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DigDeep Image Recovery
A powerful Recovery tool that Search your internal storage and SDcard for deleted images and recover them again easily. Sometimes ithappens when you delete accidently a photo from your phone, andstart looking for a good tool that can restore it for you can bringyou a headache. To solve this problem all what you have to do isthe download this app and let it Scan all your phone’s internal andexternal memory. HOW TO USE : It is easy, just launch the app. Aloading screen will show up. Just be patient and wait until itscans all folders and files for erased photos. It may take a whiledepending on how large your memory is. After searching is complet ,it will show a new screen with folders, each folder containspictures from a specific location. check them one by one lookingfor you photos, each folder contains a list of images inside it.Check images you want to restore and when you finish doing that hitrestore button to recover them. Now a dialog will show up tellingyou in wich folder to find recovered images. You can either browsethis folder or browse the gallery where you can find them as well.FEATURES : 1 - Scan both internal and external memory ( SD Card ).2 - Nice UI Design and Easy to use. 3 – Fast, Reliable, Bestquality. 4 – No need to root the phone. 5 - Restore all imagestypes: jpg,jpeg,png. N.B : This app may show some pictures even ifthey are not deleted yet. That because there is already anoccurrence of this files in hidden folders scanned by this app.Just keep looking and you will find photos you are looking for.This is not a recycle bin, it a standalone app that can recoverpictures even ones that have been deleted before the app wasinstalled.
Audio Video Converter
A free audio and video converter tool, that will help you to doconversion between most known multimedia file types. Nowadays,there exist a lot of video and audio formats. And your phone maynot play them all. as a result , if you have downloaded any otherformats they will be shown as unsupported on your phone. To helpyou solve this problem, we have introduced this converter toolwitch support a large list of multimedia files types. You canreformat videos and audio as you like. And do a lot of operationsincluding the following: - Video to MP3 - Audio to MP3 - Video toVideo - Audio to Audio - Extract music from video. You can alsochoose between different conversion options such as: Audio Bitrate,Frame Rate, Video Resolution (Video Size), Video Quality. By usingwith those options you can shrink the size of the result file andmake it smaller. HOW TO USE: Just launch the app, press SELECTbutton a new window will appear where you can select the files. Youcan select multiple files at a time. When done selecting file pressOK button to get back to the app. Now you can choose options as youlike. Some options will only affect video. Finally you can pressconvert button to start the encoding process. A progress bar willappear showing the current progress of the operation. You cancancel at any time by pressing ABORT button. Note that for someformats the conversion may take a long time depending on the deviceand encoders. You can also browse out of the app and it willcontinue the work. But it is recommended to stay within it until itis done. FEATURES: -Convert multiple files at the same time.-Encode to HD sizes. -Supports a lot of conversion options.-Supports a lot of video and audio formats: MP4 , MP3 , WAV , AVI ,WMA , FLV , ASF , DIVX , MKV , MOV , MPG , WMV , AAC , AC3 , AIFF ,OGG , WMA . -User friendly: Simple and easy to use interface (GUI).
Speed and Slow Motion 2.0
Speed up and slow down videos easily and make fascinating cinematiceffects such as slow motion and fast motion , just with a coupleeasy steps.The app is a tool witch simplifies making fast or slowvideos motion in HD quality and high resolution depending in thevideos quality, and in a short period of time. In addition Itsupports a large list of will known video formats and codecsincluding ( MP4, WMA, FLV, ASF, AVI, MKV, WMV, DIVX and muchmore).HOW TO USE:The app provide an easy to use interface. To getstarted just click “New Video” Button and choose the video to edit.Now you can choose between different options . The first is fortrimming, trim the part from the video that you want to apply thefast or slow motion to it. After that select the desired videospeed , a positive value means speeding up the video an audio, anegative value means slowing it down. Finally you can press “START”Button and let the app do speed changing task.You can check youredited videos at any time on “My Videos” folder in the apps. Alsoif you have an difficulties using the app you can read the helpsection.FEATURES:1-Easy to use.2-Pro fast and slow motioneffects.3-High quality Videos.4-Small size6-Enable and Disableaudio.
Unseen : no seen marks 2.9
Are you looking for a solution to read messages in invisible modewithout leaving last seen marks ? . Then this is the best solutionfor you. Unseen makes it possible to read both Whatsapp andFacebook messages anonymously without others knowing about it andit will not be marked as read from others perspective. It parsesmessages from groups and individual conversations from most knownchat apps and show them for you. It also give you the possibilityto see photos and videos sent by others. HOW TO USE: Afterlaunching the app it will ask you to give it permission to accessnotifications in you device. After granting the permission you canclose the app and it will work in the background and listen for newincoming messages. The app will show a notification as soon as anew message arrives, then you can read it without sending the bluedouble tick that shows that you read the message. The applicationprovides several options and preferences in Settings section. Thereyou can choose what type of messages to receive and if you wish toreceive groups conversations. FEATURES: 1-Read Whatsapp andFacebook messages. 2-Beautiful and simple UI. 3-Invisible mode (Nocheck marks sent). 4-Various receiving options.
