Gravidi One Games Apps

Colorjoy 4.0.0
Just match 3 squares of the same color! It's simple, but enormouslyfun! Similar to 2048, but with colors only! How far can youget?Thank you for playing.
Forest Garden Match 4 3.0
Forest Garden is a new Match-4 puzzle game. Plan each movecarefully!You need to match 4 or more flowers to complete thetarget of levels in Forest Garden game. You can match horizontally,diagonally, or vertically. Combine 5 or more to get Super Flowersfor even more coins and easier level completion.Play is very easyand very funny,- let's begin a fantastic puzzle game.Features:●Fresh play of puzzle game.● Complete adventurous levels and unlockpackages.● Easy and fun to play, challenging to master.● Hundredsof amazing levels in the garden.● Lives refill every ten minutes●Collect coins to buy powerups● Spend coins on special Gifts onvarious levels.Thank you for playing.
Dot Run 1.3
Try to reach the highest score and jump into the leaderboards.There are multiple characters that you can play around. Your taskis to get as far as possible. Are you ready to rise above youropponents in the leaderboards? Features:- Simple one touch play-All ages- Addicting endless mode- Multiple characters- IncredibleGraphics
Risk Way 3.5
Get ready for one of the most infuriatingly challenging gamesyou've ever played! Make your way across room after room, each onefilled with even deadlier dangers than the previous one.Tap yourcharacter through the traps without getting killed and reach thestar at the end of the room. Will you make the deadly journey onRisk Way?Features:*Simple tap to move gameplay*Amazing sounds*Tonsof levels*Quick loading, minimalist and amazing graphics*Alwaysfree to play!Pick up and start a game today!Thank you forplaying.edade0ef42
Faces of Horror Trivia - Horror Quiz 3.2.2dk
Faces of Horror Trivia is a unique trivia game with 48+ levels thatincrease in difficulty as you progress through the game. *Newlevels added every week! Do a simple check by clicking on thelevels button and game will automatically pull in any new levels wehave added.With every level, you will be given a picture of a facethat is covered up with tiles. You will also be given a clue as towhat monster face or horror character lies beneath. The fewer tilesyou click, the more coins you will receive. You can get Hints orAsk Friends for help with each level.*Hints - You can either expose1 letter, remove extra letters, or solve the clue.*Friends - Askfriends for help on any level.Earn more coins for free by takingPollfish surveys or sharing game. Save up those coins and spendwisely!
Houses of Horror Trivia - Horror Quiz 3.2.2dk
Houses of Horror Trivia - the new quiz & guess the picture gamefrom Gravidi One Games.45 Quiztacular Levels, with new levels addedevery week! Do a simple check by clicking on the Levels button andgame will automatically update with any new levels.With everylevel, you will be given a picture of a house that is covered upwith tiles. You will also be given a clue as to what Horror Movieties in with that house. The fewer tiles you click, the more coinsyou will receive. You can get Hints or Ask Friends for help witheach level.*Hints - You can either expose 1 letter, remove extraletters, or solve the clue.*Friends - Ask friends for help on anylevel.As you progress through the 40+ levels of Houses of Horror,you may notice that the puzzles will get more difficult. Earn morecoins for free by taking Pollfish surveys or sharing game with yourfriends. Save up those coins and spend wisely!
Iso Dash 1.1
- How to play -* Jump two times by tapping the screen.* Avoid allobstacles and isometric shapes.*Tap the screen while the cube is inthe air to make it go jump even more higher.* Hold down on thescreen to duck under obstacles.Have fun and thank you for playing.
Switch To Gravity 1.0
Imagine turning space upside down and defying the laws of Switch ToGravity.Switch To Gravity is an addictive game that requires focus,concentration and precise timing.You must travel your box throughthe maze without running into any of the platform walls. With asingle tap, you will switch your gravity and be on the oppositeplatform. Another single tap, and you are backdown.Features:*Addicting gameplay*Multiple platforms tocollect*Random spawning mazes so every restart is different*25boxes to purchase for your Switch to Gravity journey.*Always freeto play!Have fun and thank you for playing.
