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Bee Sound - Best Prank App 1.0.1
Bee Buzz Prank - The Top ScareAppPrank yo' kids! Prank yo' wife! The funniest prank is nowavailable on app! Scare friends with real killer bee buzz audiothat will have them running for their lives! Send in your videosideas and reviews to get featured! Twitter #beeprank tosubmit!Here Are Some Classic Bee Pranks and IdeasBee On Your Head Prank: Bee in Elevator Prank: to Get a Girl to Show Her Boobs Prank: Bee Hive Prank: your pranks and we will post them here live foreveryone to see!Things can go wrong when your prank, so don't be stupid!Make sure your joke is funny, but doesn't hurt anyone!Great for:- April Fools Day Prank- Scaring Friends- Office Prank- Pranking Girls- Days at the beach or lakeThis is the best prank app for Android and we think you will loveit! Submit your feedback to!Gravy Baby GamesFacebook: http://www.gravy-baby.comEmail:
Milk The Cow - Speed Challenge 1.1.0
MILK THE COW (FARM GAME) - SPEEDCHALLENGEIt's Milk Day!! Get your fingers ready for some farm work! It's ahot day out there! Milk that cow as fast as you can in this cowmilking speed challenge!!"An online speed challenge that will have your thumbsburning!"ω DON'T TUG TOO HARD! ωEver milked a cow? Utters can get really sore! Don't tug toohard or you won't produce quality or quantity, and you'll irritatethose nipples! Long even strokes produce the most milk and helpsyou fill the bucket faster. How fast can you milk that cow? Getyour milking skills down and see how fast you can make Grade Amilk.★ "Challenge your friends with your Google Accounts through theonline leaderboards!"★ "Unlock hilarious and challenging achievements by becoming thecow milking champion!"ω MOSQUIT-OH-NOES! ωSwat the mosquitoes and flies away before they bite the cow utters.If they get you, that nipple stings and you can't make any milk fora couple seconds.ONLINE COMPETITION WITH GOOGLEBe the cow milking legend! Log in to your Google account to competewith your friends in a hilarious and competitive speed challenge.Check it out today!FREE TO PLAY BY GRAVY BABY MEDIAPlease leave us feedback and check out our other games! Feel freeto reach us at our website or e-mail at
Frozen Screen: Best Prank Apps 1.0
Frozen Screen - Best Prank AppsPrank your friends with the realest frozen screen effects with thebest prank app on Android!"Hey look! My screen is frozen!"Use it as a real prank to fool your friends, or as the ultimate dadjoke "I had to many tabs open and my phone froze!" and watch theeyeballs roll.☻ 100% FREE☺ Use your finger to swipe the frost off the screen☻ Activate with shake, whistle, or automatic timer☺ 12+ ultra-realistic frozen screen effects, all included☻ Works with all phones and tablets☺ Check out our other prank apps and fun games!
Bikini Jump - Hot Girls Game 1.0.5
Sexy Bikini Jump: Hot Girls Game -- The gamewhere hot girls in bikinis try to jump their way to the top!"It's hot girls in bikinis jumping around! What more can you askfor?" - Rob FordIn Sexy Bikini Jump, fun meets sexy! Hot girls jiggle and bouncetheir way the beach, collecting popsicles along the way. Unlocklots of sexy and beautiful girls in a luxurious beach setting. Andbe sure to watch out for that horny old man! A simple and fun jumpchallenge that can be enjoyed anywhere.MATURE GAME WARNING: This game does not have any nudity orprofanity, but is suggestive in its nature, in that there are girlsjumping around in bikinis. If you are offended by crude orsatirical humor this game is not for you. This game is not intendedfor children and is rated High Maturity.For more simple and fun games be sure to check out our other appson Google Play:
Stickman Saw Run ("Stick Saw") 1.16
✺ Stickman Saw Run (a.k.a "Stick Saw")✺Stickman runs for his life in a thrilling casual game forAndroid!Can you react fast enough? Or will your reflexes leave you coveredin blood. Stick Saw is like the popular 'Do Not Crash' game,but with a dark theme and 3 unique levels! Tap tojump from floor to ceiling to dodge the saw blades to avoid yourdemise!GAME FEATURES:✺ 3 New Levels - No more running or driving around incircles.✺ 3 Crazy Difficulties - See if you can master Normal, Hard,and Insane difficulties.✺ Easy Controls - One tap is all it takes!✺ Google Play Game - Compete against friends and othergamers with leaderboards and achievements!✺ Play Anywhere - The casual game that can be played byanyone, anywhere!✺ 100% Free! - No content unlocks or advantage IAPS. Just anoptional IAP to remove ads.PERMISSIONS:✺ Read Phone Status - Keeps your screen awake duringgame✺ Full Network Access - For Google Play Games online playand leaderboards✺ In-App Purchase - One in-app purchase option to removeadsGRAVY BABY MEDIA:Thank you for playing Stickman Saw Run! Please leave yourfeedback or e-mail us at with anyquestions or comments. Check out our other games too!