Deleted Photo Recovery
An application to recover deleted photos from your phone storage orfrom external storage, and restore them to your gallery. If youcome to a situation where you just deleted all of your images bymistake, and tried a lot of apps to recover them without anyresult, then you are at the right place. This app will solve thisproblem for you. It will scan all your phone storage looking fordeleted photos and list them in an easy manner that will help youto restore them back to your phone storage. HOW TO USE: Afterinstalling and opening the application, it will start scanning yourphone directories and sub directories looking for deleted or erasedpictures and add them to its list. This operation can consume timedepending on your storage size and your phone’s performance. Justafter that a new interface with deleted photos previews will showup, all photo are divided by folders. You can choose each oneseparately and start looking inside it and restore your images fromthere. To avoid confusion this is not recycle bin, it can restoreeven if they are deleted before installing it. And also it can showsome non-deleted images from you gallery. FEATURES: 1 - Scan bothall storage including SD Card. 2 - Nice UI Design. 3 – Fast,Performance, 4 – No ROOT. 5 - Support all types: jpg,jpeg,png.
This app helps you to recover deleted images from your internalstorage and SD card by searching all the phone’s memory and let yourestore them easily. This app works on majority of mobile phone,and will let you restore photos with different formats such asJPEG,JPG,PNG without root . but if you have it , it will give moreresults. So if you are still looking for a solution to recover youpictures this is the right tool that will restore them for you. HOWTO USE : Start the application. And wait for it a little bit toscan all directories in your phone. When it finishes it will listall of images found in an organized manner, with folders and somepictures previews, you can select any one of them to beginsearching in it, just select it and it will open and you can selectfiles you want to restore one by one. After finishing just click onrestore button in the toolbar to recover them. You can findrestored pictures by clicking check button. FEATURES : 1 - Scanboth internal and external memory ( SD Card ). 2 - Nice UI Designand Easy to use. 3 - Fast, Reliable, Best quality. 4 - No need toroot the phone. 5 - Restore all images types: jpg,jpeg,png. N.B :This app may show some pictures even if they are not deleted yet.That’s because there is already an occurrence of this files inhidden folders scanned by this app. Just keep looking and you willfind photos you are looking for. This is not a recycle bin, it astandalone app that can recover pictures even ones that have beendeleted before the app was installed.
Wifi Users Detection 1.1.2
Are you looking for a solution to know who is connected to yourwifi?. Do you suspect someone is stealing your wifi and you want toknow if he really is doing that ?.This is the right Wifi tool witchmake it easier to scan your wireless network and detect anypossible users and get a lot of informations about them so you candecide what to do with them.WHAT DOES IT DO EXACTLY:Thisapplication scan you network hosts one by one and get as muchinformation as possible such as hostnames , IP addresses , MACaddresses , Type of device and much more. Then it lists thisinformations for you. It also give you data about your wifi networkstatus.HOW TO USE:Very easy. Just activate WIFI on your device.then launch the app and click on scan button and wait for it untilit analyze the whole network, a progress bar will be shown toindicate the progress of the operation.FEATURES:1-Detect all ofdevices most of the time.2-Simple listing of hosts andinformations.3-gives hostnames when possible.4-Nice Material DesignUI.
Video to MP3 Converter 1.0
A powerful MP3 Converter tool to convert videos to mp3 and extractmusic from your favorite clips.If you are looking for a way toseparate audio from video then this app is the good choice. You canconvert any video or movie into a MP3 audio file in an instant. Itsupports a huge list of well known multimedia formats (DIVX , MP4 ,WMA , FLV , ASF , WAV , AVI , MKV , MOV , AC3 , MPG , WMV , AAC ,AIFF, MP3 , OGG , WMA).HOW TO USE:Launch the application and waituntil it reachs the main interface, Press "SELECT" button andchoose the files you want to convert. You can select multiplefiles, once done press "OK". Select the preferable audio bitrateoptions, and press CONVERT button to begin the Conversion to MP3. Aprogress bar will appear showing you the progress of the operation.You can also abort the operation at any time by pressing"ABORT".When the conversion has finished, you can check theconverted MP3 at a specific folder in your storage by clicking"OPEN CONVERTED".FEATURES:1-Convert multiple files at the sametime.2-Fast Conversion.3-Supports a wide range of formats.4-sampleand understandable UI.