Children of Horror Trivia - Horror Quiz 3.2.3z
Children of Horror Trivia - the new horror quiz & guess thepicture game from Gravidi One Games.48 Levels, with new levelsadded every week! Do a simple check by clicking on the Levelsbutton and game will automatically update with any new levels.Withevery level, you will be given a picture of a child that is coveredup with tiles. You will also be given the name of the Horror Moviethat the character is from. The fewer tiles you click, the morecoins you will receive. Answer correctly and advance.You can getHints or Ask Friends for help with each level.*Hints - You caneither expose 1 letter, remove extra letters, or solve theclue.*Friends - Ask friends for help on any level.As you progressthrough the 40+ levels of Children of Horror Trivia, you may noticethat the puzzles will get more difficult. Earn more coins for freeby taking Pollfish surveys or sharing game with your friends. Saveup those coins and spend wisely!
Ninja Leap 1.0
Ninja Leap is a new and exciting new game with minimalist graphicsand a friendly user interface. The goal is simple: let Ninja jumpfrom platform to platform, while collecting orbs and not falling tohis untimely death. Platforms can move either way, so keep Ninjabalanced before jumping to the next platform. A double jump allowsNinja to leap further. Now, Ninja Leap!Features:*Endless freeplay*Google Play Leaderboards*IAP to remove ads*Multiple Leap!characters to purchase.*Great graphics!*Updated regularly!Have funand thank you for playing.
Avoid Dot 1.2
Avoid the Red Dot, collect the blue orbs, and cross that next line!Enjoy the newest game from Gravidi One Games, an easy to play, hardto complete single tap thriller!
Ghost In The Jungle 1.3
Gravidi One Games now brings you a beautiful new game, Ghost in theJungle.Try to reach the highest score and jump into theleaderboards. There are multiple ghost characters that you canstart with. Your task is to get the ghost as far as possible intothe jungle while you are avoiding obstacles. Are you ready to riseabove your opponents in the leaderboards? Features:- Always free!-Simple one touch play- All ages- Addicting endless mode- Multipleghosts- Unique graphics- Leaderboards
Weapons of Horror Trivia - Horror Quiz 3.1.4z
Weapons of Horror Trivia - the new horror quiz & guess thepicture game from Gravidi One Games.40 superb Levels, with newlevels added every week! Do a simple check by clicking on theLevels button and game will automatically update with any newlevels.With every level, you will be given the picture of a horrormovie weapon that is covered up with tiles. You will also be giventhe name of the Horror Movie that the weapon is from. The fewertiles you click, the more coins you will receive. Answer correctlyand advance.You can get Hints or Ask Friends for help with eachlevel.*Hints - You can either expose 1 letter, remove extraletters, or solve the clue.*Friends - Ask friends for help on anylevel.As you progress through the 40+ levels of Weapons of HorrorTrivia, you may notice that the puzzles will get more difficult.Earn more coins for free by taking Pollfish surveys or sharing gamewith your friends. Save up those coins and spend wisely! As always,thank you for playing.
Horror Wordsearch Pro 1.2.3z
Horror Wordsearch Pro by Gravidi One Games is a new quiz/wordsearch game with over 30 levels of hidden words and themes ofhorror and halloween. Words can be hidden upside down, diagonally,backwards, but never connected with another word. Simply drag yourfinger over the letters to find the words. However, there is noword list! Words may be horror movie titles, directors, halloweenwords, or anything scary. Find all the words and levelup!Features:*Horror/Halloween Custom themed word search game.*35current levels of play.*Increasing difficulty throughout game.*Earncoins with surveys and sharing game/scores.*Use coins for hints atrevealing locations of words.*Custom horror/halloweensounds.*Unique Hints system which rewards Hints after everylevel.Enjoy all of the Horror and Halloween Quiz Games from GravidiOne Games and thank you for playing.
Gold Digger Ultimate 4
Gravidi One Games brings you the Incredible Gold DiggerUltimate!The best gold miner game is back and better than ever.Inthis epic game , you are a gold miner and your job is to mine gold,jewels and dynamite. Move side to side to find the largest nuggetsand avoid the stone! You will have a $ goal for everylevel....reach your goal and you will be able to continue your GoldDigging ways. You will be able to visit the shop after everysuccessful level, where you can find a catalog of priceless itemsto help you in your quest.GOLD DIGGER FEATURES*Beautiful graphicsand cool animations*Classic gameplay*60+ progressive levels*Over 12different enemies*Catalog & Item Shop*Complete tasks withintime limit*Various targets: dig gold to collect target money.PlayGold Digger Ultimate today!