Where's My Toilet Paper Party? 1.1
Where my Toilet Paper? Here it is! Pull itdown! Before it goes in the water, you gotta unroll it as fast asyou can! We jest not! Unroll the toilet paper as fast as you can tobe the champion of this exciting speed challenge!----Unroll the toilet paper as fast as possible! Become the speedchampion amongst all of your friends! Own your speed and dexterityon the Google Play Games leaderboards and unlock unique andhilarious achievements! Be warned: This is an addicting race gamethat most people can't put down.---SIMPLE & FRANTIC GAME PLAY: Use your thumbs or fingers to dragdown the small, medium, large, or extra large toilet paper as fastas your can go! Easy to pick up and play, and addictively fun!Multi touch technology gives this game the most realistic andaccurate unroll on the market. And HD graphics so crisp you canalmost smell the lint rolling off the paper (okay, we're getting abit farfetched).---MATCH UP ONLINE: Battle your friends in live, multi-player speedchampionships. Settle debate, place bets, and see who's thumbs arereally blazing! Thanks to Perry Dash and Parti Arti for settingthe record on the Play Games leader board, you will remain hereuntil your score is beaten!---Rated higher than 'Drag Toilet Paper' and the other toilet paperapps because of better graphics, online play, achievements, andtablet compatibility. Where's My Toilet Paper? Install the mostfrantic, panic inducing, and hilarious game on Android FREE.---WHERE'S MY GRAVY?: Thanks to all the toilet paper unrollers andsupporters of Where's My Toilet Paper and our other casual partygames. Feel free to visit our site at for support or tolearn more about us, or feel free to e-mail us at
Don't Tap Hot Lava Tile 1.0
The volcano has erupted! Hot lava iseverywhere! Watch where you step, don't step anywhere but the stonetiles. Tap the lava and you will turn to ashes! Try to do it asfast as possible and compete against other players and your friendsonline. There are a couple of game modes: time attack and long run.Try it out now!Features:Extremely fun and easy to pick up gameplay(Very)Smooth performanceTime Attack mode - try to go as far as you can in given timeLong Run mode - reach specific distance in as little time aspossibleGoogle Play Games LeaderboardsSocial sharing
Fruit Juggle - Best Brain Game 1.0.4
SHOW OFF YOUR NINJA REFLEXES IN FRUITJUGGLE!"Requires ninja focus and pilot-like hand-eye coordination.juggling long is hard but super fun and intense!" - Paul J." Wars and war games are not as intense as this! Who would thinkfruit juggling is such a fun game to test reflexes. Greatcompetition online!" - Stan V."Very entertaining for our kids. Keeps them entertained and engagedfor a long time." - Bernadette P.~~FRUIT JUGGLE: A first of its kind game for Android and iOS phonesand tablets. With multiple fruits bouncing off wood planks, makesure they land on the boards and NOT in the water! A sharp mind and"ninja reflexes" are required to be a legend, so crack your fingersand get ready to show off your brain in a play-as-long-as-youcan-make-it juggle adventure!:::::: CASUAL AND ADDICTIVE ::::::Fruit Juggle is easy to learn and play! When the fruit is in theair, drag it and make sure it lands on the planks. Slowly, more andmore fruits are thrown in the mix! Make sure your brain and fingersare fast enough to not drop the fruits. 3 Strikes and you're out!This is not like fruit ninja and not like soccer balljuggling.:::::: COMPETE ONLINE WITH GOOGLE PLAY GAMES ::::::Put your skill to the test on the live stage! Log in with yourGoogle account for live leader boards, achievements, andhead-to-head online challenges coming soon!:::::: GREAT FOR EVERYONE! ::::::Kids and adults can compete in the this game, and everyone canbuild their hand-eye coordination! Got a Nexus phone, GalaxyTablet, Kindle Fire, you name it: Fruit Juggle works on them all,and looks great with graphics optimized for the latest HDdisplays!:::::: GRAVY BABY MEDIA ::::::There's nothing we love more than rating and your feedback! We arepleased to offer you free games and hope to make your day better!E-mail us at orvisit us at!