Hide Photos and Videos 1.8
A free tool to Hide photos and videos from gallery of your phone,and protect your secrets files from eyes of others. Most of us haveprivate images and videos that we don’t want everybody to see, andwe want to hide them. To accomplish this task we built this app forhiding both pictures and videos. It creates a special Secret folderto hide them, and keep references to original locations in case youwant to move them back later to their original folder. HOW ITWORKS? Launch the app. A list of folders containing your VISIBLEvideos and images will appear. To hide a file just select thefolder containing it, that will come up with a new interface whereyou can select witch ones to hide. You can select many at once, orall of them by pressing select all button. Then press the eye iconto hide them all. To unhide or restore them back to their originalplace just go to INVISIBLE section and enter a folder and you canselect them and make them visible again in gallery. FEATURES: 1 -Works with photos & videos. 2 - Small size. 3 - Smooth usageand performance. 4 - Gorgeous UI (Material Design).
Remote Control TV 1.1.2
A free application that works as a universal remote control for allknown televisions. It lets you use your phone to control your TVinstead of its own remote control. It works by sending IR(InfraRed) signal to the target device using the phone’s includedIR Blaster device. If your phone have one it will work correctly,if not the app will not. It work with most televisions and you canuse it to do all actions you want including: • Turn off • Volume Up• Volume Down • Channel Up • Channel down • Menu • Ok • Arrowbuttons • Color buttons • Numerical buttons. And more. You will notneed original remote control anymore. And televisions withdifferent brand your will not need a remote control for each tv.You can control them all using this app. HOW TO KNOW IF THIS APPWILL WORK FOR ME: You can check in the internet about your phonemodel if it has an IR Blaster. Or you can install this app and itwill check if your phone has one. If it has it will work, otherwiseit will show you a message indicating that your phone don’t haveit. FEATURES: 1-Small Size. 2-Most known Televisions included.3-May work even if the TV model not in the list. 4-Simple and easyto use.
Restore Deleted Photos
This app is a utility to help you restore deleted photos from yourphone storage and Memory Card even before installation of this app.It works by scanning the whole memory for recently deleted photosand gives you the ability to restore them easily. It’s compatiblewith a wide range of devices, support different images formats, andworks without the need to root the phone. But by enabling it canoffer better result. All of this makes this app the best choice foryou. HOW TO USE THIS APP: After launching it, wait for it to scanyour phone for deleted images witch will take a moment. Afterfinishing scanning it will come up with a list of images brokeninto folders. Check them one by one to find your lost images. Whenyou find them just select them and hit restore icon in the actionbar. It simple as that. Finally click check button to view youimages. FEATURES: 1 - Support internal and external memory. 2 -Fast with no lag. 3 – No Root. 4 - Restore all images formats.
DNS Changer Pro (No Root) 1.6
This is a utility witch will help you to set DNS settings on yourphone or tablet. You can choose from a list of known DNS or you canchange it to your own custom DNS. It works on different mobilenetworks like 2G, 3G, 4G and WIFI. Changing DNS settings will helpyou solve a lot of problems, such as: 1-Accessing restrictedwebsites 2-Slow internet caused by internet provider 3-Block Adultand Porn content 4-Unblock restricted websites 5-Speed up internetconnection The benefit of this is you don’t have to use long VPNconnections that may slow up connection speed and consume yourmobile data more. List of integrated DNS: Google DNS, Open DNS,Yandex DNS, Level3 DNS, Norton ConnectSafe, DNS Watch, ComodoSecure, Anti Porn. FEATURES: 1-Simple and Nice Design 2-No rootrequired 3-Fast connections 4-Most known DNS integrated
Friend request for facebook 2.1
As time passes, you send a lot of friend requests to people onfacebook. This app helps you to check witch people did not acceptyou to be their friends, and give you a list with names and profilepictures and give you the possibility to open their profiles.Therefore, you can remove the friend request you send and make yourprofile more cleaner. HOW TO USE : 1-First launch the app and pressLogin button. Then log in into your account. 2-After a successfullogin you can go back and press get friends requests to viewpending friend requests. 3-If you didn’t understand how to use theapp press the Help button. FEATURES : 1-Nice UI/UX Design. 2-Lessapp size. 3-More speed.
Deleted contact recovery 18.1
This app is a tool witch will help you to recover lost contacts youdeleted accidently. It works even after a factory reset or if youwant to restore contacts from another phone you sold. HOW DOES ITWORK ? Just launch the app. -Choose 1-Login then login with yourfacebook account. After a succesful login proceed to the followingstep. -Choose now 2-Recover contacts : A list with you old contactswill appear. You can click save to save it again to device storage.-N.B : After recovering many contacts the app will not be ableanymore to restore contacts. you will have to wait for at least 1hours and try again. FEATURES: -Hardware independent recoveringlogic. -Easy and understandable UI.
