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Greenery Map: Cannabis Search Engine 1.6.1
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Greenery Map gives you the power to find the exact cannabis orCBDproduct you’re looking for and the dispensaries that carry basedonyour mood or medicinal needs with its powerful searchengine. Now you can get cannabis recommendations based on YOURneeds fromyour phone or tablet. Greenery Map curates the strainsthat areperfectly suited for you, saving you time and money whengoing to adispensary. Now you can search 'dispensaries near me' tofind yourfavorite marijuana strains at the 'dispensary near me'. Sowhetheryou are looking for cannabis strains for anxiety, a new weedstrainthat is high in CBD, or a new marijuana strain to try ourdiscovermode is here to help.  By selecting how you want toconsumecannabis, be it good old fashion bud or one of themanyconcentrates such as oils, the search engine begins narrowingthefield of what you want. Choose from up to five essential moodsfromeuphoric, happy, energetic, aroused, relaxed, focused,talkativeand uplifted the search engine zeros in on the strainsthat willbest suit you. You can go even further specifying what youarelooking for by selecting up to five medicinal needs toalleviatewhat ails you from migraines, depression, fatigue,insomnia,headaches, inflammation, lack of appetite, muscle spasms,cramps,and eye pressure. Greenery Map also segments the differencebetweenSativa, Indica, and hybrids so you always get the resultsthat youwant regardless of whether you are consuming cannabisstrains highin CBD, Oil Marijuana Pens, or edibles.  You knowwhat youwant, Greenery Map helps you find it. If you already have astrainin mind you can look up its description through the searchtool.Browse our extensive list with thousands of strains anddiscoverthe effects, flavors, colors and bud history. Dispensariesareadded daily and the app will continue updating as newstatesimplement their own marijuana programs. Discover usefulreviews forproducts, strains, and concentrates, as well as news andcannabislifestyle information. From the novice to the connoisseurGreeneryMap will find exactly what you need. The 10 most commonconditionsthat medical cannabis is prescribed for are multiplesclerosis,spinal cord injury, spinal cord disease, cancer,HIV/AIDS,arthritis, epilepsy, inflammatory bowel disease, insomnia,and endof life care.  Download the app to start discovering aworldof marijuana, suited just for you."