Couple Dots by Drawing 1.1
✿Couple Dots by Drawing allows you to unite two distant lovers. Letyour creativity be their bridge to uniting once more. So force somecreativity out of your mind and let there be love again.✿You candraw and make anything solid from lines. Like a support beam, aloop, a roller coaster. Any shape you can think of. As soon as youleave the screen after making something the gravity will do therest and the shape will also become solid.✿You have to be creativeand smart at the same time because some objects you make might actas a repulsor and unwittingly push the dots back. If the dots hitthe left or right ends of the screen they will explode and die.✿Soall this open creativity and the idea to make something can be veryexciting. And it IS!!! And the excitement doesn't stop here either.The game has stunning graphics and immersive gameplay along withprogressing difficulty. So that your brain keeps on pumping thosegood ideas for you to try.★Main Features★✓Many varying levels toplay and try stuff in.✓Creativity Boosting.✓High-EndGraphics.✓Immersive Gameplay.✓Tips and Tricks to help you out.✓ItsFREE TO PLAY. FOREVER!!!!❋Please provide us with your preciousfeedback. As it helps in making the game grow and in making itbug-free. So let's go and UNITE some dots!!! Thank you for playing.
Endless Highway Traffic Racer 1.2
Enjoy this incredible new racing game from Gravidi One Games!Endless Highway - Traffic Racer is a car simulator endless racinggame against traffic. Dodge traffic vehicles at high speeds, earnhigh scores, buy & upgrade your rides! It is one of the mostaddicting and entertaining car racing games of 2017 whichchallenges you to a real life car racing experience.Features:*Superb 3D graphics and beautiful realisticenvironment.*Multiple cars to choose from and purchase.*Excitingunique game modes (including "Speed Bomb" modeled after the movie"Speed") *Original and realistic sound.*High performance carscustomization.*Multiple game modes like One Way, Two Way, TimeTrial, Speed Bomb.*Mobile friendly controls.(Touch or Tilt(viaAccelerometer or Gyrometer)*Multiple camera views etc.*Always FREEto in-app purchases.Have fun racing and thank you forplaying.
Puzzlous - Fit The Blocks (block puzzle game) 1.0.1
Meet Puzzlous! the exciting new offering from Gravidi One Games.Puzzlous! is your utlitmate Hex & Block freestyle game. Yourtask is simple - Fit the blocks on the grid to eliminate each rowand column. This thrilling new puzzle game will not disappoint.Forevery randomly generated block shapes, pick each one and place iton the grid. Fill each row or column to eliminate the blocksvertically or horizontally.You lose the game when there is no morespace available on the board to place new blocks.High scores willbe saved and shared across Google Play Leaderboards...try to beatyour friends!Game Features• Classic Mode: Simply drag each blockand fill both column and rows to clear all blocks.• Hexagon Mode:Pick each set of six-sided hexagon and drop on the hex grid. Cleareach diagonal row to complete.• Timer Mode: To enjoy a morechallenging game play, try out the time base version. You arerequired to complete each task before time runs out• Bomb Mode:This becomes more interesting and challenging as well. Bombs aregenerated randomly and you are required to fill the row or columnthe bomb is in to clear it before it counts down to zero.• PlusMode: You get more complex blocky shapes and it is certainly themost challenging mode of all!
Zonk Adventures - Jungle Mania 2 1.2
Zonk is a funny masked hedgehog superhero character who journeysaround the world to save his land from the evil monkey soldiers whothreaten his country's existence.Zonk adventure run gameplay iseasy: simply tap screen to jump, double tap to jump further andtap/hold to soar through the air. Slide your finger down to comecrashing down on enemies heads or break barrels. Watch out for TNTbarrels, venomous plants, and the evil monkey soldiers. Defeat theboss at the end of each world to continue Zonk's adventure run.GameFeatures:*Daily coin gifts for logging in.*Free coins by watchingvideos.*Collect Dragonfish to continue the game after losing alife.*Shop with character enhancements and many in-game items.*6Amazing Worlds to Enjoy.*120 Levels with more coming soon.EnjoyZonk Adventure Run - Jungle Mania 2!Thank you for playing.