Fast MP3 Converter 4.0
This tool allow you to convert from video to mp3 format in a highquality and modify the bitrate. It support most knownvideo formats,Such as MP4, MP3, MKV, MOV, AVI, FLV, OGG, WAV, M4A, AMR, FLAC, andmuch more. Play music any and audio books and stories wherever yougo. HOW TO USE: It is simple. Launch the app and press “Convert”Button in the Menu. A new screen will appear where you can chooseyour video. After choosing press convert. A progress bar will showthe advancement of conversion process with a percentage value.After finishing the process of conversion. You can check for it in“MyMP3s” Section. N.B: For some devices the conversion may be slow,That’s due to the phone’s processor it self. FEATURES: 1-A goodUI/UX Design. 2-Fast Conversion. 3-Support multiple CPUarchitectures (ABI).
Convert Machine : Video Converter 10.0
This tool allow you to convert between Video/Audio formats andchange many options related to it. It support most known formats,Such as MP4, MP3, MKV, MOV, AVI, FLV, OGG, WAV, M4A, AMR, FLAC, andmuch more. and codecs such as : AAC,AMR,FLAC,H264,H263,OGG … ect.It includes also several options to change audio or video fileproperties while converting like Bitrate, Video Size (Orresolution), Video Quality, and Frame Rate. This tool will help youto play videos that cannot be playable in your device by convertingthem. HOW TO USE: It is simple. Launch the app and press “Convert”Button in the Menu. A new screen will appear where you can chooseyour video. After choosing. Select desired options to convert withand press convert. A progress bar will appear indicating theadvancement of conversion with percentage. After finishing theprocess of conversion. You can check for it in “MyVideos” Section.N.B: For some devices the conversion may be slow, That’s due to thephone’s processor it self. FEATURES: 1-A good UI/UX Design. 2-FastConversion. 3-Support multiple CPU architectures (ABI).
TrashDigger : Root Recovery 4.0
If you accidently deleted a file from your phone. You can use thistool to restore them back to your storage. This app support morethan 150 file types, Wich gives you the opportunity to recovery allyour videos, music, images, documents ... and more. More than thatit support support scanning internal and external memory. HOW TOUSE : After starting the app you can press “Scan” Button from themenu to access scan section. After that you will have choicebetween two options which are: 1-BASIC SCAN : This type of scandoesn’t require root but it is limited to image search only. Itwill give you a good result but not as good as deep scan. 2-DEEPSCAN: This scan can give you the best result. And it support mostknown types of files including JPG,PNG,MP4,3GP,MP3,AMR...., But itrequires your phone to be rooted. If you choose the second optionall what you have to do is to select the memory to scan (InternalStorage, Or external SD Card). And wait for results to appear.Finally you can select files to recover from the list and presssave button to store them in your storage again. FEATURES : 1 -Scan both internal and external memory ( SD Card ). 2 - Easy touse. 3 – Fast Scan. 4 – Contains ROOT and NON ROOT mode . 5 -Restore all files types . N.B : This app may show some pictureseven if they are not deleted yet. That because there is alreadysome other copies of the same file in your phone’s memory. Justkeep looking and you will find photos you are looking for. This isnot a recycle bin, it a standalone app that can recover files evenones that have been deleted before the app was installed.
Contacts recovery Pro 2.0.1
Restore deleted contacts to your phone after format or a factoryreset. Another benefit is you can recover contacts from old phonesyou used your SIM card in. HOW DOES IT WORK ? Just launch the app.-Step 1 : Login to your facebook account. -Step 2 : Select RestoreDeleted Contacts. And the app will search and load lost contacts.-N.B : You can only recover up to 10 contacts each time. And youwill have to wait to recover more.
Internet Blocker for Apps 1.6
A simple Firewall that helps to deny access to internet for apps.It doesn’t require ROOT It is useful for the following cases:-While playing games and you don’t want to be disturbed withmessages. -Restrict access for some apps to reduce data usage. HOWTO USE: Select apps to block from the list and activate the switchin the upper bar. FEATURES: -Work even if the app is OFF or inbackground until disabling it. -Helps to reduce data usage. -Lessbattery consumption.
Recover Deleted Contacts 3.0
This tool helps you to recover deleted contacts back to you phoneor SIM storage, even thoese witche are deleted before theinstallation of this app. This app will provide you with the mostrecent deleted contacts & number. Either from SIM Card,Phonebook, Adress book or phone storage. HOW TO USE: From the menuselect “Recover Contacts” and accept the permission to accessstorage. Then a new page with all of your contacts will appear.Finally you can choose witches contacts to recover. FEATURES:1-Nice user interface with Material Design. 2-Free of charge.3-Gives instant results