Green Lotus Games Apps

Hazy Rabbit Race - Free 1.1
You can simple tap on the screen andbouncerabbit into the haze.Play and get best high score with this game.Amazing atmospheric arcade game experience.How to play?- Simple tap on the screen and bounce rabbit.- Get high score and share with your friends and family.
Barrel Knock Down Game - Free 1.1
You can knock down all BARREL using slingshot.When all BARREL falldown level will complete other wise level fail.Just aim and shootthe ball to knock down all BARREL with slingshot.How to play?-Simple single touch on the ball & shoot on the BARREL.- Limitedball to knock down all BARREL.- Play and share this game withfriends and family.Features:- Addictive 50+ gameplay levels.-Amazing graphic and sound.- User friendly interface.- Simple onetouch controls.- Download NOW!!!
Diwali Cracker Boom 2018 1.02
Let's start celebration and enjoy the Diwali with Diwali crackerboom 2018 game. You can select different mode. 1) Timer Mode. - Youcan start timer mode with limited time. 2) Arcade Mode. - You canstart arcade mode without timer but you can't touch on crackersthen game over. Play with your friends and family and share thisgame. How to play? - You can tap on the crackers and boom. - Easyto play this game. - Play and get high score and share with yourfriends and familiy. Features: - Amazing UI and sound. - Differentgame play mode. - Easy game play controls. - You can download thisgame for FREE....
Rama VS Ravan:War 2018 1.01
Vijayadashami is a most important Hindu festivals celebrated inIndia. Let's start war with bow and arrows. The Rama VS Ravan wargame in kill ravan with bow and arrows and achieve best score. Youcan collect power coin and get extra life ot rama. You can mustshow your abilities to control the Lord Rama in the game play. Howto play? - Easy to move rama with left, right, up, down buttoncontrols. - Aim and shoot the arrows and kill ravan. - You can getextra life of rama using power coin. - Play and get high score.Features: - Amazing graphics and sounds. - Infinite runnergameplay. - Easy and one touch game controls. - Addictive and bestRAMA and RAVAN characters. - You can share this game for friendsand family. - DOWNLOAD NOW!!!
Popcorn Maker Shop Game - Free 1.1
You can start with best popcorn maker game and make yummy popcornwith different soda.Take bowl and put all corn in the bowl, oil andsalt, Make yummy popcorn.After that prepare sauce and add flavoraccording to your taste and you can also add some fruits, tomatocatchup etc..You can eat with popcorn, soda and make fun withpopcorn maker shop.Take amazing photos and save on your device andshare with your friends and family.Features :- Create best yummysalty popcorn.- Stunning graphics and sounds.- Easy and userfriendly game controls.- Take a photos and share with friends andfamily- You can download and make fun with this game.
Indian Bad Roads Game 1
Let's start Indian Bad Road Game with different vehicle and themesto test your driving skill.You can select different vehicle withamazing environments.The task? go as far as possible with yourshipment. But beware, if you end up dropping all of cargo box, youwill only have to return to thestarting point in an attempt to seta new record.Earn rewards for completing huge bad long dangerousroad and earn coins to unlock different themes.You can earn morecoins to unlock more themes.Features:- Beautiful UI and sounds.-Easy to handle vehicle..- Choose deferments vehicle with amazingthemes.- Realistic physics and gameplay controls.- Innovativeendless racing game.- Simple to play but hard to master.- Simpleand intuitive touch controls.- You can download this game forfree!!!
Mill The Nine Man's Morris 1.01
Best classic strategy board game for two players. Play Mill TheNine Man's Morris against the against friends all over the world.How to play? - Place alternately nine stones where you want them. -All nine stones placed to move to the next block by selecting one.- If the stone can move in any three blocks. - When his threestones in one line connecting the other can eliminate one stone. -When the other side of the stone more than two wins. Features: -Best gameplay controls. - Amazing UI and sounds. - You can playwith your friends and family. - DOWNLOAD NOW!!!