Fall Down - Falling Ball Drop Game 1
The ball is automatically falling and your objective is to keep theball from hitting the obstacles on the way and fall down as far asyou can. Fall Down, the free ball drop game is a fast-pacedaddictive game with one-touch gameplay and if you are looking foran endless fall ball game, you’ve come to the right place. So, doyou think you’ve got what it takes to control the falling ball andpass it through the random spawning obstacles, and beat the highscore in the leaderboard?Fall Down, comes with a clean and neatdesign and the interface is so user-friendly and the gameplay is soeasy to learn that you’ll get the whole idea after trying this freeball drop and falldown game for a few times. The ball is droppingautomatically and you just need to keep tapping on the screen tocontrol the pace of the dropping ball and manage to pass throughthe obstacles without being hit. Note that, the objects andobstacles appear on the screen randomly and you only have one life.So, make sure to be completely focused on the fast-paced gameplay,collect as many gems as you can, and fall as far as it takes to beat the top of the leaderboard.Fall Down Main Features at aGlance:*Clean and neat design with fresh and intuitivegameplay*Wonderful graphics with amazing sound effects andmusic*Endless, fast-paced, and addictive gameplay*Collectgems*Leaderboard feature*Choose wide range of balls to falldown*Funfor all ages*Free to playSo, download Fall Down for free, let theball drop challenge begin, and let us know about any bugs,questions, feature requests or any other suggestions.
Autism Awareness Fidget Spinner 1.0
This new app is on the spectrum!Autism Awareness Fidget Spinner isa brand new themed fidget spinner from Gravidi One Games, bringingawareness to the original use of the spinner per CatherineHettinger.Enjoy this fun spinner game with plenty of features andbeautiful custom graphics.Features:*Collect coins by swiping thefidget.*Spend coins on new fidget spinners and powerups to increaseyour swiping power.*Level up and beat your own scores.*Unlock newspinners. *Stay tuned for updates and new themed spinners.Hours offidgeting fun!Thank you for playing.
Jungle Mystery - Match 3 1.1
Jungle mystery is a mystery match-3 board located in the forest.Your task mission is to journey around the world through 300 + maps, finishing all levels and missions.Your goal is to destroy allmystery boxes in the jungle by swiping at least 3 with the samecolor and design to destroy. Swipe 4 together and get a shiny box.Swipe 5 and get a color orb. Combine or use these power-ups toclear the board in record time!Clear the star after all boxes arematched and win the level!Jungle Mystery is sure to keep youentertained for hours with its beautiful graphics and relaxingsoundtrack.
Flip Colors 1.1
Play the most addictive game of the year!Tap the ball carefullythrough each obstacle and pass through different colors indifferent shapes and sizes.Earn points for each successfulclearance.Use powerups to go further.You must follow the colorpattern on each obstacle to cross it !Be careful not to passthrough the wrong color, or you’ll have to start again.Thank youfor playing.
Ethereum Rate & Exchange Calculator Pro (Free) 2.0
Check real-time pricing rates of Ethereum, the top risingalternative to Bitcoin. Free app allows you to get the current ETHprice and convert any amount to 79 different world currencies.Great lightweight app for on the go consumers and cryptocurrencyusers.
Space Jumper 3D (Free) 1.1
Jump through space in this brand-new FREE colorful offering fromGravidi One Games!*Multiple characters to choose from!*Collectibleskins for cubes and characters!*Full game with easy controls andaddicting gameplay!*Buy powerups from achieving higher scores!Aunique 3D experience that lets you guide your character from cubeto cube...don't look down!
Life! Water Puzzle 1.0.3
Life! Water PuzzleThe year is 2070 and World War 3 has completelydestroyed the earth. Thermonuclear hydrogen bombs have devastatedall plant life. You play after a benevolent god came bringing waterwhere there was dust, life where there was death.Simply create apath for the water to flow and nourish the plant life. SaveLife!Features*Original story and gameplay*Stunning graphics*Tons oflevels to complete. *Two free worlds: Desert & Forest*Two otherworlds available with IAP.Thank you for playing.
Gravidi One Games Official App 1.0
Welcome free game lovers.This is the official app of Gravidi OneGames.*Stay informed about our new releases from one convenientplace.*Enable push notifications to receive updates*Browse our FBtab for special promos and deals.Thank you for playing.
Flappy Kim Jong Un 1.3
Flap by tapping and pass between and through missiles!Make sure youdon't touch anything or Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un will get angry!★Colorful HD graphics★ Avoid missiles★ Challenge your friends andhelp Kim Jong Un from his own missiles !Thank you for playing.