfo about all our upcoming titles.This free fantasy game is best suited for fans of hack 'n'slash,action RPGs, dark fantasy games.the game now for free!
Unlimited Shooter 2 2.5
Unlimited_Shooter2 ( US2 )- new weapons- new regions- new killing system- new enemys- Ultra REALISTIC 3D graphics and cool animationsAIM and SHOOT! Download now for FREE one of the bestshootinggames!DOWNLOAD the app for FREE now and don't miss amazing NEWCONTENTon periodic UPDATES. If you like fighting games, you willlove thecool Unlimited Shooter 2 game!Not decided yet if you're UP to the CHALLENGE?Forget those dumb, repetitive shooting games. Here, yourdutywill include racing against time,graphic4world sending best wehses to all guys who playingthisgame
Doors & Windows 1.0
Graphic4World presentDoors&Windowsapplication to help people designing their futurehome andbuildingDoors&windows occupy the minds of many homeowners whenbuildingtheir homes. Do they want to have modern, minimalistwindows or gofor more elaborate and ornate old fashioned windowsthat are worksof art in themselves.Now ,you can see your next doors and windows live at camera andyoucan got photos for them to can make your perfect choose beforebutthem .You must install Door&Windows application if you wannachooseyour next perfect doors and windows with out any mistakeinmeasurement or in color .... etc