Diwali Cracker Simulator 2019 2.07
Diwali cracker simulator 2019 is a best game on market..! Diwalifestival is a famous festival celebrating all over word. Let's playand celebrate the Diwali festival with Diwali Cracker Simulatorgame. You can select different types of fireworks, firecrackers,rockets etc... Features: - Addictive UI and sound. - Differenttypes of fireworks, firecrackers, rockets. - Easy gameplaycontrols. - DOWNLOAD NOW!!!
Stickman Cricket Black 1.0
You can paying most entertaining and amazing cricket fun.Warm upfor the world series by playing cricket in your own cricketgame.You can hit the ball and make more score with fun.Mark morescore and share with your friends and family.Features:- Playcricket like real time players on the matches.- Easy tap to hitball from bat to boundary.- One touch gameplay controls.- Greatgraphics and animations.- DOWNLOAD NOW!!!
Watermelon Shoot 3D 1.0
Watermelon Shoot 3D is about shooting as many Watermelons as youcan in limited time duration.Have an unlimited fun playing theWatermelon Shoot 3D game.There are multiple and different levels inthis game.If you can do both will you become a real WatermelonShoot 3D master.Improve your aiming skill with this game.Just gettarget then aim and shoot.How to play?- Simple touch on the screenand move gun left or right.- Aim and shoot the watermelons.- Shootall watermelons within limited time.Features:- 25+ amazing gameplaylevels.- Different realistic shooting range environments. -Intuitive touch controls and high quality 3D graphics.- Perfectshooting experience.- Realistic sound.- It is free.
Bowling Knock Down Game 1.1
- Easy to touch on the ball and pellet-bow then move to aim andthen release.- Knock down all BOWLING with limited BALL.- Show yourlogical and aiming skills to complete a level.- You can knock downall bowling in single then level will be complete other wise levelfail. How to play?- Touch on the ball & pellet-bow with moveand aim then release.- Limited ball to knock down all bowling.-Play and make fun more and more.Features:- Amazing 50 challengingand unique gameplay levels.- Best graphics, sounds with userfriendly interface.- Simple and easy one touch controls.- DownloadNOW!!!
Crazy Burger Maker Shop - Free 1
You can cooking different burger like chicken burger and veggieburger etc...Select different types of delicious and juicy burgersand put some veggie, meat etc...Your goal is to make the amazingand most delicious and juicy burger for your customers.You can makebest and delicious burgers for yourself and share it with yourfriends and family. Features:- Amazing UI and sounds.- Real cookingexperience.- You can save burgers photos on your device.- Easy andsmooth gameplay controls.- You can take a photos for cookingburgers and share your friends and family.- It's free to downloadnow.
Box Shoot 3D 1.0
Box Shoot 3D is an about shooting as many boxes as you can in thefixed amount of time & bullets. Only if you can do both willyou become a real shooting master, Every round is harder, than thelast. Box Shoot 3D Game is a realistic target shooting game withawesome multiple guns. Box Shoot 3D is the free simulator game withexpert and challenging shooter levels. You are free to shootanywhere but the main aim is to shoot the target boxes for thelimited time & bullets. How to Play? - Aim and shoot the targetboxes. - You can move gun with your finger. - Be accurate whileshooting. - Move left & right to shoot more target boxes. -Shoot all in limited time. Features: - Awesome 25+ gameplay levels.- Realistic shooting range environments. - Select different guns. -Limited time period and bullets. - Easy to control. - It is free.
Truth or Dare Kids Game 1.1
You can play with truth or dare kids game and spin the bottle is abest party game and group game.We usually play when we are withfriends, family but sometimes we don’t have a bottle torotate.Three different game modes : 1) Kids. 2) Teenager. 3)Adult.This game is fun and interactive game, though I would reallyappreciate some options, like creating our own truths and dares.Features: -- Set player name perfect for large groups game andparty game.- Minimum two players are required.- Multiplayer gameswith up to 5 players.- Different truth and dares questions list.-Add your own clean or dirty dares into the game.- Spin the bottlefeature make game most unique.- Keep track of who is winning with ascoreboard displayed.- Easy to use with one touch controls.- Createyour own custom truth or dare questions.