Dumb Jumper 1.0.7
☺ ☻ ☺ DUMB JUMPER ☺ ☻ ☺These funny characters are dumb in many ways, but they don't wantto die! Don't let them SPLAT to their deaths, tilt your phone tokeep them on the platform!"Dumb Jumper is a great game with funny characters to unlock thatkeeps kids entertained for a while!""Tilt and tap mechanics. Google Play Games and super funnycharacters. What more can I want?"✺ SUPER FUN & SUPER DUMB ✺An homage to Doodle Jump back in its simpler days, but with a gravybaby twist! Unlock 4 unique characters with unique and sillyabilities and lives!✺ ONLINE LEADER BOARDS ✺Compete with your friends on the Google Play Games leaderboard andsee if you can make it to the top in this addictive, eye-pleasing,and hilarious jumping game!✺ GRAVY BABY MEDIA ✺Check out our other games at We appreciate yourfeedback and rating. E-mail us at
Flee - The Box Escape Game 1.0
Flee - The Box Escape GameThe addictive, competitive game that tests your finger speedandreflexes is now on Google Play and integrated with GooglePlayGames!The Rules Are Simple: Drag your finger to move the bluebox,and avoid the moving red boxes. The longer you can avoidgettinghit, the higher on the leader board you will be!
Pebble Zen - Top Puzzle Game 1.0.2
㊝ Pebble ZEN for Android ㊝☯ "You must truly carry a supreme mind if you plan on making itpastlevel 20" - Android Gamer ☯☯ "Watch how even the smartest will be baffled by this brainpuzzlemasterpiece" - Android Gamer ☯PEBBLE ZEN: TOP Puzzle Game99 Levels of Intense Puzzle Challenge await! Pebble Zen is agamefor the casual to advanced brain gamer with a soothingzensoundtrack. Pick it up and play anywhere -- even a bumpybus,train, car, or plane ride -- all you need is your mind.SIMPLE RULESTap the space to flip all of the pebbles around it. Clear all ofthepebbles off the board to complete the level. The concept isthatsimple! A tutorial is included!HOURS OF CHALLENGE & FUNWe challenge you to take the Pebble Zen test. Complete the gameinless than a week, and we will put your name on the homepage ofourwebsite!
Scary Face Prank Screen Scare 1.1
Scary Face Prank App“Amazing prank! Totally scary, especially around Halloween time.”–Art M.“I LOVE IT; this is totally creepy! I’m going to get all ofmyfriends with this one.” – Hope D.“Very scary prank! I forgot I had it on and scared the crap outofmyself! Be careful, people.” – Tanya R.“NO MERCY!” – Daniel T.“I gave it to my mother, asked her to read a number off for me,andthen I clapped! BAM, she was terrified. What an awesome,terrifyingprank app. And it’s FREE!!!” – Sam S.“Yet another hilarious prank app! Keep them coming, guys!” –KevinG.“My girlfriend almost fainted because of this one. I’ll getheragain in a month! LOL!.” – Cam L.Be the director of your own scary movie, or should we say prank!Youcan choose when and where to scare your friends. Just choosethescary face, how it will be activated, and who you wanttoterrify!You can plan your perfect scary prank using one of thehorrifyingzombie photos! This is a perfect prank for the mobilephone andtablet platforms. Watch the priceless look on yourfriend’s facewhen they have a scary face pop up on the window outofnowhere!Best Scary/Horror Prank App☣ Choose between different zombie illusion photos☣ Activated by clap, timer, shake, or make it immediate!☣ Prank your friends and family into thinking your phoneispossessed☣ Free app forever!☣ Graphic, horror animations to give a realistic look☣ A perfect ‘bored game’☣ Completely customizable to get the perfect scare every time☣ We love to hear your scare stories. Tell us how you prankedyourloved ones!
