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Word Mix Lite ™
*The Original Word Mix ™**NEW*Replenish your items in the itemstore.New accounts and leaderboardsItems and scores can move withyou to a new deviceAd supported.Full featured.Word Mix ™ is anaddictive anagram game where you need to form as many wordspossible out of a pile of six jumbled letters. Be sure to guess thesix letter word to move to the next level. Guess as many words asyou can to add to your too could top the globalleaderboard! Compete against the clock or play a leisurely untimedgame. With two English dictionaries and three foreign dictionaries,tens of thousands of levels await you!FeaturesWith an account yourscores and items are portableExperimental foreign languagedictionaries (Spanish, French, Italian)!!Compare your score withothers with the global leaderboards!5 dictionaries.KeyboardsupportHints are available.Timed and untimed games!Definitionlookup thanks to Merriam-Webster12000+ English levels15000+ Italianlevels15000+ French levels10000+ Spanish levelsHint: To change yourdictionary, from the main menu press"Menu"->"Settings"->"Dictionary"
★ 4.7/5 stars on! ★★ "…the game is incredibly addictive…" -★ "If you’re looking for a challenge and a fresh concept you shoulddefinitely give Perplexicon a go!" -★ "...engaging game that can be tough to put down." -AndroidRundown.comPerplexicon is an exciting word game with a twist. Build wordsbefore viruses take over or time runs out! Use special potions tofreeze time or clear the board to make more words. With over 100levels plus an INFINITE mode, Perplexicon is challenging,addictive, and fun. Can you discover the secret of Perplexicon? Areyou up for the challenge? Get perplexed with Perplexicon!