Jigsaw Fruit Kids Puzzle 1.0
You can play with jigsaw fruit kids puzzle game with includesdifferent nice high quality fruit and vegetable images.Play and popextra balloons game after completion of every fruit puzzle.How toplay?- Select fruit puzzle image.- Move and slide the puzzle piecesto the correct place.- Improve your problem solvingskills.Features: -- Simple and intuitive child-friendly interface.-Easy navigation between puzzles.- Easy movement of puzzle piecesacross screen.- HD graphics images and best sound effects.- Dragand drop animations and child friendly background music.- Pop theballoon animation after each correctly solved puzzle.- Download andplay NOW!!!
Rani Padmavati Indian Makeover 1.1
The Rani Padmavati is a beautiful Indian queen in thehistory.Experience what royality means with Rani Padmavati IndianMakeover to make the beautiful queen.Take her on a journey ofbeautification by giving her a royle makeover, dress up and newawesome look.Features : -- Beautiful and HD graphics.- Set bestpretty look with makeup items eyeshadow, eyeliner, eye lens, blushand many more.- Select the best outfits and different accessories.-Create royle queen entire look for her.- DOWNLOAD NOW.NOTE: -- Thisgame is just for entertainment purpose.- The intent of this game isnot to harm any of the society’s feeling or respect.
Claw Prize Machine Spinner Simulator 1.1
Play from collecting basic fidget spinner prize then unlock new andexciting attraction spinner. Collect all beautiful fidget spinnersand relieve stress and have fun in fun free game for kids. Get thespinner of your dreams with claw prize machine. The winning prizeon the device is filled to the brim with different spinners in yourphone. Control the capture using the start and stop keys. Managecarefully and get your favorite anti-stress. Smoothly pressingthem, get the coveted prize. Try your luck and become the owner ofa unique collection. How to play? - The rules are very simple, justdrop the crane in the vending machine and grab the fidget spinnerout to collect it. - When you collect fidget spinner, you can playwith new fidget spinner and collect more exciting fidget spinnersto play with. Features: - - Play different spinners of differentdesigns. - Multiple spinner gifts. - Amazing sound and HD graphics.- Sell and play new spinners. - Download NOW!!!
Oggy Run Kids Game 1.0
You can play best adventure game of oggyrunkids.The oggy run kids game and avoid obstacles orcockroachenemies.Best cartoon character needs your help to collect the coins, soyoucan play with friend and family.It's really an amazing game and you to have a lot of fun andenjoyplaying adventure game with your favorite cartoon.Oggy run kids game is an best adventure game, You must help theherooggy to collect coins and overcome various obstacles inthejungle.Try to get to the end of the game, pull the obstacles and getbackand get coins.Features: -- Easy to play and one touch gameplay controls.- More challenging of play this game.- Amazing environment and effective sounds.- HD graphics and smooth physics simulation.- Endless fun running in oggy run kids game.- You can download and play this game.
Balloon Punch game. 1.0
Balloon Punch is basically a poping the balloons using pins.Justtouch on screen drawing pin will appear to blast the balloons.Theballoon punch game is to all number of balloon's blast usingpin,when all balloon's blast level will complete using limitedpin's.In each level no. of balloon's and pin's,if you using all pinwithout blast no. of balloon's will level failed.All levels aredifferent and diversified with extra features and more challenginghence addictive.Features :- 50+ amazing challenging gameplaylevels.- Simple one touch controls. - HD graphics with differentcolors balloons. - Excited balloon pop sounds, just pop it!
Indian Cricketer Dressup Salon 2019 1.3
Can you help our famous cricketer to improve their looks? As acricketer makeover artist help cricketer give a perfect style totheir beard, cricket dressup and make it look more stylish in yourown beard salon makeover center. Use your tools to make beardstyles for the Indian cricketer & select your favorite cricketteam jersey. Let's play and remove their facial hairs withdifferent accessories like an electric shaver, scissors much more.There are still other activities needed to be completed like givingan attractive color to their beard and help them to select perfectdressup and goggles which will suit their personality. You can playand share with your friends & family members to have lots offun. Features: - - Best tools to use for beard makeover. - Selectyour favorite hairstyles. - Select your best cricket dressup style.- Amazing entertaining game. - Attractive graphics & sound. -One touch gameplay controls. - Complete your work and tack photowith indian cricketer. - Play and share game with your friends andfamily. - You can DOWNLOAD NOW!!!