Fog Screen - Best Prank App 1.0
Fog Screen - Best Prank App“This app is hilarious! I convinced my boyfriend that hisphonewas completely fogged while he was in the bathroom. Andit’sfree!” – Alli C.“My parents aren’t incredibly tech savvy; I totally fooledtheminto thinking their phone was fogged up for days!!!” –MichaelG.“I pulled this one when my friend and I went to the steamroom.We got out and his phone was steamy; he completely freaked outwhenhe couldn’t fix it! Haha, perfect!” – Allen D.“After using the ‘cracked phone app,’ I downloaded this gemfromthe same company. I pranked my girlfriend once again! Haha!!Keepthem coming, guys!” – Tyler B.“This app is such a relief from boredom. I prank EVERYONEathome!!!” – Max C.“Epic!!!!! I got all of my friends with this one!” –NickJ.“One of the best prank apps out there!” – Wendy W.- - - BE THE PRANK MASTER! - - -Become the ultimate prankster while your friends try to figureoutwhy their phone is fogged up! This is a scare app that willhaveyour friends looking at their phones in horror trying tofixit!This is an absolutely hilarious prank to add to your mobile phoneortablet! The fog screen prank app will give the effect the phoneisfogged up; it will totally stun your friends and family!The fog screen won’t prevent the user from using the mobilephone,either. This is a simple, realistic app that will fit nicelyinyour prank arsenal!- - - Best Screen Fog and Steam Prank App - - -• Realistic, yet scary steam animation that simulates thescreenbeing steamed/fogged over• Easily activated by shake, whistle, timer or manually• You’re still able to use your phone even when fog appisactive• HD animation is certain to get you a priceless response!• This app is FREE! And it always will be.• Leave your friends and family completely puzzled while they trytofigure out how their phone “window” is fogged up!• A great “bored game!”• We get a kick out of the stories we’re sent by those of youwhouse this as a prank, keep them coming!
Bottle Shot Rampage 3D Gun Sim 1.0
BOTTLE SHOT RAMPAGE - Get Your Shoot On You consider yourself acrack shot? Prove it! Take out the cans, whiskey bottles, anddynamite with your 12-round magnum in true 3D high definitiongameplay. Shooting is easy in Bottle Shot Rampage, tap the screenwhere you want your shot to go. You have to account for thetrajectory of your targets to become a true pro. For each bottleyou shoot in a row, you earn multiplier points, so be sure youdon't waste your bullets on nothing. More weapons, levels, andtargets coming soon! Get your shoot on with Bottle Shot Rampage!
Reflex Test - Speed Challenge 1.0.3
ULTIMATE REFLEX TEST - SPEED CHALLENGE -ONLINEBRAIN GAMECan you pass the ultimate reflex test? Put your mind to workandsee how fast your mind can communicate with your fingers. Beatyourown brain speed record and challenge your friends online!Ultimate Reflex Test lets you know who's faster and sharper,andhelps you improve your speed and hand-eye coordination!"Top mind games on Google Play!" - "Simple yet super addicting"-"Kids and adults can compete!"✔ HD Graphics✔ Electronic Sound Track✔ Fast-paced, super exhilarating gameplay✔ Play alone or against your friends✔ Online achievements and leaderboards with Google Play Games✔ Improve your brain performance for reflex, speed,andcoordination✔ 100% FREELadies, gentlemen, boys, girls, kids, seniors: Feelyounger,sharper, and faster by training your brain with theUltimate ReflexTest. Frustrated with your score? Practice makesperfect! Play theUltimate Reflex Test a few times a day to improveyour brain powerand reflex speed. It's easy, simple, and fun! Seethe instructionsbelow.HOW TO PLAY:✔ Tap the target as fast as you can. The quicker you get to it,thehigher the score!✔ Each target has a shorter life span than the last one✔ Once you have 3 strikes (fails) the game is over and your scoreisdisplayed✔ Compare your score with public and friends! And play again!
