Greengame Apps

City Drift Legends- Hottest Free Car Racing Game 1.1.3
City Drift Legends! Just enjoy the fun of the purest racing game.Exquisite game graphics and simple operation will bring players thebest gaming experience. Testing your limited drifting skills on thecomplex curves of the track! Game features: * A variety of awesomeclassic racing cars for you to choose-class C, class B,class A. Youcan even unlock class S! Players can freely view 3D models ofvarious racing cars in the garage. * Various classic game modessuch as regular racing, time knockouts, championships, etc. * Thebest car experience- Exquisite game scenery, dynamic music, coollighting, etc. * No Wi-Fi, no problem! You can play it anytime,anywhere. * Multiple exciting tracks for players to choose from,the simple beachfront track andcomplex city track can fully testthe player's racing ability. * Conquer all the tracks, get thelegendary badge and become the king of racing Gameplay: The vehiclecan move automatically. Press the left and right buttons to controlthe direction. The brake button controls the speed, and the Nitrobutton is used to boost Nitro racing. Tap the direction keys andthe brake simultaneously to carry out drifting. Are you ready tochallenge the racing tracks around the world?! Come join thisexciting car racing game! Challenge the limits of operation, andstrive to be the king of racing!
Zombie Dead vs Humans-Offline Zombie Shooting Game 1.1.1
Dead zombies are spreading rapidly. The humanity is at stake.Youcan do nothing to stop them except being a sniper and firethebullets. Pick up your weapons, target a zombie and give it afatalblow! Game features: *** A wide variety of weapons: sniperrifles,heavy machine guns, submachine guns, melee weapons… you canfindeverything you want! *** Special armors- shields, awesomehelmetmasks and running shoes for you to survive better! ***Variousfancy props to help you eliminate zombies. Just crushzombies withyour high IQ! *** New first-person mobile shootingmobilegame.Complete various special tasks in various buildings andfeelthe thrill of special force action. Be careful of all kindsofzombies! *** Various modes waiting for you to play!You candestroyall zombies in the annihilation mode and deliver materialsandescape from the siege zombies in the delivery material mode.Thereis also a guardian mode to guard the injured teammates orimportantequipment before the rescue arrives!
Lucky Slots Machine-Real free monopoly casino game 1.1.1
The most popular slot machine game! Bet like you were in LasVegasand Macau casinos! Experience the exciting casinos at home andwinrich rewards! Feel the thrilling of turning into abillionaire!Game features: *** Dozens of styled slot machines arewaiting foryou to play. Various tournament awards waiting for youto pick! ***Start with 10 million gold coins to experience thegame! ***FREEdaily rewards and special awards in the game arewaiting foryou to discover! *** The bigger the bet, the more youwin, thehigher the ranking will be, and the rewards for thetournament willbe even bigger! ***More bonus roulette waiting foryou to test yourluck. Are you the next grand prize winner? ***Unique doublechances to double your luck! ***This game is aimed atadults and isfor entertainment only. ***This game does not offer"cash tradinggambling" and no chance to win cash or physicalprizes. *** Thepractice status or achievements in this game doesnot mean successin "Cash Trading Gambling" in the future.
Funny Ball : Popular draw line puzzle game 1.1.1
Mr.S is your object of hoax, and you are awakened by pranks allthetime! Help Mr.S overcome all difficulties! Simple rules anddiverselevels! The game is simple to operate and will greatlystimulateyour interest in the game!  Try a variety of novelpaintings:Collect all kinds of small balls and different colors ofink tocreate everything you can create! Feel the joy of creation,shareit with your friends, and let them see the artwork youcreated! Gameplay: Show your wisdom by using your clever brain todraw allkinds of strange lines Use the common physics knowledge inlife tosolve problems! Draw beautiful patterns which are perfectfor theball to fall, so as to wake up Mr.S. Complete all thetasksthroughthe action of the lines!  The game is suitable forplayers of allages to play!  Suitable for players who love casualgames!  Thegame pack is small and easy to download!