Fruits Cut 3D 1.2
Play with Fruits Cut 3D game and you can be good exercise with thisgame.Different colors of juicy fruits splash into the air andbringing exciting perspectives for the players to experience.Simpleslice on the juicy fruits and just one slice to burst the specifiedfruit with limited time or life. Best experience with realdifferent fruits like oranges, pineapples, coconuts, bananas,watermelon and so on the effects are awesome, addictive and stressfully.Try to develop your skill while having fun playing thisawesome fruits cut 3d game.Fruits Cut 3D is a must have game foryou and your family and friends.How to play?- Easy to swipe fingeron the fruits and slice the juicy fruits.- Play with threedifferent mode :- 1) Classic - Play with three life and slice moreand more juicy fruits. - Don't slice the bomb other wise game over.2) Arcade - Play with 60 seconds time to slice more and more juicyfruits. - Don't slice the bomb other wise minus 5 seconds. 3) Relax- Play with 120 seconds time to slice more and more juicy fruits. -Don't slice the bomb other wise minus 5 seconds.- You can get highscore possible and play all the mode.Features :-- One touch slicecontrols.- Exciting perspectives and visual effects.- Amazingdifferent challenging mode.- Delicious 3D model and sounds.-Beautiful scenery and great slice animation.- You can download nowfor free!
Archery Cut The Rope 1.1
Let's play Archery Cut The Rope and make fun more and more withbest adventure 2D UI. You can use bow and arrow carefully to cutthe rope without killing the humans. Very challenging game playwith hints and helps. Best experience with amazing UI,sound andgame playing controls. You can cut the human's rope to feed thelevel other wise level failed. How to play? - Easy to tap on thearrow and drag backward to shoot carefully. - Be careful if arrowhit the hangman it decreases the health rapidly. - You can cut thehumans rope with minimum arrows to get perfect star and levelclear. Features: - Amazing 35+ gameplay levels(add new levelscoming soon...). - Save the human's life and be the hero. - Easyand smooth bow and arrow controls. - Best music & soundeffects. - Explore different world & unlock the new levels. -Attractive UI & graphics. - perfect touch control. - DownloadNOW!!!
Kids Educational Pc Learning : Kids Computer 1.0
The Kids Educational PC Learning game allows kids to learn throughplay with this introduction to the computer. Kids educational PClearning game have good and attractive graphics and animation forkids.It is designed to suit the capabilities and interests of allchildren ages. This educational & entertaining platform toexposes children to a all new world of interactive experiences.Thisgame can be wonderful and it's best educational tool for your kids& toddlers. Play and enjoy this kids educational PC learningfor kids & toddlers game.Kids Educational PC Learning GameInclude :-- All types of animals.- All types of birds.- All typesof insects.- All types of colors.- All types of numbers.- All typesof alphabets.- All types of shapes.- All types of toys.- All typesof vehicles.- All types of musical equipment.- All types of babyemotions.Features :-- Amazing colorful keyboard is easy for kids& young to use.- Different characters are cute and theactivities are educational.- The different levels for learning yourchild develops better skills.- Best learn animals with picture andvoices.- Help to learn fruits with picture and voices.- Userfriendly UI and funny sounds make your kids smile for a long time.-Share this game for your friends and family.- Download NOW.
Impossible Horse Show Jumping 1.0
The impossible horse show jumping courses are waiting foryou.Thereare no limits to you and your horse’s adventures. Proveyour talentand clear the all missions.Exciting and challengingmissions withwater obstacles and oxers demand perfect team workfrom you.Trainyour horses to improve their skills and participatejumpingtournament missions to test them, Do your best and challengethebest riders in the world to win the prize and becomethechampion.You must control your horse speed and look aheadupcominghurdles. You must care that your horse hoof does not touchthecrossing hurdle barrier and landing smoothly.Jump overobstacles,ride fast and enjoy the winning.You must continue thispracticetill to complete your level successfully.Impossible HorseShowJumping Features :-- Realistic 3D impossible horse showjumping.-Exciting obstacle challenges.- Smooth and clean gameplaycontrols.-A variety of horses to choose from.- Realisticstadiumenvironment.- Different and difficult levels.- Bestrealistic horsejumping animation.- Wonderful background sound likereal horserunning.- DOWNLOAD NOW!!!
Bottles Knock Down Hit 2018 1.05
Bottles Knock Down Hit 2018 is a best arcade game on market NOW!!!Now play Bottles Knock Down Hit with fun & addictive bottlebreak arcade game. Knock down to all colorful bottles in order tobreak them, challenge your skills and progress in multiple levels!BOTTLES KNOCK DOWN HIT 2018:- You can knock down the bottles usinga slingshot and balls. It has many unique and interesting levelswhere you have to knock down all the bottles using your logical andaiming skills to complete a level. You will have endless funtesting your slingshot skills! Clear all levels and get more coin.If you have more coins then you can buy different colors of ball.If you get more coins then simple watch video and more coins. Havefun playing and breaking all the bottles in front of you! HOW TOPLAY? - Simple you can touch on the ball and pellet-bow then moveto aim and then release. - Limited balls to knock down all thebottles. - You can knock down all bottles, you win level other wisegame over. - If you have more coins to buy new colorful balls. -Play and get more fun with this bottles knock down Hit 2018 game.FEATURES: - Easy & challenging different gameplay levels. -Amazing & beautiful graphics & sound effects. - Interesting& simple gameplay controls. - Test your slingshot skills. - Youcan buy balls using coins. - Get more coins using watch videos. -Download for free.
Cake Maker Cooking Shop Game - Free 1
You can start with different cakes, fruits, candies,creams,candles...Cake Maker Cooking Shop Game with you can create acakefor any occasion.If you want to make a cake for someonesbirthday,your friends wedding, valentine sweetheart or just tobrightensomeones day.You can select different cake shapes withdifferentfillings, create one or two cakes with differentdressings,decorate it with figures for various occasions.Addmarzipandecorations, fruits, candy etc...Sprinkle it with crumbs,put onsome candles and add little toys to make it evenmoreattractive.You can take a photos and save on your device andsharewith friends, family.Features:- Amazing 3D graphics andsounds.-Best and easy user interface.- Different cake shapeswithdressings.- Select different toppings, candies, fruits,creams,candles etc...- You can save photos in your photo gallery toshareit to your friends, family.- Download now!!!
Balloon Shoot Archery Game 1
Balloon Shoot Archery is a most addictive and challengingshootinggame.You can select different mode. 1) Timer. - You canplay withlimited time. 2) Arcade. - You can play with limitedarrows.Showyour archery skills to shoot the balloons and get highscore. Playand try your best to be the good balloon shooter.How toplay?-Simple use bow & arrow to shoot different balloons.- Aimthearrow and hit the balloons.- You can shoot multiple balloons inasingle shot to get more score.Features:- Animationrealisticgraphics and sound.- Different selection mode. 1) Timer.2)Arcade.- Best different colorful balloons to shoot.- Simpleonetouch gameplay controls.- You can share this game to friendsandfamily.- Download now!!! 1.02
Let's play & learn to make cricket bat with the simplest stepsin the Cricket Bat Maker Factory 2018. It’s time to make amazingbats with extreme fun. You will experience the best everpersonalized and customized bat maker. You can build and designyour own cricket bat. For cricket heroes, it’s very important tohave a good quality bat made with fine woods so that they can scorehigh and get to the top of the in Cricket Bat Maker Factory 2018.Cricket Bat Maker Factory 2018 Process :- Let's start making bat,First you can cut the logs into big cube & make thick slices.Shape the bat for great cricket play and use all of your cricketbatting skills and tricks in manufacturing of bats. When you startmaking its handle, be very careful to make it easy to grip. Useseveral layers by putting glue and rubber in between to make astrong handle. If cricket players can grip it easily they can hitthe cricket pitch easily. Join the handle and bat with the helpglue and leave it to dry. Pack the cricket bat in the packingdepartment of cricket bat making factory. Once the bat iscompleted, Refine the sides & polish them to make it durablefor longer hits. Mark your company stamp or logo on it and sendthem for packaging. After packing send it to the sports shop,cricket ground and sports shopping mall on the exporter truck. Soyou can enjoy the fun of playing like a bat maker, builder, managerand cricket player. Features :- - Now show your best skill tomaking a cricket bat. - Amazing experience to make your own cricketbat. - Graphically represented of how to make cricket bats. - Easyto use controls for all ages. - Beautiful high-quality graphics& sound. - Different bat stamp or logos. - Play and makecricket bat & share with your friends, family. - DOWNLOAD NOWCricket Bat Maker Factory 2018.
Knock Down - Pin 1.2
The Knock Down Pin game is to knock down all the pin'susingslingshot.When all the pin fall down or destroyed level willbecompleted.It has many different type of level veryinteresting.Ifyou fall all ball or blast bomb then level failed.Youmustcarefully aim and shoot - it requires great skills and timingtoget three stars on all levels. How to play.? - Touch on ballthenmove to aim then release. - Limited ball knock down all pin. -Youcan knock down all pin,you complete the level otherwiselevelfaild. Features:- - Addictive and challenging different 50+levels.- Realistic physics and best sound effects. - Simple andeasy onetouch controls. - It's free game.
Balloon Archer Master : Free 1.0
Balloon Archer Master :Balloon archer master is a bestinteresting& traditional game.Shoot small balloon to get morepoints &bigger balloon will give you few point.Balloon archermaster is aperfect game for kids of all age group &toddlers.It’s amazing& full of fun with simple & easy toplay this addictivegame.It’s purely brain training and brainrelaxing game.Features:-- Shoot the balloons using bow and arrow.-There are limitedarrows & no time limit.- Missing of 30balloons will gameover.-Realistic sound effects.- Hitting of bombattached to balloons willgameover.- Accurate physics effects.-There are two size ofballoons, hitting of big balloon fetches 5points and small 10.
Puzzly - Blocks, Dots, Rolling Ball & more! 1.0
The best collection of most addictive logic puzzles withminimalismgraphics style & unique levels design!It is acollection ofaddictive logic puzzles, including Blocks, Dots,Tangram, RollingBall & more free games!If you are a fan ofclassic logicpuzzles than you are right place with Puzzly will bethe best onestroke. Come and challenge the puzzle & build yourkingdom.Itrequires both your imaginations & logical thinkingskills tomatch the correct solution for every levels. It's must bethe bestbrain teaser for your thinking.You don't need spending muchtime onsearching new brain teasers puzzle game any more. We willgive youa best game experience from now on! Puzzly GAME INCLUDED:•BLOCKS:Bloxks is a famous game called chinese sliding block. Movingtheblocks to find exit and escaping from the room. Don't worry ifallthe pieces seems interlocked, just move them out of theway!•CONNECT: Connect dots line & find unique paths,Startconnecting two dots and you will get addicted immediately tothisbrain stimulating puzzle game. • TANGRAM: Fill up a squarewithcolorful pieces.Move the colored tangrams to fill up the board,aclassic dissection puzzle. The goal is filling the entire boardbydragging the geometric shapes.• SHIKAKU(GRID):Shikaku also knownasrectangles is classic Japanese game from the same inventorofsudoku.Shikaku is played on a square or rectangular grid withsomenumbered cells. The objective is to divide the grid intodifferentareas, each of them containing 1 numbered cell and theexact numberof squares indicated in that numbered cell. LaterShikakuintroduces new concepts and cells that keep it interestingandchallenging.• ROLLING BALL:Slide Blocks to Roll the Ball,Rollingball is a path guiding game that you need to slide theblocks tocreate a channel which makes the ball move from the startpoint tothe end.Rolling ball features 160 levels in 4 difficultiesorpacks! • ACHIEVEMENTS:You can try to every level you have tomatchthe ball with right target and you will be able to compareyourresults with other players!• LEADERBOARD:You can save your gameinglobal leaderboard and comparing their progress to theirfriends!•SAVE GAME:You can retrieve the saved game data to continuea gameat their last save point from any device!Also you cansynchronizeyour game data with across multiple devices.FEATURES:-Bright andclear UI with colorful blocks.- Quick and responsive foryour everytap and drag.- Soothing animations and amazing graphics.-Use"Hints" for help when you get stuck.- Tap the video icon forgetfree "Hints".- Unlock more puzzles by passing throughlevels.-Challenging for all ages and quickly exercise your brain.-No wifi,no problem - playable offline.- Compare your progress withotherplayers on the leaderboards.As you play and enjoy Puzzly, newgame,levels and features will be included! Please don't hesitatesendingus en email with any doubts, suggestions or comments.
green.sheep.fight 2.09
Can you stop the sheep from loosing the game? Get connected ONLINEwith simple gameplay, smooth controls and great physics, Playagainst worthy opponents. Are you ready for the challenge? ExcitingBattle! Expect weekly new additions to cute and cool games such asSheep Fight. It's time to find out who's in charge of the farm andwho owns the champion's title! Unbending character and sparklingcollisions of massive foreheads will give you unforgettableimpressions of the gameplay! Play online anywhere and anytime toplay to your heart's end!
Chicken Shooter 3D 1.1
Chicken Shooter 3D Game. Chicken shooter 3D is a fun waytoexperience sniper shooting game. Be an expert shooter inthischicken shooter game. The 3D chicken shooting effects in thegameare very cool! Like shooting and hunting chickens? Then, tryournew free chicken shooter 3D game. The 3D shooting effect ofthegame looks so realistic and challenging of chicken shooter 3Dgame.Chicken shooter 3D is an about shooting as given target ofchickensas you can in a limited amount of time. If you can do bothyou willbecome a real chicken shooter sniper master in appropriateshootinggames. If you like gun shoot games, fun, adventure, andaddictivegame.. Just get target then aim and shoot!! shootingchickens isthe advance shooting skill. Accuracy shooting gamesimprove yourpoint concentration. This game contains exciting levelseach levelmakes you more dangerous and blood rushing chicken shoot.How toplay? - Aim and shoot the chicken, Shoot chickens precisely.- Youcan use joystick and move left & right to shoot morechickens.- You only have a limited amount time and bullets so don'tmisschickens. Features: - 25 action-packed gameplay levels. -Addictivechicken and shooting objectives. - Limited time period andbullets.- Amazing shooting game play control. - Realistic sound ofhuntingchickens. - Easy and intuitive interface and controls. -Eachlevels has complexity for real player. - DOWNLOAD NOW!!!
Impossible Horse Racing 3D 1.0
The world’s impossible horse racing 3D game are waiting foryou!There are no limits to you and your horse’s adventures. Proveyourtalent and clear every levels! Exciting and challenging levelswithmost authentic racing simulation game. Riding on your horsejumpthrough all the obstacles perfectly to clear the level. Youmustproof a best rider and full horse control skills when racestart.Upgrade your horse's to win all the levels with get coinsandbecome the world champion! Show horse racing skill, with evenmorefun and more challenges for all horse lovers! Eightbeautifulhorses, such as Thoroughbreds, Hanoverians, ArabiansandAndalusians, are just waiting for you! After completion ofyourfirst level successful upcoming levels will beunlockautomatically. Impossible Horse Racing 3D is the mostauthenticracing simulation game. Features :- - Amazing horsetextures tochoose from. - Realistic 3D environment. - Awesome 3Dgraphics& sound effects. - Different modes to play impossiblehorseracing 3D game. - Endless runner with racecourse landscapetoenhance your racing experience! - Clean interface. -Intuitivegameplay controls. - Download NOW!!!