Tap To Crack The Screen 1.0.1
Fun challenging game! Watch where youstep,don't step anywhere but the black screen tiles and don't tapthosewhite tiles! Try to do it as fast as possible and competeagainsother players online. There are a couple of game modes: timeattackand long run. Try it out now!Features:Extremely fun and easy to pick up gameplay(Very)Smooth performanceTime Attack mode - try to go as far as you can in given timeLong Run mode - reach specific distance in as little timeaspossibleGoogle Play Games LeaderboardsSocial sharing
Santa Christmas Basketball Fun 1.0
Basketball fans! This holiday, shoot somehoopswith Santa!!!✮ SANTA PRESENTS: CHRISTMAS BASKETBALL GAME ✮✔ Over 30 levels of fun hoops action and funky holiday tunes!✔ A shot that is easy to learn but hard to master!✔ Pick up fun power plays like the vacuum tube, funnel, extrashots,and more!✔ Retro 90's arcade style and soundtrack✔ Hours of festive fun for kids and adults!----Its all gravy baby! Hit us up at gravybabymedia@gmail.comtoget in contact with us.
Dragon Jump! 1.0.1
Jump, jump, tap. Jump, jump, tap.❈ ❇ JOIN THE DRAGON JUMP MANIA ❇ ❈Have you taken your dragon to the top? Jump jump dragon isanendless pit of suspense! Get your dragon to the top by tiltingyourdevice and tapping to shoot the angry castle guards getting inyourway!❇ 4 DRAGONS WITH UNIQUE ABILITIESCatch some coins and cash in on some dragons! Unlock uniquedragonswith unique abilities and multiple lives to get thecompetitiveedge!❇ ONLINE COMPETITION WITH GOOGLE PLAY GAMESLog in with your Google account and see how you stack upagainstyour friends and the general public. The leader boards arealwayslive on Google Play Games, so your rank and talent is alwaysondisplay.❇ SUPPORTS PHONES & TABLETSDragonVille supports phones and tablets of all sizesandresolutions, including Samsung, Motorola, HTC, LG, Google,Nexus,Toshiba, Asus, and more.❇ FREE TO PLAY!
Whoopee Cushion - Fart Sounds 1.0
♨ WHOOPEE CUSHION ♨ The FartSoundsPrank AppHAPPY PRANKSGIVING!! HAVE A HEARTY AND FARTY LAUGHTHISCHRISTMAS AND HOLIDAYS "I made it look like my sister farted. It's a good prank appthatmade her friends and my friends laugh""Classic whoopee cushion app -- makes it sound likesomebodypassed gas"♫ 12 Truly Realistic Fart SoundsGet hilarious, loud, high-quality fart noises. Super funnyandunique for every kind of fart situation. So real youcanalmost smell them!★ 100% FreeNo in-app purchases to buy or unlock. Just lots and lots offartsounds!
RGBY Test 1.0
RGBY Test GameThe most addictive and challenging brain challenge has made itswayto Android! Compete in this classic brain puzzle game!The object is simple! Tap the color that is writteninthe middle. It can be a real brain twister and mind mixer. Seehowmany you can get in a row before you lose it! See how yourankagainst your friends and challenge other Android players onGooglePlay Games!Some call this game RBGY or RGYB game. Whatever you call it, wehopeyou enjoy!
Bloon Pop! - Pop Bloons FREE! 2.0
With Bloon Pop you can pop bloonscompetitivelyagainst your friends or family! Bloon Pop starts offdeceptivelysimple with the only objective being to pop the coloredballoons butquickly becomes an overwhelming challenge as the gameprogresses.The highly competitive gameplay has proved to keepusers engagedwith their friends and family, so much so that youmay find yourselfhooked on getting the highest score of yourfriends or familymembers.We wanted to make sure that with Bloon Pop that you had thebestexperience possible for FREE. So our team decided to bringBloonPop free of ads too! NO ADS!The Fancy Sloth wants to bring a premium experience toyourAndroid device. Whether the concept is simple or not we strivetogive our users the most polished experience. With our average☆☆☆☆☆rating we hope that you will have an experience on par withourcurrent satisfied customers.Have Fun Popping Ballons!
Bee Line - Stay In Line Game 1.0
Bee Line - The "Stay in theLine"GameThe classic 'Stay in the White Line' game with a soothingbackgroundand a cute bee! See how well you can do withtrue-to-the-originalgameplay and Google Play Gamesleaderboards!Gravy Baby GamesFacebook: http://www.gravy-baby.comEmail: